BHM Course

BHM Course

Students from every stream aspire to get a job that pays well and is also seen as a well-reputed profession. A course like Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)  is part of an interdisciplinary approach towards the field of Hotel Management. There are a number of perks that comes with this course along with a well-paid job and working with some of the famous hotels and restaurants at the same time. If you think you have a nag for good communication skills and the talent of being a good host then a course like BHM is well suited for you. 


If you are interested in the field of Hotel Management and are planning to make a future out of it then a course like BHM is a good start for you. A bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management is a three-year undergraduate course that teaches the various fundamentals of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. The Hotel Management industry is vast and so are the career opportunities that come along with it. Hotel Management as a course. If you possess good interpersonal communication as well as a keen interest in the field of hospitality then you should definitely consider pursuing a BHM course.

BHM Course- Syllabus and Key Elements

If you are planning to pursue a course like BHM then you need to know the basics of this course. This course has a rigorous curriculum and teaches you the practical as well as theoretical details of hotel management. Here are a few key elements of this course that might help you figure out if you want to pursue this course and what it entails for you:

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  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry: One of the major parts of this field is the tourism industry, the Hotel Management industry flourishes on tourism and it is important to know the basics of the tourism industry and how it functions in relevance to the industry of Hotel Management. Hospitality is again one of the foundation courses of this field which gives you a basic understanding of how guest relations, reception and other parts of Hotel Management function. It is important to have a theoretical as well as practical knowledge of both the fields. 
  • Food and Beverage Service: This is a practical field of study where you are expected to learn about the intricacies behind preparing, presenting and serving of food and beverages. You will have to go through rigorous training of how to go about preparing and serving foods and beverages and why is the presentation important when it comes to maintaining a brand’s reputation. This is another BHM course subject that prepares one for the industry.
  • Accommodation Operations: Accommodation operations can be referred to as a field that teaches you the basics as well the advanced levels of accommodation management, this includes training from front desk to housekeeping. You will be taught how to manage accommodations for the customers and make sure that they are satisfied with the services provided by the hotel. 
  • Human Resource Management: In this discipline, you will learn about the strategic approach towards the management of personnel in a company or an organization. Human Resource Management plays a chief role in ensuring that a company is running smoothly and the employees are also working efficiently in a comfortable work environment. In the hotel management industry, one needs to have these management skills in order to make sure that the business is running smoothly.
  • Hotel Engineering: This field will teach you the basics of maintenance of a hotel. You will be taught how to keep a record of various repair, maintenance and replacement of various hotel equipment. This field will also teach you the basics of hotel construction and remodelling that keep taking place in a hotel.

Here are a few other subjects that will be a part of your BHM course syllabus:

  • Basics of Food Production
  • Food Safety and Management
  • Hotel Accountancy
  • Financial Management
  • Principles of Food Science
  • Front Desk Management

Top Colleges

Here are the top colleges in the field of hotel management with the best job placements and an advanced curriculum:

Courses like BHM have a lot of career opportunities if you give your best to the course and choose the right institute. With certain set of skills, you can easily pave the way for your success in this field, feel free to contact our counsellors at Leverage Edu to know more about the admission process and how to build a career in this field.

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