Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is an emerging domain of clinical research and concerns itself with the use of computer applications for managing trial data or information by storing them in database systems to support collection of data. In simpler terms, it is associated with the integration, collection and validation of the clinical trial data. Allied with the scope of Bioinformatics, this field is replete with a multitude of career opportunities that one can explore. Clinical data managers collect the patients’ data and then analyze the assimilated data using statistical analysis. Let’s discover what CDM entails, courses offered, top universities as well as the prospects you can avail.

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Clinical Data Management: Course Overview 

Often provided as a postgraduate program as it is a specialised field, Clinical Data Management involves an intensive study of data generation and how data is sourced into clinical trial database. It is an amalgamation of clinical research and data management and constitutes of different concepts like electronic CRFs, clinical site medical records, reconciled data, significant data analysis, amongst others. 

Subjects Covered in Clinical Data Management

Though the curriculum of a program in Clinical Data Management can vary as per the course as well as the institution, there are some key subjects under this discipline which are included in the study of Clinical Date Management. To help you understand what CDM comprises of, the following table lists down a few of the major sub-disciplines that are often incorporated under courses offered in this field:

CRF Design  Creating Reports and Transfer Data  Identifying and Managing Discrepancies 
Data Entry & Remote Data Entry Collecting Adverse Event Data  Introduction to Data Management  
Data Management Plan Tracking CRF Data  Introduction to Clinical Research, Roles and Responsibilities 
Recreating Reports and Transferring Data  Clinical Research and Regulatory Submissions  Clinical Submissions 
Planning for Clinical
Electronic Data Capture  Managing Lab Data 

Note: The above-mentioned list is only for indicative purposes. The course offerings might differ as per the program as well as the university.

Entry Requirements

There are certain prerequisites that every candidate needs to fulfil in order to apply for an academic program. Similarly, in order to opt for a course in Clinical Data Management, every candidate needs to satisfy some specified eligibility criteria. Some of the general requirements include minimal formal schooling of 10+2 as well as an MBBS degree/BSc Biology/ a bachelor’s degree in the domain of Life Sciences, Computer Sciences, Pharmacy or some other related domain. Further, applicants also need to qualify English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

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Top Universities 

As Clinical Data Management is more of a specialised and emerging discipline, there are an array of institutions across the globe that have started offering a multitude of programs in this field. To help you further in your research, we have compiled a list of major universities that you must consider while applying for a program in this field:

Career Prospects

For the young individuals wanting to pursue this new springing field of clinical data management, there are a plethora of career prospects available in different sectors. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry is in dire demand of specialised experts with the knowledge of efficient data management for medical purposes. Further, aspirants can also choose to work in the arena of research and development to build exciting technological innovations for the medical industry. Some of the major job profiles that one can consider in this field are:

  • Clinical Data Coordinator
  • Data Validation Associate
  • Data Manager
  • Medical Coder
  • Database Programmer 
  • Quality Assurance Associate  

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you understand what Clinical Data Management as well as the varied prospects it is filled with. If you are planning to establish your career in this specialised domain and don’t know which course to opt for, sign up for a 30-minute free career counselling session with our experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu and we will help you find a suitable program and university as well as throughout the admission process to ensure that you get successfully shortlisted.

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