Study Abroad: Artificial Intelligence Will Change India by 2047

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Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence will help India to become developed by the year 2047 with the new initiative that will benefit all Indian citizens.

Technologies like 5G Data, and Artificial Intelligence can transform many sectors like the education sector, medicine, agriculture sector, and others. Prime Minister of India asked stakeholders to identify the problems that the common man is facing. Later on, he mentioned how Artificial Intelligence can solve this growing issue.


Furthermore, he identified that technological advancement will help India to become a developed nation by the year 2047. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has figured out that modern technological advancements, will give advantages to the digital revolution. Additionally, this new era of technology and the digital revolution will benefit all the citizens of India. Also, the Government of India wants to reduce the cost of compliance for small businesses. 

Artificial intelligence

Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the webinar said that India will be created into a modern digital infrastructure. He further mentioned that technological advancements are being employed to make it a huge digital country.  Additionally, this has been the world’s third-largest startup industry. Also, this new technology can make the tax system faceless to address the problems faced by taxpayers. Meanwhile, the media reported that approximately, 16% of the world’s Artificial Intelligence talent pool has been produced in India.

Artificial Intelligence: One Nation One Ration

Furthermore, technology formed on the basis of One Nation One Ration has given advantages to many poor people. Artificial intelligence’s aim is to prompt the growth of the country. Moreover, India’s think tank NITI Aayog released its National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence in the year 2018, the main focus of which was increasing social inclusion and economic growth while encouraging the dialogue around issues such as ethics and privacy.

Additionally, through the support of startups, solution and product development, and collaboration with the industry, the scheme will reach this agenda. Basically, Artificial Intelligence is ensuring to develop the nation at a quick pace, by ensuring transformative and responsible technological advancements for all citizens of the country. 

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