Data Analytics Courses

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Data Analytics Courses

With global giants going head to head to gain market space, data analytics may just be the magic wand in the hands of the able beholder. Reports suggest that the big data space is set to cross over $273 billion by the year 2022 and it is yet to reach its peak. Tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics are only just making its way into households, for instance, gadgets like Alexa and Google AI [so far away!]. Not only mammoths but small companies working in sectors of retail management, etc are also figuring out ways to integrate data analytics. The need for knowledgeable and well-trained professionals, as a consequence, has also soared rapidly and individuals from a variety of fields are making the switch. If you see yourself in this space, then read on to know more about Data Analytics courses. 

A Bit of Background

Data analytics provide the business an extra edge, the machinery to interpret stores full of data and fuse the insights gained into current and future planning operations. Primarily spanning descriptive analytics [data that better presents historical information], predictive analytics [data that helps future performance] and prescriptive analytics [data that recommends solutions], amongst others. In particular, prescriptive marketing is the backbone of 21st-century marketing campaigns and tactics suggesting routes of process optimizations, better information delivery, etc. Coming to data analytics courses, they focus on imparting knowledge on database management, social research, and even public policy and equipping the students with the core analytics and business competencies. 

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What are Data Analytics Courses?

Owing to the heavily rigorous nature of popular data analytics courses, it typically forms part of course offerings at the master’s level including but not limited to MBA in Data Analytics, MS Applied Data Analytics or MS in Management Analytics, etc. For a more AI-edged approach, one can also look towards MS in Machine Learning. However, it is also being offered as a specialization in a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Engineering, amongst others. In addition to these, short term programs such as Graduate Diploma or Certificate, for example, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics – PGDBA have also experienced a rise in participation, thanks to their skill-oriented and industry-inclined nature.  Refer to the list of courses mentioned against universities in the following table.

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Data analytics courses are an important feature of offered programs at institutions all across the globe. Needless to say, the Ivy League Colleges are recognized as frontrunners when it comes to STEM courses in particular. Here are a few emerging options one can consider: 

Name of UniversityLocationTHE World University Rankings 2021Data Analytics Courses
Imperial College LondonUK11thMSc Health Data Analytics & Machine Learning
University College LondonUK16thMSc Energy Systems & Data AnalyticsMSc Spatio-temporal Analytics & Big Data Mining
University of TorontoCanada18thMaster of Management Analytics
University of Michigan Ann ArborUSA22ndMSN in Leadership, Analytics & Innovation [Online]
Washington University in St. LouisUSA50thMS in Data Analytics & Statistics
Boston UniversityUSA=54thGraduate Certificate in Data AnalyticsMS in Environmental Health Data Analytics
Australian National UniversityAustralia59thGraduate Diploma of Applied Data AnalyticsMaster of Applied Data Analytics
Western UniversityCanada201-250thMaster of Data Analytics

Note: The above list of universities and courses mentioned are not in any way exhaustive.

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Few Words on Eligibility & Admission 

Prospective students are also advised that in order to study abroad in data analytics courses, the application procedure generally requires submission of official GRE/GMAT or IELTS/TOEFL scores along with copies of official transcripts, CV, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR), amongst others. Specific university regulations may vary.

Data analytics courses open up pathways into senior-level echelons of top consulting companies. However, owing to the demanding nature of the curriculum, making sure that you are the right fit is highly imperative. The AI-enable tool at Leverage Edu does just that for you. Suggesting career direction based on your unique interests and inclinations so that you can make an informed decision towards a rewarding career. 

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