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One of the popular courses nowadays, engineering is considered a job-oriented and promising career field. One of the best options when pursuing engineering abroad is the United Arab Emirates or Dubai. This luxurious city is well-known for its advanced architecture, nightlife sciences, and great universities. When you pursue higher education in Dubai, it offers you excellence in education and innovation inspirations. Dubai’s most populous city features a diversity of cultures, safety, and much more. If you want to know more about engineering in Dubai, eligibility requirements, and much more, then Keep Reading!

Name Engineering
Country United Arab Emirates 
Duration 1-5 years
Level of Study Postgraduate degree
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree in Engineering 
Proof of English Proficiency IELTS
Entrance ExamGMATGRE
Average Tuition FeeINR 15-21 lakhs per year

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Why Engineering in Dubai? 

One of the most popular courses, engineering, is offered at many prestigious universities across the globe. Some benefits of pursuing engineering courses in Dubai are 

  • Affordable Fees: A Significant aspect that must be considered while enrolling in any course is its affordability. Dubai offers you engineering courses at affordable prices compared to US and UK. Further, many prestigious courses are also accredited by US or UK at low prices.
  • Opportunity Land: It is every prestigious global brand extending from construction to manufacturing present in Dubai. Further, due to a growing economy and tax-free nature Dubai is regarded as a land full of opportunities. 
  • Low employment rate 
  • The most preferred course in Dubai is Engineering
  • Interaction of industry and education 
  • Excellent living standards and safety

Specializations for Engineering in Dubai

Before we learn the eligibility for engineering courses in Dubai, let’s know the top universities’ specializations. Popular specializations for students wanting to pursue engineering courses in Dubai are:-

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Top Universities for Engineering Courses in Dubai for 2022

The Best Engineering Universities in Dubai are ranked highly worldwide and offer the best curriculum. Let’s have a look at the top universities for Engineering courses in Dubai as of 2022:-

Universities in DubaiQS World Universities 2023 Ranking by Subject (Engineering and Technology)
Amity University-Dubai Campus 1001-1200
BITS Pilani Dubai Campus 1001-1200
Middlesex University Dubai751-800
University of Birmingham Dubai81
Manipal Academy of Higher Education-Dubai Campus751-800
Abu Dhabi University71

As you can observe, 3 out of the top 10 universities for Engineering in the world are in the UAE

Eligibility Requirements

Suppose you are an Indian student wanting to apply for engineering courses in Dubai. In that case, you must fulfil the minimum eligibility requirements given below:-

Please note that the above qualifications for engineering courses in Dubai are subject to change depending upon the universities that you apply to. 

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Cost of Studying Engineering in Dubai

Doing postgraduation in Dubai can be expensive, especially in engineering, business, and science. The cost of studying engineering in Dubai includes living expenses and tuition fees.

Type of Expenses Average Cost (INR)
Tuition Fee8,99,404
Hostel and meals 3,17,250
Initial payment 1,05,750

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Your dream of studying in Dubai can be blurred if you don’t have enough financial resources. This is where Dubai Scholarships help you. If you plan to pursue engineering in Dubai on a budget, here is the list of scholarships to help you solve your problems:-

Scholarships for DubaiValue (INR)
Narotam Sekhsarias scholarships NA
KC Mahindra scholarships for post-graduate studies abroad8 lakhs
Hani Zeini Scholarship74,390
Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships NA
The annual Music Authority scholarship74,390
Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award 1,85,975
QS scholarship for academic excellence 7,43,900
Academic excellence award, masters, 73760
The annual music authority scholarship74390


Q1. How much does BTech cost in Dubai for Indian students?

Ans: The tuition cost at BITS Pilani Dubai is 24,900 AED per semester (5.60 lakhs INR) for undergraduate programs and 16,000 AED per semester (3.60 lakhs INR) for graduate programs.

Q2. What is the best engineering in UAE?

Ans. Top Universities for Engineering in the United Arab Emirates
University of Sharjah. University of Sharjah College of Engineering.
United Arab Emirates University. United Arab Emirates University College of Engineering. …
The American University of Sharjah
Khalifa University.
American University in Dubai.

Q3. What is decent pay for an Indian in Dubai?

Ans. The highest recorded pay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is 50 lakhs. The top 10% of workers make over £47 lakhs annually. The top 1% earn an astounding 50 lakhs or more annually

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  1. I’m from nepal. Want to study BE in civil and i’m a final year student of diploma in civil engineering. Provide me good assistance please.

  1. I’m from nepal. Want to study BE in civil and i’m a final year student of diploma in civil engineering. Provide me good assistance please.