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e governance

When we look at India, there are various challenges such as lack of awareness, low literacy and broadband penetration and absence of system integration within a department. This has lead to the requirement of implementing new age e-government in the country. Digital transformation has the potential to administrate government activities systematically. Not just this, the services can be provided to citizens on time and demand and if successful, it is a boon to the country. But what can you do to be a major contributor in this transformation process? Pursuing E governance courses from any of the top university abroad teaches the core components of economics, technology and innovation, governance and public policies.

Understanding E Governance

E governance or Electronic governance is the utilisation of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for exchange of information, communication, delivering government services, transactions, integration of systems like government-to-citizen (G2C), government-to-government (G2G), government-to-business (G2B) and government-to-employees (G2E). Not only has technology changed the face of education, but also made government services available to citizens in a convenient and transparent manner. The 3 most important target group include government, citizens and business groups.

What is the Concept of E Governance?

Owing to its contribution in improving efficiency in the system, e Governance is often termed as SMART governance, i.e. Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent.

E-Governance Courses
What is the Concept of E-Governance?

What are the types of E governance? Interactions can be divided into 4 categories, namely:

  1. G2C – This allows the citizens to benefit from the efficient delivery of a wide range of public services thereby improving the quality of services.
  2. G2B – Business community interact with the government using effective governing tools when dealing with services such as permits, licensing, procurement and revenue collection.
  3. G2G – This involves interaction between various departments within the government or between union and state governments or between state government to increase efficiency, performance and output. 
  4. G2E – ICT tools increase the speed and efficiency of interaction between the government and its employees faster.

Why Study E Governance Courses?

The technological advancements in every field have led to governments adopting modern age practices to reach to the masses. To bring transparency and allow people to take active participation in governance, the governments all over the world are taking the help of the technology. To feed the rising demand for the professionals in the field, the courses in e-governance are widely pursued after. Emerging as a growing field, it is likely to produce more jobs in the coming years which makes it a better career option for tech-savvy aspirants.  

Technological innovations have added to the success of E government and creative e-Solutions across the world. Various universities abroad take a leap into the future of E governance education. Students pursuing such courses will gain a broad understanding of the makings of a modern state and development of E governance. The coursework aims to explore IT solutions at various government levels and cover various other aspects such as Law, Public Administration and Economics.

These courses are majorly considered at the master’s level and as diploma or certification courses. Students with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field can easily pursue these courses. 

Some of the prominent electronic governance courses are listed below:

  • MSc in E-Governance Technologies and Services
  • MA Technology Governance and Digital Transformation
  • MBA e-Governance
  • Master of e-Government
  • MSc in Digital Marketing and Communication
  • MA E-learning Design and Development
  • Master of Technologies for e-government
  • MSc E-Business Information Systems
  • MSc Management and Information Systems – Change and Development
  • MSc IT Project Management 
  • MBA Information Technology
  • e-Government (Graduate Diploma/Certificate)
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Top Universities Abroad

Focusing on designing, developing and improving governmental systems and implementation of E government components at different levels, E governance courses allow students to specialise in IT technologies and services in both the public and private sector. Moreover, universities abroad offer industrial experience, practical research and project work.

There are several universities that extend such programs with the mission to mould leaders in the areas of Science, Technology and Management. Take a look at these below:

Future Career Paths

Students with a degree or diploma in E governance acquire the skills, knowledge, perspective and leadership qualities needed to organise complex E governance projects in a systematic and disciplined manner. In this present age of growing aspirations and expectations of people, governments across the world have provided good governance for peace, growth, prosperity and dignified life to its citizens.

The course helps to prepare specialists and managers responsible for the development of electronic governance, who are able to perceive the business processes and the management of public administration. Also, developers are familiar with information systems and software improvement. Graduates can choose to work as a public sector professionals leading eGov projects. Besides, this master’s degree holders can continue their studies in the PhD program.

E governance regulates the investment in telecommunication infrastructure, ensure security, budget resources, monitor assessment, promote awareness among the public, etc. It plays a great role in developing and supporting all tasks performed by the government departments and increasing the quality. If you’re planning to pursue your dreams to study abroad, you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we can help you identify the right place to start your career in this field.

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