Declaration in Resume for Freshers

Declaration in Resume for Freshers

Are you someone who has recently graduated and is looking for job opportunities? You must have come across recruiters asking you to forward them your resume. What exactly is a resume? You can think of a resume as a self-advertising document which sums up your educational experience and skills on a single page. This allows the hiring manager to grab an overview of your qualifications and skills that match their required job profile. Thus, a resume is one of the most important aspects of your job application as a fresher. The most important element in a resume is the area of declaration which is known to be a formal statement giving an authoritative establishment of facts. The blog will cover everything you need to know about a declaration in resume for freshers.

What is Declaration in Resume?

A declaration is a justified statement affirming that everything written or mentioned in your resume is true and fully acknowledged by you. Your name and date is also included in the resume declaration. This implies that the authenticity of any information is ensured through a declaration. Writing a declaration at the end of your resume has become prominent because of the strict formal guidelines dominating the corporate world. It is a great way of utilizing a formal approach in order to make a good impression.

Importance of the Declaration Statement

To begin with, a well-crafted resume comprises of the following elements:

  • Appealing Resume Title
  • Name and Address
  • Objective
  • Educational Qualification
  • Any Training or Internship Experience
  • Achievements
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Skills
  • Languages Known and Proficiency Level
  • Personal Information
  • References
  • Declaration

Right at the end of a resume, you must have noticed that there is a declaration confirming that all the details listed above are accurate and verified. Along with this, a declaration in resume is also essential for the following purposes:

  • It centrally works as a catalyst to prove and verify the authenticity of the information given in a resume thus preventing misconception, confusion and fraud in the recruitment process.
  • It is important for your referral as it gives your reference a chance to prove that all the details mentioned on your resume are entirely true.
  • If you are a fresher in the occupational world, then your resume should be at the top of your game. Declaration in resume for freshers can have a great impact on ensuring the authenticity and credibility of a candidate.
  • A declaration in resume is also pivotal to avoid any kind of manipulation of the details provided by the applicants.

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When Should You Add a Declaration in your CV or Resume?

Earlier declaration in CV or resume was an essential element but it has somewhere become less relevant in the contemporary times. But there are some situations where a declaration in CV or resume proves to be extremely helpful. Here are the prominent scenarios where it is important to add declaration in resume for freshers or working professionals, and depends on when you are sending your application for a job to:

  • An organisation or company which has a formal job application procedure,
  • An organisation or company having a sternly defined corporate hierarchy,
  • A government organisation or an academic institution,
  • An organisation or institution in Indian or any other country where declaration in resume or CV is still a common practice

In various other situations, a declaration only works as a justified statement from the candidate that the mentioned details in the resume or CV are accurate to the best of their knowledge and adding it, it can potentially create an impression of formal structure of your resume thus giving it a professional touch.S

How to Write a Declaration in Resume?

While adding the declaration in resume, the most important thing you must ensure is that it must be simple and straightforward. Here is a list of thing you must keep in mind while writing your declaration in resume for freshers:

  1. As a declaration is essentially an assurance that the details of a resume is accurate, begin with writing a statement that the provided information is true at the best of your knowledge.
  2. Put your written statement at the bottom of the resume, i.e. at the concluding point of your personal details.
  3. The statement should be precise, clear and simple.
  4. Mention the current location as well as the date will provide a validity of your initial statement. You must put the location and the date under the declaration in resume for freshers and at the left-hand corner. 
  5. Add your full signature at the end of the page. Your official signature is what makes your declaration authentic as well as official thus certifying that it is provided on your own.
  6. Under the signature, write down your full name and place both these at the right-hand side opposite to the date and location.

Take a look at the following sample resume that will help you understand the placement of the statement of declaration:

Resume Declaration Sample

Basic Format of Declaration

There is no specific format for a resume because there is no right or wrong manner to build a resume. But there are few things that should be included in your resume while crafting a declaration which are:

  • The declaration must be placed at the bottom of the resume and it should be only 1-2 sentences.
  • The place and date comes on the left side under the statement of declaration in resume.
  • Put your signature at the right side of the statement of the declaration.

Template of a Declaration in CV/ Resume

To help you understand where and how to put the elements of a declaration in a resume or CV, we have created a declaration template that you can refer to:

[Statement of Declaration]
[Current Date]                                                                                                        [Signature]
[Location]                                                                                                                  [Name]
(Left-hand side of the page)                                                        (Right-hand side of the page)

Samples of Declaration in Resume for Freshers

Declaration in Resume for Freshers
Sample Declaration in Resume for Freshers
“I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my belief.”
“I do hereby declare that the above particulars of facts and information stated are true, correct and complete to the best of my belief and knowledge.”
“All the information mentioned above in the resume is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”
“I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.”
“I solemnly declare that the information furnished above is free from errors to the best of my knowledge and belief.”
“I hereby declare that all the details mentioned above are in accordance with the truth and fact as per my knowledge and I hold the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.”

[BONUS] Declaration in Resume for Fresh Graduates

Along with these some more statements of declaration in resume for freshers:

  • I hereby declare the above-listed particulars of information and evidence are true to the best of my knowledge.
  • I hereby clarify that the information provided above is true to my belief and knowledge.
  • I strongly declare that the statements mentioned above in my resume are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I boldly declare that all the details provided above are correct from my knowledge and belief.
  • I declare that the above-listed information is true to the best of my knowledge and that I will be responsible for any deviation from the truth of these facts.
  • I sincerely proclaim that all of the above-mentioned information is true to my belief and I am responsible for its accuracy.
  • I declare that all the furnished information above is free from any kind of mistakes to the best of my knowledge and belief. 
  • I hereby declare that the above information has been amended with my knowledge and bears the correctness of the statement.


Q1: What is Declaration in Resume? 

A declaration is an official statement by an applicant that the details and information they are providing is correct. 

Q2: Is declaration in resume important?

Yes, declaration is an essential part of the resume. It helps in avoiding confusion related and provides assurance to employers that the candidate is genuine. 

Q3: How long is a declaration?

A declaration should be 1 or 2 line long. It usually comes at the end of the Resume.

Q4: Is there a format to write the declaration?

No, there is no format to write a declaration for the resume. One can follow the points mentioned above to write a perfect resume declaration. Keep it short and make sure it is providing credibility to your resume. 

Q5: Can the absence of declaration in resume affect the hiring process?

No, lack of declaration in the resume is not going to hamper your chances of getting a job. Most of the times, employers do not even demand this statement.

Q6: What is the best declaration in resume?

The best declaration in resume for freshers is the one that does the work in the least number of words. For example: I, therefore, declare that the abovementioned information is true in my knowledge. 

Q7: What should be written in declaration?

It should justify that you are fully aware of the things that are mentioned above. Mentioning date in the same brings in more credibility to the resume for freshers.

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We hope that through this blog you have understood how a declaration in resume for freshers is written and why it’s important. Don’t worry if you think that your resume doesn’t have enough weight to attract the employer. You can reach out to the experts at Leverage Edu, who will help you create an impressive resume.

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