Career Planning Process

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Career Planning Process

There are different ways to improve your career prospects, with planning being the initial stage towards a successful path. Choosing the right career is perhaps the most crucial task, it’s a moment of realization followed by an hour of introspection. How to go about with the career planning process? How to design a career map for yourself? Why do we need it? This blog will help you answer all these questions.

Need for Career Planning Process

To be conscious about a decision is what we can learn from great personalities. From Socrates to Albert Einstein, many scientists and intellectuals came but their greatness lies in their determination to follow their passion with consciousness. The career planning process is proven to be helpful in making conscious decisions about the future. Many people make decisions in haste and end up regretting them later. To ensure that such a situation do not come in your way, career guidance and planning is crucial. 

What Does it Include?

Since the importance of career planning cannot be undermined, it requires a complete seriousness and dedication to meet the demands of the process. Career planning includes discovering your path, self-assessment and rigorous research in browsing through a number of available options.

Let us discuss the different aspects of the career planning process in detail. 

Self Assessment

At the fundamental stage, career planning process demands you to think clearly and understand what you want to achieve in life. In order to evaluate your career options, you need to settle down for a brainstorming career counselling session or simply contemplating what you want to be in your life or what career skills you would want to learn. It is important for you to discover your strengths and weaknesses to find out what suits you the most.


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Once you have settled on choosing a line of profession for yourself, you are ready to make progress into the next stage of the career planning process. During this phase, you will explore a great number of opportunities that would appear fascinating but your research should include information on hundreds of career options that are relevant to your interest. This will help you figure out your skills that would benefit you in the long run. 


Once you’ve done your research, you would want to experience what it actually feels like to be working in a particular sector. For this, students can opt for short-term courses and internship programs that would not only help them gain industry experience but also explore a wide range of career options in a short span of time.

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Decision Making

In the fast-changing world, expecting certainty is not wise. Even if you have researched intensively about a specific career option, it is not necessary that it would present you with what you expect from it. Thus the decision-making stage is a crucial part of the career planning process where you actually decide to pursue a career after analyzing its pros and cons. This would include considering growth opportunities, work culture, savings, increments and promotions and retirement plans. It is important for you to assess all the parameters before making a concise decision. You can opt to take help from an educational counsellor for face-to-face counselling sessions and expert guidance. 

Action Plan

The final stage of the career planning process involves searching for the desired job and working towards securing it. This can be a little disappointing sometimes as you may face rejections and many a time things won’t turn out the way you wanted them to be. But perseverance and improving on your mistakes to reinforce your portfolio definitely helps you. 

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