How to Prepare for GRE Online?

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How to prepare for GRE online

GRE conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS) evaluates candidates on the basis of their Analytical Writing, Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude. One must know the entire GRE exam pattern and GRE syllabus before starting their preparation. A popular question, likely to arise in the minds of aspirants is – What would be the apt mode for GRE preparations? To save time and effort of going to coaching classes, online platforms are gaining popularity in modern times for test preparations. Let us explore how to prepare for GRE online, through this blog!

GRE Exam Pattern 

The GRE is a common test for admission into graduate school. It is possible to score a 320+ in GRE which completely depends on how much time you spend every day to study important topics. Hence it’s vital to stick to the exam pattern. Before we get to – How to prepare for GRE online, let us have a look at the GRE paper pattern:

Tips and Tricks for GRE Online Preparation

Here are some of the fundamental practices that you strictly need to adhere to, while looking for answers to how to prepare for GRE online:

  • Enrol yourself to online e-learning courses which are easily available
  • Practice tests daily and keep track of your progress accurately
  • Take an initial drill and based on your results, mirror the GRE to ensure you are fully prepared on exam day.
  • Keep track of your progress using the intuitive dashboard and interactive score reports and adjust your future schedules accordingly
  • Use brief study materials to supplement the lectures
  • Instructors teach even the most complex problems in easy-to-understand ways
  • Watch sample videos of important concepts of quant section
  • Download e-books to practice the verbal and quant section 
  • Reading newspaper daily will help you develop a command over the English language which is helpful for the Essay questions

Here are some additional GRE Preparation Tips!

List of Online Resources for GRE Preparation

Given below are some of the leading online platforms that are going to end your search on How to prepare for GRE online:

Leverage Live: It is one of the best online GRE preparation platforms in the country. Ranging from personalised plans to exclusive doubt clarification session, we do it all to make you get your dream score. Some of the key features of our online test preparations are highly qualified faculty, comprehensive study material, online live classes, innumerable sample papers and regular mock tests. 

Powerprep: It’s a computer-delivered GRE General Test and includes two free practice tests that acquaint you with the features of the actual test. Some of the features include changing answers within a section (flag), on-screen calculator and moving back and forth between questions.

GRE Math Review: A ready-made package to basic math skills. Its free 100-page review covers most of the concepts which applicants will see when they take the real GRE General Test.

GRE Diagnostic Services: Helpful for candidates to understand their performance on questions in the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections of the test they took. Also who are planning to retake the test, can use GRE diagnostic services. 

GRE General Prep Test Book Second Edition: In this book, the students will get the following: sample analytical writing topics, scored analytical writing responses and reader commentary and information on how the test is scored .one full-length paper-delivered practice test along with scoring keys, test-taking strategies, sample verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning questions with explanations.

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Is 320 a good GRE score?
320 pointer is a decent score. Students score this much after a lot of hard work and practice. The admission to any university is not solely based on your GRE score but on your overall profile and performance. Leverage Edu can help you in getting a 320+ as well as in building an excellent profile.

What’s the validity of a GRE score?
GRE score has a validity of 5 years from the date of the test taken by the student. In a time period of a year, you can take only 5 attempts within a gap of at least 16 days in a duration of 12 months.

Is there any age limit?
There is no age limit for taking the GRE exam. You can take the exam when you want and. You need to have a passport in order to take the exam. No specific GRE test eligibility criteria to pursue a master’s degree.

Does GRE have negative marking?
Since there is no negative marking, it is advised to answer every question.When you are taking the computer-delivered GRE General Test, you can skip questions which you might find difficult to answer. 

We hope this blog answered the question – how to prepare for GRE online. If you are looking for GRE online preparation, then let Leverage Edu be at your service! Book your counselling session with us and join Leverage Live to get your dream GRE score!

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