Online Career Counselling

Online Career Counselling

Education is the tool that shapes our society. You must be familiar with this saying, “Education is the tool that shapes our society.” But the way we receive education has changed over the years. With the emergence of technology and the internet, almost every sector has either gone through drastic changes or revolutionized as a whole. This has allowed easy access to resources and to promote collaborative learning besides encouraging innovation and intensive research. Career counselling is an emerging domain, crucial for students who are planning to either start their career or advance in their field of interest. Technology has changed the face of education with services just a click away, instead of travelling miles away. Online career counselling has led to the improvement in the education standards, making quality counselling available for everyone who has access to the internet. 

Benefits of Online Career Counselling

We all want to give our career a direction towards success. Guidance is the primary thing which shapes our decision making. In this fast-paced world, the reports of stress-related cases in educational institutions and workplaces are rising tremendously. The competition for quality education and jobs under strict eligibility criteria is one of the main causes of stress among students. The need for counselling has never been so significant, than in contemporary society.

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Online career counselling has given aspirants the choice of accessing the best counselling services regarding their career from anywhere in the world, which was almost impossible two decades ago. Not only has the technology made counselling services available for everyone but affordable as well. These give you an option of personalising your counselling session by choosing a counsellor of your choice from the list of credible experts across the world. You can have a look at the profile, portfolio, achievements and counselling progress, before booking an appointment.

Importance of Assessment

Gone are the days when career counselling was monotonous and mostly included guesswork. With the emergence of online career counselling, assessment has become a must in the counselling process. The mentors assess your aptitude, based on which they curate a list of courses and professions that best suit you. Various aspects of evaluation include Cognitive Assessment, Personality Assessment, Interest Assessment, Values Assessment.

The Psychometric Test has become central in the online career counselling. A number of students who act rashly on their decisions end up choosing a career which they are not fit for, in the long run. Such decisions take a toll on their mental health. To avoid this, a career counselling is of eminent importance.

Process of Online Career Counselling

Talking about online counselling, you might wonder if it is, as effective as counselling in person. Well, the proven track record of the web counselling suggests that this facility has not only made career counselling available to everyone, but has helped the students throughout their admission process. Right from finding the university that matches your desired course, to making an SOP, LOR till the point where you can easily make way to your dream country.

Ed Tech Marketplaces as Pioneers of Career Counselling

Ed-tech marketplaces have come to play a pivotal role in modifying the concept of career counselling. Using modern technology as a tool for assessing a person’s profile, the ed-tech businesses help students worldwide, to choose better career options for themselves. Online career counselling caters to a wider and heterogeneous audience through a more altruistic approach rather than a capitalist one. 

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Leverage Edu As Your Instant Career Guide

Leverage Edu has a reputation in providing the best guidance to students and allowing them to use the available resources like scholarships, fellowships and mentorship networks to build their career. Unlike the profit-driven traditional counselling, the career advisers at India’s fastest-growing Edtech marketplace follow a friendly approach keeping the economic and other possible restraints in mind. The career counselling at Leverage Edu involves the use of psychometric test by highly trained professionals who assess your profile, based on which your subject of interest is evaluated. The effective use of hi-tech AI-tool is made to scan through hundreds of career options and their corresponding universities to choose from.

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