What Can You Do With a B Tech Degree?

B Tech Degree

As a Science student with PCM as your stream, you often end up taking an engineering degree program after 12th. But, ever thought what can you do with a B Tech degree? This 3 to 4-year undergraduate program offered by research and engineering colleges across the world is very similar to the Bachelor of Engineering in teaching pedagogy. But there is a slight difference between the two. BE is more theoretical and knowledge-oriented, BTech, on the other hand, is data-driven and application-based. The course is applied to build innovative equipments essential Science and Technology, while BTech is inclined toward the principles of engineering and technology to enhance structures. Through this blog, we’ll dig deep into the scope of the BTech degree program.

BTech in Mechanical Engineering 

With a B Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering, you can look for job opportunities in the field of automobile operations, research, manufacturing industries and biomechanical companies. While some choose fields like operations, design, testing, installation, manufacture and maintenance of machines and technologies, others consider going into the supply chain as well as quality control. With courses like CAD, CAM, etc. you can brush up your skills which can open multiple opportunities worldwide. Moreover, students can opt for job-oriented courses for Mechanical Engineers.

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B Tech in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 

A career in Electronics and Electrical Engineering will provide you with technical skillsets in engineering fields like Networking, Nuclear, Sound, Acoustics and Aerospace Engineering. At the fundamental level, this includes a study and application of electronics and electricity. You also choose to pursue short-term diploma and certificate courses that can help you find employment in IT sectors, federal or state government forces, automotive industry, aeroplane and airspace manufacturing industries and consulting.

B Tech Civil Engineering 

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A B Tech degree in Civil Engineering introduces students to the concept of design, construction and maintaining infrastructure projects and systems. There are ample of Civil Engineering jobs for freshers in transportation, oil and energy, power firms, real estate and consulting. You can also pursue a diploma in Civil Engineering that open vibrant opportunities to work as a manager, environmental, transportation, geotechnical and urban planning engineer as well as the public health departments.

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B Tech in Computer Science 

A B Tech degree in Computer Science can lead you to build a career in Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Machine Learning, Mobile Development and Database Management. BSc Computer Science introduces programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Golang, etc. 

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Students can also pursue a master’s degree in different engineering fields or an MBA to develop managerial skills. If you are interested in research, you can also go for a PhD after BTech.

With the advancement of technology, engineering specializations have become very popular in India. If you’re planning to pursue a B Tech degree abroad, then you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we can guide you in identifying the right place to kickstart your career in this field.

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