Productivity Improvement Techniques

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Productivity Improvement Techniques

Every organisation strives to create and sustain a climate of perpetual interest and passion among its personnel in order to improve results through the efficient use of facilities and resources. Productivity improvement techniques assure larger revenues, which can be used to instal cutting-edge technology and improve the overall performance of the business. Individual productivity development solutions include methods for managing time and increasing job efficiency. If you’re looking for tips and tricks to increase your productivity, here’s a blog where we’ll learn the main key tricks of productivity improvement techniques.

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What is Productivity?

Before diving into the top productivity improvement techniques in this blog, let us first understand what is productivity in general. The traditional definition of productivity is “a method of measuring efficiency.” In economic terms, productivity is a method of measuring the output that results from units of input. It is achieving the desired objectives with less time and effort. When you’re looking for ways to be more productive, what you’re really looking for is a means to reach your goals while still having time to spend on what matters.

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Benefits of Productivity Improvement Techniques

  • Ensures the effective and efficient use of available resources to increase the total volume of production with a decrease in the cost of production.
  • Ensures an increase in the salaries and perks of the employees leading to their enhanced standard of living which ultimately motivates them to work harder towards the company’s goals. 
  • Provides better quality products to the consumers with the reduced price of the goods.
  • Leads to higher profits for entrepreneurs which can be re-invested to meet future financial needs.
  • Improves the overall prosperity and growth of an economy.
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Ultimate Productivity Improvement Techniques at Work

Attaining higher productivity is the prime aim for all individuals and business enterprises. Higher productivity also ensures the lesser cost of production with the best utilisation of available resources. Therefore, it becomes highly important for people to engage in productivity improvement techniques for personal as well as professional improvement and growth.

Time Your Time

One of the foremost productivity improvement techniques is Time Management. It is very crucial for you to track your time spent on various tasks which allows you to optimise your life and business goals through better use of time. Time management is the key element to master in order to be successful at work and life. Look for ways to make sure that your time is not spent on wasteful, energy-draining and trivial tasks.

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Initiate Regular Breaks

If you are working on a long task, taking scheduled breaks can actually help in improving concentration. A hectic and continuous work schedule often leads to a decline in performance. Research has proved that scheduling your work in 90-minute intervals boosts your performance and also allows you to resist temptations. 

Self-Imposed Deadlines

Productivity Improvement Techniques

A manageable level of self-imposed stress can encourage you to be focused in order to meet realistic and attainable goals. Open-ended tasks can be given a set deadline that definitely gives productive outcomes. However, don’t go overboard while setting deadlines, know your capacity to handle work and plan accordingly. 

Quit the Habit of Multitasking

To ‘fall between two stools’ could be a major impediment in the execution of productivity improvement techniques at work. We might think of multitasking as an added advantage to increase efficiency, however, the opposite may be true. Psychologists suggest implementing the habit of committing to a single task before moving on to the next level. This increases your work quality and productivity.

Encourage the “2-Minute Rule”

Incorporating small windows of time in your work can help you perform your tasks quickly or immediately. It’s never recommended to keep your work piled up for later because that might decrease your productivity and will take a longer time than actually finishing the job in your present time.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings are one of the biggest time-consuming activities which we unquestionably book, attend and inevitably complain about. Try to avoid face to face meetings which are not required and instead opt for solutions like email, phone or web-based tools. You will not just save your time but someone else’s too. 

Use the Unexpected ‘Bonus’ Time

Instead of using your travelling time on social media or playing games, it is beneficial to invest it on reading important emails, creating to-do lists or engaging in some brainstorming activities. Moreover, you can use your time to increase your vocabulary, read a book or a newspaper and try to keep yourself relaxed and away from work. Such utilisation of ‘bonus’ time can do wonders in implementing productivity improvement techniques.

Give up the Impression of Perfection

It is quite common for individuals to aspire to be perfect. In this quest of chasing the illusion of perfection, you tend to sit on a particular task for more than the required time. In such cases, complete the task and move it off your plate; if required you can always come back later and improve it. 

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Exercise and Meditate to Stimulate

A habit of exercising builds strength and allows the blood to flow smoothly in your body. Often stressful work can lead to tension and chaos in your mind which may result in your body deterioration and unwanted fatigue. Thus, whenever you get an opportunity to hit the gym, walk down the field, stretch on the yoga mat or even meditate, don’t miss the chance.

Productivity Improvement Techniques

The Do-Not-Disturb Mode

It is quite difficult to resist the allure of continuously checking voicemails, emails or text notifications. Therefore during the course of work, turn off the notifications on your phone to keep yourself focused and converged towards the task at hand. 

Be Proactive and Not Reactive

Set your own goals before other conditions and circumstances dictate your work. It is best to develop your own productivity improvement techniques as per your competency and have a work plan to attack at the beginning of each day and remember to stick to it. Get yourself moving throughout the day by keeping a timely reminder of your goals. The idea is to act rather than be acted upon.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

No matter what work or job you are doing, always remember that you are a human being and your body needs pampering and hydration at regular intervals. Grabbing a cup of tea or coffee with your favourite snack can help you perform better mentally and physically. But it is critical to look for healthy alternatives instead of binging on junk food.

Aesthetically Pleasing Elements do Wonders

Stressful and monotonous work can make you feel bored and uneasy. Jazz up your office space with candles, flowers, wallpapers, frames or anything which can lighten up your mood and keep you going. 

Say No to Interruptions

Even the slightest distraction can change your concentration thus resulting in a corresponding drop in your productivity. You may set your office hours, keep your door closed, place your table accordingly or even work from home for time-sensitive projects. Try to resist temptations to the best of your abilities and always remember to work smarter, not harder.

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Turn Productivity Into a Habit

It would be lovely to announce, “I’m making a change,” and then it magically happens without your intervention. However, improved productivity, like any other change in your life, necessitates some effort on your part. It can take up to three months to adopt a new habit, whether it’s making a daily checklist of duties to guide your day or establishing a weekly gym routine. It is much easier to incorporate anything into a routine once it has become a habit. You soon learn that work might become second nature to you. You may achieve significantly more in your business and personal life if you make productivity a habit.

Productivity Improvement Techniques


How can productivity be improved in the workplace?

8 Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity:
Be Effective.
Delegate responsibility.
Distractions should be reduced.
Ensure that you have the proper tools and equipment.
Enhance working conditions.
Provide assistance and set attainable goals.
Use Positive Reinforcement.
Ensure Employee Satisfaction.

What factors increase productivity?

Productivity can be affected by a variety of factors, including engagement, strong people management practises, the workplace environment, proper tools, the use of technology as a competitive advantage, and so on.

How do you increase efficiency?

Here are the top ten things you can do to boost staff productivity:
Delegation is not something to be terrified of.
Tasks should be matched to skills.
Effective communication is essential.
Maintain a clear and focused set of goals.
Employees should be rewarded.
Remove any excess.
Employee development and training
Accept telecommuting.

How can we improve work environment?

Consider workers while selecting an office space as one of seven suggestions for improving your workplace environment.
Make an investment in the physical environment.
Listen and give your thoughts.
Encourage a healthy work-life balance.
Encourage social engagement.
Show your gratitude and support.
Don’t forget about the larger workplace.

Thus, through this blog, we shared the best work-related productivity improvement techniques you can utilise to work happily and in a focused way. Experts at Leverage Edu can help you find the secret to maximize your educational productivity by equipping you with helpful tips which will help you increase your productivity improvement techniques. For more entertaining and informative content, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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