Maintenance Engineer Resume

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Maintenance Engineer Resume

A resume is a bridge between prospective recruiters and potential candidates.  It not only gives a detailed insight into the candidate’s educational background and experiences but also sheds a light on the strengths and skills of the applicant. Since the work profile varies based on the skills you have garnered over the duration of your course, it becomes important to build a resume that not only stands out but also helps the employer in selecting the most suitable candidate. Almost every career offers an array of opportunities in various roles.  In this blog, we will discuss the important details pertaining to a Maintenance Engineer and some tips on how to write a Maintenance Engineer Resume. But first, let us have a look at the job profile of such professionals. 

What does a Maintenance Engineer do? 

As the name suggests, a Maintenance Engineer is a professional who applies the advanced engineering concepts in handling and maintaining various types of equipment and machines. These professionals are involved in repairing, upgrading, and installing machines according to the needs of specific operations. Maintenance Engineers are expected to incorporate new technology and use different kinds of tools throughout their professional careers. The on-the-job training and educational qualifications form an integral part of the resume. Further, having technical expertise in this field is an important aspect and adds weight to the Mechanical engineering resume. Performing tasks without supervision, excellent time management skills, and self-motivation are some of the key traits of such professionals. 

Tips to write Maintenance Engineer Resume 

Writing a professional resume can be onerous. Thus, here are some tips you can keep in mind while writing a Mechanical Engineering resume:

  • Starting each work history point with an action word instead of stating it was one of the responsibilities you undertook, gives off a better impression. It is good to include vocabulary such as inspected, tested, repaired and operated for a Maintenance Engineer.  
  • Make sure that the resume is scannable. For this, use the right font, maintain the same font size throughout, don’t add page breaks, and use bullet points wherever necessary. 
  • A resume is a document which is used to market yourself. Thus, lay emphasis on the educational qualifications, skills, professional experience, awards, and certifications(if any). 
  • It is advised to add the skills(if applicable) highlighted in the job description on your Mechanical Engineer resume.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned information, make sure to showcase your hobbies and mention some extracurricular activities. This helps the employer gauge through your personality.
  • However, mentioning information like political affiliations or awards won in a primary school in the resume is strongly advised against. 

Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample

Now that you are familiar with the tips on how a write a Maintenance Engineer resume, let us go through a sample on the same:

Pratik Ghosh

 2/132, Sector 3, IPCL Township, Vadodara, 391320

Professional Summary

A licensed Maintenance Engineer in Mechanical Systems with practical experience in handling many equipment and systems. Received on-the-job training as well as formal education to build a solid professional base. Demonstrated ability in enhancing work-force efficiency and quality in limited working hours. Have a knack for negotiating and solving problems creatively. Handled clients and improved the customer satisfaction rate with good communication skills. 


Excellent time management skills.Strong critical analysis and thinking ability.Ability to work under pressure for long hours.Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office.Adept in AutoDesk, AutoCAD, CMMS, and SAP. Ability in identifying, analyzing, and finding probable solutions to industrial issues. 

Work Experience

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, 2016-Present 

  • Disassemble malfunctioning equipment
  • Coordinate with other equipment technicians
  • Install the new equipment 

Apprentice Maintenance Mechanic, 2012-2016 

  • Conducted a training program for new recruits
  • Assisted senior mechanics as well as technicians
  • Graduated from the training program by scoring in the top 3% of the final exam.


Maintenance Engineer License- 2014 

Hopefully, you will be able to write an impressive Mechanical Engineering resume with the abovementioned tips. If you are applying to a university abroad but are not sure about your resume then you can contact Leverage Edu. The counsellors and mentors will help you build an impeccable resume and help you complete the admission process in your dream university.

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