Part Time Jobs in Europe: Earn while you Study Abroad

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Part Time Jobs in Europe

More than thousands of students worldwide plan to study in Europe. Top educational institutions and their diverse culture attract students. Cost of living and tuition fees are the two major factors that come into the picture when students plan to study abroad. Therefore, along with study opportunities, Europe also offers multiple part time job opportunities for the students. Working in a country like Europe will help you with learning better skills and also interact with individuals all over the world. Read the article below to know more about part time jobs in Europe while you study abroad.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Europe

If you are planning to study in Europe and also searching for part time jobs in Europe then you are on the right path as there are many good reasons to work in European countries. Check below the listed benefits of part time jobs in Europe:

  • Part time jobs offer better work life balance as students get extra time for personal activities, studies and family.
  • Students will be able to manage their cost of living and tuition fees with the help of part time job opportunities.
  • Working in different areas will help the students to enhance their skills and gain work experience.

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Top 5 Countries in Europe for Part Time Jobs

Students who wish to study abroad and are also looking for part time jobs in Europe must know the top 5 countries in Europe. Depending upon various economic conditions and industries the availability of part time jobs may vary. Here is a list of the top 5 countries in Europe that offer part  time jobs. Check some of the examples of the types of jobs available with their working hours and salary offered for the respective job roles:


This country has different types of work visas for different profiles. Also, the students may have to prove their financial stability. 

Type of Job Working Hours Salary
Foundation Teacher 2 days per week £120 to £150 per day


Many universities in Sweden teach English courses so language will not be a problem here. Sweden is a famous tourist attraction place. Therefore, tourism jobs is in great demand in Sweden.

Type of Job Working Hours Salary
Dishwasher 2 days per week £120 to £150 per day
Travel Agent 48 per week 26,800 SEK


This country has fantastic healthcare opportunities along with affordable living costs. Many companies in Spain prefer the Spanish language to overcome the communication barriers among their workers.

Type of Job Working Hours Salary
Waiter/Waitress  Flexible SEK 146 
Cashier  48 hours per week SEK 130


A large amount of the population speaks English, German, Spanish & French so communication will not be a problem here. The non-EU or Swiss citizens wanting to work in this country will have to get a personal work permit from their employer.

Type of Job Working Hours Salary
Hotel Receptionist flexible 11 EUR per hour
Delivery Driver 38 hours per week 8 EUR per hour


It’s not an EU country but it is a member of the European Economic Area. This country attracts students as it offers beautiful nature attractions along with short working weeks. 

Type of Job Working Hours Salary
Fishing 37.5 h/week 74 NOK.
Food Processing 34 hours per week kr 207 per hour

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How to get Part Time Jobs in Europe?

Finding a part time job in Europe requires a lot of research, networking, and also perseverance. Interested students should follow the steps given below to get part time jobs in Europe.

  • Fulfilling of Visa Requirements – An international student, non-EU citizen, or tourists needs to fulfill all the visa requirements as per their job role. The VISA and work permit requirements will vary depending on their job profile.
  • Preparing a comprehensive CV – To search for a relevant job role , it is important to prepare a proper CV. A comprehensive CV will consist of educational qualifications, achievements, skills, etc. Highlighting important strengths and weaknesses is important to get the perfect job role.
  • Daily Newspapers – The students should regularly check the latest part time job updates in the local newspapers. 
  • Online Job Recruitment Websites – Interested candidates must create their profile on the popular recruitment websites and search for the relevant part time job updates.

Other Options for Remote Part Time Jobs in Europe

Students can also search for remote part time jobs both temporarily and permanently. Many employers allow the workers to work from home from any part of the world. Some of the job titles are given below:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Senior Laravel Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Customer Care Agent
  • Personal Internet Ads Assessor
  • Multilingual SEO Intern
  • SEO Freelancer


Can international students get part time jobs in Europe?

Yes, international students can work part time in Europe along with their studies but the working hour may vary as per their VISA requirements.

What is the minimum wage offered in Europe for part time jobs?

The minimum working hours may vary depending upon the type of work and also from one country to another.

What are the minimum working hours for part time jobs in Europe?

The minimum working hours will differ depending upon the job title. However, it usually ranges from 10 – 30 hours per week or even flexible working hours.

This is all the information Part-time jobs in Europe: Earn while you Study Abroad, if you want to read more blogs on part-time jobs follow Our page on Leverage Edu

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