Exploring Student Life in Dubai!

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Exploring Student Life in Dubai

Dubai is unquestionably one of the most compelling cities in the Middle East. The city of Gold has a lot more than its spectacular architecture and grand deserts. With its dazzling lifestyles, it has attracted people from many nationalities for travel, work and study purposes. Dubai consists of some of the finest universities and excellent academic programs. Most of the universities in Dubai have been frequently ranked among the top 50 universities in the Gulf area. If you like the hustle, and thrill, and wish to study in Dubai; read through this blog to explore student life in Dubai. 

Discover Life in Dubai

Dubai has a lavish and expensive lifestyle with everything available in the city’s gigantic malls. It is one of the major economy and entertainment hubs that boasts about its incredible infrastructure and skylines. From designer attires, and jewellery to a variety of cuisines and spices; Dubai has it all! Being a cosmopolitan city, you will find people from various nations and religions. Since the city is surrounded by deserts, the weather is relatively humid and hot in summer. Despite Islam and its traditions being the central theme of the city, people are freely allowed to follow and explore their cultures and faiths.  A few important facts about the city:

  • The weekends in Dubai are on Friday and Saturday, making Sunday-Thursday the working week
  • The common languages spoken are Arabic, Persian, English, Urdu, and Hindi. The official language of Dubai is Arabic with English being used for formal and educational purposes
  • The Emirate runs in a framework of absolute monarchy with political stability across the states

Dubai has been awarded over 130 Guinness World Records!

Getting Around

Dubai has various transport facilities for ease of student life in Dubai. The daily commute is safe, easy, and accessible with the entire city being connected via fully automated metro networks. Taxis are also easily available for transportation to nearby places. For students, travelling is usually between the university premises and your apartment. Buses are also the most convenient mode which is connected through the landmarks of the city. For exploring the visionaries in Dubai, big buses or economic buses are available to tour you through the major attractions with live commentaries!

The world’s largest man-made island is Dubai-Palm
Jumeirah can be seen from space!

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Activities and Entertainment

With a plethora of local activities and a common love for food delights from all over the world with extravagant festivals and events for every genre, Dubai entertains you in every possible way that you cannot afford to miss!

  • The Dubai Fountain is a sight like no other. It is the world’s largest choreographed fountain with its musical tributes to various people. You can enjoy a lake ride at the fountain which is also visible from 30km away. 
  • Your craving for a strong adrenaline rush can be fulfilled by the famous skydiving at the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. It is a professionally guided activity that takes you through a giant leap in the sky.
  • Visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa should come off as an unspoken act. Known as the pinnacle of contemporary architecture, the Burj Khalifa is a marvellous work of art and the execution is second to none. 
  • For the historically inclined folks, Dubai has the best museum at Al Fahidi Fort which was built around 1800. It presents the way of life in Dubai for thousands of years. From old maps to excavated material, the museum is a heritage with the oldest history of the city.
  • Another exciting place to explore is the Dessert safari. The adventurous trip is a must to visit during your student life in Dubai. It tours you through the Dubai desert to view the enthralling sunset along with many photo stops, a camel ride, and an exotic buffet with traditional shisha and belly dancing shows. 
  • For the automobile enthusiast, Dubai has its very own Ferrari World. The world’s largest frame structure ever built, the amusement park has thrilling rides which include the world’s highest loop and the fastest rollercoaster. Enjoy your rides and the street performances in the park!
  • The Dubai Miracle Garden is blooming and has bliss like nowhere. It spreads across a 72,000 sqm garden with 150 million flowers decorated aesthetically. The floral wonderland also conducts live music and dance events for entertainment. 

Falconry is a 100-year-old valued custom sport in Dubai.
It includes falcons (Saqr) flying and swooping in the skies which is a visual delight!

Accommodation and Work Opportunities

The cost of living in Dubai is comparatively expensive but can be reduced if you select an affordable location. Like many universities, Dubai also provides on and off-campus accommodations with residential and hostel facilities. The most likely monthly budget for accommodation is no less than AED 5,500 – 16,000  (INR 1,10,351 – 3,21,022). Another option is shared private accommodation with other students which costs a total of around AED 4,500-6,500 (INR 90,293-1,30,424). To reduce the financial burden during your student life in Dubai, you can opt for part-time jobs. There are various on-campus jobs throughout the year and off-campus work in summer. Being a commercially flourished city, various firms and corporations have part-time job offers for students with an average monthly salary of AED 3,987 (INR 79,986).

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Festivals and Social Life

Apart from the fun activities mentioned, Dubai offers its visitors many festivals to enjoy, meet new people and immerse in different traditions. The following are the most exciting festivals celebrated every year in the city with visitors from across the world.

  • Dubai International Film Festival (Around December)
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival (Around February)
  • Dubai Shopping Festival (January)
  • Art Dubai (March)
  • The Dubai Marathon (January)
  • Dubai World Cup (March)
  • Taste Of Dubai (March)
  • Dubai International Boat Show (March)

That was all about the Student life in Dubai which guarantees amusement along with high-class education.

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Is student life good in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is known for offering top-notch education along with a high-quality life.

How many hours can a student work in Dubai?

The universities in Dubai allow international students to work up to 15 hours per week or 60 hours each month.

Is it safe to study in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai boasts low levels of crime rate, ensuring a safe environment to study.

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