Two Stories About Flying Class 10 Summary

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Two Stories About Flying Class 10

Chapter 3 on Two Stories about Flying Class 10 English consists of two stories or prose, namely, His First Flight, written by Liam O’Flaherty and Black Aeroplane, written by Fredrik Forsyth. It is an important part of the CBSE English Class 10 syllabus. In this blog, we bring you a summary of the Two Stories about Flying class 10. So if you desire to understand these Two Stories about Flying, you reading this blog will be of great help to you.

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Part 1: His First Flight Summary

The first story in the chapter of Two Stories about Flying Class 10 is named ‘His First Flight’, written by Liam O’ Flaherty. This story from Two Stories about Flying class 10 is about a young seagull who is terrified of flying. Even though his younger siblings’ wings were much shorter and smaller than his own wings, they were able to fly fearlessly, while he was unable to summon the confidence and determination to trust his own wings and fly high in the sky. When the young seagull saw his parents tutoring and perfecting his younger siblings in the art of flight, he became sad and depressed. On the other hand, his parents scolded and taunted him for not even trying and being a coward.

The seagull, on the other hand, lacked the confidence to take off. Nothing could save him, even though his parents threatened to leave him alone and to starve if he did not comply. His parents had threatened and told him that he would be alone the next day. He later tried to attract the attention of his family members when he was hungry. He was only seen by his mother, who was withering a fish to eat it. The young seagull was wailing incessantly because he was hungry. He was hoping that his mother would come to his aid and bring him food. He becomes excited when he sees his mother approaching him with the fish. His mother, however, abruptly came to a halt in the middle of the journey. Soon after finding his mother had come to a halt in the middle of the journey, he becomes enraged and frustrated by hunger and dives at the fish, forgetting for a moment that he is terrified of flying.

Finally, his hunger encouraged him to take his first flight and overcome his fear of flying from his heart and mind. All of his family members cheer and dance around him as he celebrates his win. He also tried floating in the water, which he was once again terrified of. As a result, he conquers his paranoia of flying and realises that it’s all in his head.

Part 2: Black Aeroplane Summary

The second story in the chapter of Two Stories about Flying class 10 is titled ‘Black Aeroplane’, written by Frederick Forsyth. This tale or story in Two Stories about Flying class 10 vividly illustrates how fantasising causes one’s judgement to be distorted and how this leads to problems.

This plot is about a happy and content pilot flying over a sleeping city, indicating that he enjoys flying at night. He is flying from Paris to London in the story, and he is dreaming about his long holiday with his family as he flies. He also fantasizes about the delightful breakfast he’ll have when he arrives. However, as soon as he crosses Paris, he notices the dark clouds that foreshadowed the impending storm. The prudent decision would have been to return to Paris for safety reasons, but he was distracted by his fantasies at the time, and to fulfil them, he risks his passengers’ lives by flying straight into the storm. All went dark as soon as he wanted to reach the storm, and he couldn’t see anything.

Having said that, all of his guidance and navigational instruments failed or stopped working, and he quickly lost control of the plane. He saw another plane whose pilot was more than happy to save them when all hope was lost. The author was in a panic because the plane’s fuel tank was rapidly depleting. As soon as they saw the light, the unidentified pilot led them out of the storm and vanished. He asked the lady in the control room about the other pilot in the sky who saved him and his plane as soon as he landed his plane in London. The story takes a surprising turn when he is shocked to learn that his plane was the only one in the sky, as the lady in the control room informed him.

Some Important Questions 

1. Why was the young seagull afraid to fly? Do you think all young birds are afraid to make their first flight or are some birds timider than others? Do you think a human baby also finds it a challenge to take its first steps?

Ans: In the first of the story in Two Stories about Flying Class 10, 
The young seagull was shown to be scared of flying. Since it was his first flight, he was concerned that his wings would not be able to carry him or his weight, and that he would fall. We are well aware that a “thousand-mile journey starts with a single step,” and taking that first step is extremely difficult. As a result, the seagull was no different from any other birds or human beings that could hesitate before taking its first flight.

2. They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly.” Why did the seagull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly?

Ans: Unlike his younger siblings, the unfortunate seagull in the story of His First Flight from Two Stories about Flying Class 10, was unable to summon the courage to take his first flight. As a result, his parents constantly teased and chastised him for being a coward. They even threatened to abandon him and leave him to die if he did not attempt to fly and conquer his fear of flying. They expected him to fly around looking for food if he was hungry. All of this was done in order for him to be able to travel.

3. “I’ll take the risk.” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?

Ans: In the story of The Black Aeroplane from Two Stories about Flying Class 10, the term “risk” refers to not doing the right thing, which in this case is flying back to Paris when the pilot learns of the storm. Despite being aware of the bad weather, the pilot flew straight into the storm, endangering his fellow passengers as well as himself. The pilot’s decision was influenced by his desire to meet his relatives. He was desperate to see his family and eat the English breakfast he had been fantasising about all day. As a result, he took the risk of not returning.

4. What made the woman in the control centre look at the narrator strangely?

Ans: When the narrator or pilot inquired about the other pilot or plane that helped him escape the storm at the end of the novel, the woman in the airport control room looked at him curiously. Since there was no other plane in the sky during such bad weather, she was startled and looked strangely at the narrator.

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We hope that the summary on Two Stories about Flying class 10 have made you become more familiar with the plot and with the two different stories by different writers on flying. The blog and the summary shall be helpful for that quick last minute revision before your exams. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more amazing and helpful reads and score high with Leverage Edu

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