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MTech Courses

Technology is ever-evolving and has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. With almost every industry dependent on it, the emphasis is placed on introducing new techniques through research and development. Owing to this advancement, the demand for engineers in almost each and every sector of the economy is on a constant rise. It requires a great deal of hard work and dedication and attaining the right kind of knowledge to build a successful career in the field of engineering. With an array of engineering branches like Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, etc available, it is possible for students to advance their knowledge by pursuing specialization degree programs like MTech in their chosen field after completing a bachelor’s degree. If you are looking for some top and most-demanded MTech courses then in this blog, we will highlight the salient features of such programs. 

Course LevelPG
Course NameMaster of Technology
Duration2 years
Course FeeUp to INR 3 lakh
Average SalaryUp to INR 7 lakh
Top RecruitersGoogle, Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, EXL, Amazon, ICICI
Job PositionsAssistant Engineer, Production Engineer, Mining Engineer, Researcher, Software Developer, Researcher
SpecialisationsMining, Civil, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Science, Biotechnology
Top CollegesDTU, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur


MTech or Master of Technology is a postgraduate professional course that typically runs for a duration of two years. Coming under the domain of technology, the program lays emphasis on imparting knowledge pertaining to the field and equipping the students with the skills for the successful implementation of the current technologies. Further, it also acts as a gateway for those who want to carry out extensive research in the technical field. With a number of specializations available, MTech is one of the most sought-after courses for BTech graduates. Available as an MS in study abroad destinations with a duration ranging between 1-2 years, pursuing MTech courses brings along a plethora of career opportunities in the private as well as the government sector. 

Why Study MTech?

An MTech degree enables students to work in the area of research and development. Numerous possibilities are presented to them in a variety of specialisations, including mining, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering, among others. Candidates for this degree are exposed to industrial training in order to obtain hands-on experience in their field of specialisation.

Skills Required

Ability to communicate – verbal and writtenAcquaintance with Industry Standards
Knowledge of the subjects studied in B.E./B.Tech.Teamwork
CreativityMultifaceted Exposure
Critical Thinking and Problem-SolvingLeadership and Management Skills
Commitment and Desire to LearnAcquaintance with Computers and IT
Attention to detailsGiving and receiving feedback

MTech Courses: Eligibility Criteria

While different universities set specific parameters of eligibility for the graduates aspiring to enrol in the MTech courses. There are some common conditions that the applicants are required to fulfil: 

  • The candidates are required to complete a BTech degree in the related specialization from a recognized university.
  • The candidates must obtain a minimum percentile in tests like GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or any other exam specified by the institute. 
  • Must possess a valid score in the English language proficiency tests like  IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.
  • Statement Of Purpose(SOP), Letter of Recommendation(LOR), Transcripts, Updated CV/resume, etc. 

MTech in Biomedical Engineering

MTech in Biomedical Engineering, a 2-year postgraduate course is an amalgamation of biological sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry. With an aim to improve the healthcare sector through improved quality of medicines, human life, medical equipment, etc,  the students enrolled in these types of MTech courses are equipped with analytical and quantitative skills to assess the biological data and work on biomedical electronics.

MTech in Metallurgical Engineering

MTech in Metallurgical Engineering focuses on extracting, refining and developing metals and their ores into different metallic products. Being a 2-year post-graduate program, Metallurgical Engineering is one of the most popular MTech courses among Indian and international students. This course makes students competent in various processes and imparts knowledge in the field of metallurgy and mining. 

MTech in Mechanical Engineering

An MTech in Mechanical Engineering concentrates on various aspects pertaining to Material Science, Thermodynamics, Kinematics, Statics and mechanics which are used in the designing, developing and installing of machines and other tools. Considered one of the best MTech courses for engineering students, this program through subjects like Internal Combustion Engines, Manufacturing Techniques, Advance Machine Design, etc, provides the knowledge to develop machinery mechanisms, thermal devices, and sensors. 

MTech Courses: Polymer Technology

Another popular specialization, MTech in Polymer Technology is one of the most opted MTech courses amongst students internationally. With the use of plastic omnipresent in almost every sector such as plastics, adhesives, paints, varnishes, etc, this course provides the students with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical training. A graduate can find employment opportunities in industries such as information technology, aerospace, motor manufacturing, clothing, biomedical research, and pharmaceutical companies.

MTech in Automobile Engineering

One of the best engineering courses, students who love to design, develop, construct and operate big and small automobiles can pursue this 2 year, MTech in Automobile Engineering. Through the post-graduate program, the students get an in-depth understanding of the automobile’s dynamics, design, manufacturing, and vehicle maintenance, along with the usage of Computers in Automobile Engineering. While the curriculum of the courses is divided into 4 semesters in India, in foreign countries it can range between 2-4 semesters(Master of Science degree).

MTech in Information Technology

A 2-year specialization program, Information Technology is one of those MTech courses that can be safely counted among the best career options after graduation. The curriculum of this course goes on covering every little aspect related to information technology, right from installing applications to developing information databases and complex networks. Some of the elective subjects that the students can choose from are Bioinformatics, Wireless Communication and Computing, Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems, Microelectronics, etc.

MTech in Electrical Engineering

The MTech courses with a specialisation in Electrical Engineering offer a diverse curriculum spanning 4 semesters. It provides theoretical and practical training to the students in areas like Control Systems, Electronics, Power Systems, Circuits and Microcontrollers, VLSI technology, Industrial Electrical Systems, Telecommunications and Digital signals, Dynamic Systems, Electrical Machines etc. The students pursuing an MTech in Electrical Engineering often find employment in some of the most highly-paid jobs across various sectors.  

MTech Courses: Automation and Robotics

Considered one of the best engineering courses for the future, an MTech in Automation and Robotics is one of the ideal 2-year MTech courses for those students who want to get in-depth knowledge regarding the computer-controlled technology that is used in the designing and development of robots and artificial intelligence. From mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence to Industrial Automation, the students are equipped with various industry-relevant skills through such subjects. 

MTech Job Profiles

Computer Science EngineerChief Engineer
Assistant EngineerLecturer
Executive EngineerResearcher
Software EngineerCeramic Engineer
Mechanical EngineerSoftware Developer
Electronics EngineerCivil Engineer
Mining EngineerProduction Engineer
Electronics and Communication EngineerAutomobile Engineer

Top Recruiters

GoogleMorgan Stanley
MicrosoftITC Limited
Infosys TechnologiesSysmex
IBM Global ServicesISRO
Accenture ServicesMahindra and Mahindra Limited
HCL TechnologiesTriveni Turbine Limited
Mckinsey Knowledge CentreRubrik and Uber


Which course is best in MTech?

MTech in Biomedical Engineering.
MTech in Metallurgical Engineering.
MTech in Mechanical Engineering.
MTech Courses: Polymer Technology.
MTech in Automobile Engineering.
MTech in Information Technology.
MTech in Electrical Engineering.
MTech Courses: Automation and Robotics.

Is MTech a 2-year course?

MTech, or Master of Technology, is one of the most sought-after degrees among study enthusiasts who want to work in the area of technical research. soon after earning a BTech or BE. The M Tech full-time program consists of four semesters over two years of postgraduate study.

Can I do MTech without GATE?

GATE is not always needed for admission to MTech programs in India. If you don’t have GATE results, you should attempt to apply for MTech programs at private universities in your country or look into study abroad options.

Needless to say, with an array of MTech courses available, choosing between the specializations can be a daunting task. If you are looking forward to pursuing an MTech or even a PhD after MTech then take the assistance of Leverage Edu’s AI tool which will curate the list of most suitable courses which align with your professional goals. 

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