Easy Part-Time Jobs in Spain to Boost Your Income

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Some of the best higher education opportunities in Europe are found in Spain. More than 1,100 students shared their reflections on time spent studying abroad in Spain, commending the university administration, cultural encounters, costs, and more. But what if you can even make the best a little bit better?


Spain provides good part-time work opportunities for graduate and master’s level students. Moreover, international students can also work part-time in Spain having wonderful learning and earning experiences. Want to learn more? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about part-time jobs in Spain for international students.

Language Requirement Spanish, English
Working Hours20 Hours/Week
4 Hours/Day
Work PermitNot required if work is a part of college curriculum
Job ContractShould not exceed the term of study visa
Limitation Part time income cannot be shown as proof of finances or income during renewal of study visa.

Why Work Part Time in Spain?

For overseas students, there are various part time jobs available in Spain that allow them to work while they study and here is why they should grab this opportunity.

  • Students who work in their specific industries gain practical experience. International students in full-time programs in Spain are eligible to work part-time in a range of businesses across the nation. This is a great way to increase your income and helps with living and schooling costs.
  • In Spain, part-time jobs are available to students that give better salaries and experience. Additionally, during the academic year, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week, and even more during the summer break.
  • Furthermore, thanks to a variety of benefits and regulations for employees, working part-time in Spain is pretty organized and straightforward.

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List of Part time Jobs Spain

There are several part time jobs options in Spain, Here is the list of part time jobs in Spain: 

Job Positions Average Pay 
Fitness Trainers€16
IT support€20
Social Media Expert€16

Rules and Eligibility Requirements for Part time Jobs in Spain

Before applying for part-time jobs in Spain, students need to know about the rules and regulations of part-time jobs in Spain: Here are the essential prerequisites for students who are not EU/EEA citizens:

  • In Spain, part-time employment is limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week or 4 hours per day for 5 days.
  • you will also need a work permit (the process of applying should be started by the employer).
  • Between work and school, students must strike a balance. At all costs, it must not be disturbed.
  • During breaks, holidays, and other times, you are only permitted to work full-time for a total of three months.

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Documents Required

Here is the list of documents that you need to keep handy while applying for part-time jobs in Spain:

  • A Valid passport
  • Two Latest passport size photographs
  • Police history (evidence that you haven’t committed any crimes in the last five years).
  • a copy of the rental agreement as identification
  • Work Agreement (signed by both you and your worker)
  • Evidence of eligibility for the internship (such as a high school graduation or vocational certificate).

How to Find Part Time Jobs in Spain?

It’s not difficult for overseas students to find part-time employment in Spain. Organizations and businesses do accept international students because the pay is modest. 

  • You can locate part-time work on job websites and in newspaper classifieds. Students who speak English can apply on job websites through that language. 
  • The majority of vacancies are advertised on Sundays, despite the fact that job openings are regularly announced in Spanish national, regional, and local media. 
  • Additionally, students might peruse the employment advertisements in the journals International New York Times and Overseas Jobs Express.
  • In Spain, recruiting agencies are typically in charge of handling temporary jobs. Students should frequently check the website for the Sistema Nacional de Empleo to see which companies are listed.

Taxes Applicable for Part Time Jobs in Spain 

A student is free from paying taxes and making social security contributions if their monthly income from part-time work is less than 450 EUR or 37,815 INR. If a student works for fewer than 50 days in a calendar year, they are also exempt.

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How much money can a foreign student make in Spain?

In Spain, the hourly wage is expected to be €7.82 in 2022, and part-time international students may expect to make an average of €450 per month.

Is it possible for foreign students to work a part-time job in Spain?

Yes, it is simple to get part-time employment while in Spain on a student visa. Throughout your academic degree, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. When your university is not in session, you are only permitted to work full-time for a total of three months.

Is Spain the ideal country for advanced studies?

Spain is an excellent choice for those looking to pursue their academic interests overseas. Spain is renowned for both its affordable standard of living and its extensive cultural and historical heritage.

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