Class 8 English: Literature, Reading Comprehension & Grammer

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Class 8 English

Class 8 English: English is one of the most scoring and interesting subjects both at the school level and for higher education. Be it the class 12 English syllabus or the structure of English Literature courses, the chapters and poems broaden our horizons, enhance creative thinking, help us understand a wide range of situations, and lastly, act as a source of entertainment!

When it comes to standard 8th, the syllabus is bifurcated into 4 major sections namely, Literature, Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills and Grammar. To help you understand the class 8 English syllabus better, here is a blog that will shed light on the topics covered in the syllabus!

What is the Importance of Reading?

You must have the patience to develop a cognitive perspective in order to read. This is regarded as a top brain-stimulating activity to improve your mental acuity. People who read regularly experience less memory loss than people who avoid reading. It also sharpens focus and enhances memory.

Importance of Reading


Being one of the most important sections of the class 8 English syllabus, Literature consists of interesting lessons and poems which just like famous books and authors instill a sense of creativity and help in improving vocabulary. For class 8th, the curriculum can vary from one school to another as per their methodologies but more or less, all the books have similar content as per the CBSE guidelines. Mentioned below are all the chapters from the class 8 NCERT book:

  • Chapter 1 – The Best Christmas Present In The World 
  • Chapter 2 – The Ant And The Cricket
  • Chapter 3 – Geography Lesson 
  • Chapter 4 – The Tsunami
  • Chapter 5 – Macavity: The Mystery Cat 
  • Chapter 6 – Bepin Chaudhary’s Lapse of Memory
  • Chapter 7 – The Last Bargain
  • Chapter 8 – Jody’s Fawn 
  • Chapter 9 – The Duck and the Kangaroo 

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Class 8 English Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension offers a variety of questions which have to be answered by understanding the meaning of the passage. An unseen passage as per the set standard of class 8 will be given along with questions with reference to the passage. Apart from this, questions based on unseen prose will also be asked, the answers of which will depend on their understanding. 

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Importance of Reading While Preparing for Universal Competitive Exams

  • 350-word paragraphs in the GMAT’s Reading Comprehension (RC) section can be readily mastered by practicing active reading and engaging with the content. Reading The Economist, The New York Times, Scientific American, The Washington Post, and Businessweek are a few examples of readings that will help you ace the RC section.
  • When preparing for the CAT, and particularly Reading Comprehension, reading helps one obtain a clearer conceptual understanding of the subject.
  • Skilled reading ability is a trait shared by all students who perform well on the verbal portion of the GRE. The more quickly you can read the passage while keeping in mind the details, the more time you’ll have to respond to the question.
  • The best way to finish a lengthy paragraph in the allocated time on the IELTS is to read continuously while expanding your vocabulary.
  • The only way to succeed on the TOEFL reading section is to read and comprehend a variety of books and articles.


Grammar is a part and parcel of the English language. When it comes to the class 8 English syllabus, apart from some new additions, the content of the grammar section generally remains the same like that in previous standards. To ace grammar for both, written and spoken English, you should focus more on rules by studying from some of the best English grammar books. Here are the important inclusions for this section in the English Syllabus of class 8.

  • Noun –  Common proper collective abstract
  • Tenses – All forms of present, past and future tenses 
  • Forms of Verb 
  • Punctuation Marks – Use of commas, full stops, and question mark 
  • Adjectives 
  • Use of article [a, an, the] 
  • Rhyming Words 
  • Modals [can, could, may, might, will, would, shall, should, must, ought to, need to, used to, has to, have to, dare to] 
  • Auxiliary Verbs [is, am, are, was, were] 
  • Conjunctions – Joining two sentences with the help of joining words like and, but, till, until, as, if, as well as, so that, such that, etc 
  • Rearrange a group of words to form meaningful sentences 
  • The use of prefixes and suffix 
  • Use of determiners with the application of articles
  • Use of prepositions – in, into, among, between, to, towards, by, with, for, from, of, beyond, below, behind, in front of, around 

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Class 8 English Writing Section 

This section is a platform for students to showcase their flair for writing. In this, you have to display your fluency in the language through Letter Writing including both Formal and Informal Letters, Leave Application, Notice Writing, etc. Have a look at the main topics which constitute an integral part of class 8 English syllabus.

  • Paragraph – eg. Write a paragraph on global warming
  • Diary Entry – eg. How you celebrated your birthday 
  • Letter to Principal – eg. Importance of food chain  (Formal)
  • Letter to Friend – eg. How you celebrated your annual day in school (Informal)
  • Notice – Informing about the cultural fest, lost and found
  • Story Writing – an eg. a chance meeting with your friend
  • Diary Entry – eg. The message you got from the poem
  • Dialogue Completion

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What is the first chapter of Class 8 English?

NCERT Book Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World.

What is the name of Class 8 English book?

NCERT Class 8 English Book HoneyDew

What is the content of Class 8 English?

Literature, Grammar, Reading and Writing Skills are all part of the English syllabus for class 8. Two textbooks, ‘Honeydew,’ and a supplementary reader, ‘It so Happened,’ are included in the literature part.

Thus, we hope that after reading this blog on the class 8 English syllabus, you are now aware of all the important details related to the curriculum. To know which stream would be the best for you, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts through an e-meeting and get your career started on the right track! 

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