How to Become a Chef?

how to become a chef

All human beings crave good food. It is our default nature to get attracted to food which is well cooked and presented. While you enjoy your delicious meals at comfort some really passionate heroes work hard at the other end to make your day! What seems pleasing to the eyes is palatable for the buds, this can be simply stated as the working motto of a chef or a cook. Culinary jobs are the most challenging ones in the entire hospitality industry. Embedded with enormous perks and benefits, being a chef lets you unleash your creativity with the art of cookery. If you are the hidden Sanjeev Kapoor of your family and want to establish a career in culinary arts, then, it is the time to let the world have a taste of your talent. Read the entire blog to find out – how to become a chef!

 “Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters.”
Gordon Ramsay

Who is a Chef?

Chefs are experts who are skilled in preparing, cooking and styling dishes. They are also the in-charge of kitchens, hence, alongside cooking they also manage and supervise various factors like Hygiene, Quality, Punctuality, Food Stocks, etc. From preparation to garnishing as well as enticing plating of the food is totally supervised by them making sure they deliver best to the clients. 

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Types of Chef 

Types of chef? Yes, you read it right! There are multiple types of professional chefs. To put in simpler terms, ‘Chef’ is an umbrella term under which there are many types of professionals skilled in culinary arts. Let us have a look at some of the popular types- 

  • Executive Chef- The utmost level of management is handled by the Executive chefs. They are specially hired for particular cuisines and alongside micro-manage the kitchen staff. 
  • Sous Chef- They majorly devote their time in cooking or preparing the dishes and work along with the executive chefs. 
  • Bakery Chef- These professionals have prior training and expertise in baking. They only focus on baking and prepare items like Cakes, Pastries, Bread, Biscuits, etc
  • Station Chef- High-end kitchens have separate sections designated for particular preparations like chopping, marinating, frying, etc. Station chefs are allotted particulars tasks in making or preparation of food.

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If you aspire to become a chef, you must acknowledge the un-said responsibility of delivering hygienic as well as the finest quality of food. The role and contribution of any chef in a restaurant is much more than just preparing the food. Mentioned below are some of the responsibilities that you may get to handle if you are wondering how to become a chef-

  • Manage the hygiene of the kitchen along with the necessary utensils and cutlery
  • Understand all the recipes in detail manner and collect all the essential ingredients
  • Deliver food in a timely manner 
  • Manage the bifurcation of tasks amongst the junior chefs
  • Monitoring the food stocks on a daily basis 
  • Checking the freshness of raw materials 
  • Understanding the particular need of the customers and modifying the recipes

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Step-wise Guide

Gaining the right educational qualification before kick-starting your career in this field is essential. There are a variety of courses available in the field of culinary arts such as Formal 

Training courses, Apprenticeship Programs, Certification Courses, etc. Here are some popular chef courses offered by leading universities- 

Institutes  Courses  Duration
Conestoga College Certificate in Culinary Skills 1 Year
KDU Penang University College  Diploma in Professional Chef Training 28 Months
Galway- Mayo Institute of Technology Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts 2 Years 
Dublin Institute of Technology MSc Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development 1 Year
Fleming College Certificate in Culinary Skills 1 Year
Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners Master course on Italian Culinary Arts  6 Months
Ecole De Conde  International Master in Food and Cook Design 1 Year
Hattori Nutrition College Culinary High Tech Business Administration Course 2 Years 
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts  Associate Occupational Studies Degree in Culinary Arts  60 Weeks
Le Cordon Bleu  Diploma in Culinary Management 3 Months

To make your way through these courses, it is necessary for one to align with the demanded entry requirements. For all those wondering how to become a chef and are sceptical about the eligibility criteria of it, you may note that the rules for entering this field are not hard-and-fast. Let us have a look at them- 

  • For Certificate/ Diploma/ Bachelor’s Courses- Basic education of 10+ 2 is compulsory
  • For Master courses- Diploma/ Undergraduate degree in the same or related field along with required practical experience
  • A good score in IELTS or TOEFL, etc. proving the efficiency in the English language along with LOR and SOP

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Career Pathways

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Contrary to the common notion, there are various types of profiles you can be employed into being a qualified chef. The department or the responsibilities allotted to you majorly depends on your degree and experience. Mentioned below are some of the prominent profiles as well as employment sectors where you can opt to work as a chef-

Work Profiles Sectors
-Executive Chef
-Sous Chef
-Food and Beverage Chef
-Sous Chef Management
-Banquet Chef 
-Food Blogger
-Hotel Chains 
-Cruise Lines 
-Civil Services

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We hope now you have an idea about how to become a chef. Are you confused about which career path will suit you the best? Connect with Leverage Edu experts to get personalised counselling and assistance in selecting a well fit career pathway! 

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