Best Part Time Jobs in London to Work After College Hours

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Part time jobs in london

It’s not enough to just gorge yourself on delectable food when exploring London as a student; you can also take in the city’s vibrant international culture or lose yourself in the city’s attractive Victorian architecture. The unimaginable prospects London provides can serve as a stepping stone in your career. With regard to your career, working online part-time in London can truly change your life. With so many options for part-time work in London, how do you pick the best one? Here is how to look for part-time employment in London.

Why Part-time Jobs in London 

London is the political, economic, and cultural centre of the UK, making it the nation’s capital in every sense. It serves as a hub for international trade, and numerous multinational corporations prefer to locate their offices here. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the majority of graduate jobs and internships are based in London. International students in London have a fantastic opportunity to pursue part-time employment to pick up extra cash and obtain useful work experience. You can choose from a variety of part-time work options in London that match your abilities and interests.

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List of Top 10 Best Part-time Jobs 

There are several part-time options in London that you can explore. Here is the list of the top 10 part-time jobs in London.

Job Profile Nature of Job Average page 
Exam InvigilatorTemporary, part-time£11.95 per hour
Healthcare Cleaner / Cleaning OperativePermanent, part-time£10.42 per hour
Hotel Night ReceptionistPermanent, full-time or part-time £11.75 per hour 
Early Year’s PractitionerPermanent, part-time£10.42 per hour
Community Nurse – AdultsTemporary, full-time or part-time £19.50 – £22.50 per hour
Teaching AssistantContract, full-time or part-time£80 – £95 per day
Supply Primary TeacherContract, full-time or part-time £130 – £150 per day
Hotel CleanerPermanent, full-time or part-time £10.75 per hour 
ChefPermanent, part-time£11.50 per hour
Car Park AttendantPermanent, part-time£15.50 – £15.70 per hour
Gymnastics CoachTemporary, part-time£20 – £30 per hour

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Eligibility Requirements 

In general, if you are not a UK citizen, you must be older than 16 and have a current work visa in order to be eligible for part-time employment in London. The particular eligibility requirements, however, could change based on the type of job and the employer’s rules. It’s wise to always confirm your eligibility with the business or work with a job agency.

  • You may not work more than 20 hours per week or more than 4 hours per day when taking the weekends off for a full-time degree study.
  • Throughout the duration of a language course, you are not permitted to work more than 10 hours a week.
  • Following completion of the programme, you can obtain employment that pays you $40 per week, or $8 per hour with the weekends off.
  • Contract or independent work is not permitted.
  • Without a post-study work visa, you are not permitted to work full-time for any organisation.
  • The capacity to combine work and study is crucial. Your ability to succeed in school shouldn’t be hindered by your work.

Other Job Part-time Options

Here is a list of some other job options that students can opt for as part-time jobs in London to manage their expenses.

  • Part-Time Administrator
  • Electrical Project Manager
  • Mail Sorter
  • Maintenance Operative – Student Accommodation
  • Part-time Credit Controller
  • Fashion PR & Marketing
  • Luxury Retail Host
  • Sonographer
  • Technical Accountant
  • Actuarial Trainee

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Top Companies Offer Part-time Options  

Here is a list of some recruiters who hire candidates for part-time work in London.

  • Hotel Cleaner
  • TenonFM
  • Homes For Students
  • Harris Federation
  • The Recruitment Lounge Ltd
  • Angard Recruitment
  • Maria Mallaband Care Group
  • First Option Healthcare
  • The Works Stores PLC
  • Great Oaks College
  • Homes For Students
  • SANZA Teaching Agency
  •  eFinancialCareers

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Q1. How much can a part-time worker in London make?

Ans. In London, England, the average Part-time wage is £47,536 annually. With a range from £2,359 to £21,042, the average additional cash salary for a Part Time in London, United Kingdom, is £7,045.

Q2. Can I get by in London working part-time?

Ans. It is feasible, but the key to making it happen is having a high-income job—or jobs—that pay well during your part-time hours. If you could work up to 30 hours a week, it might be possible, but after 20 hours, you’ll be in for a fight unless you live on a property with approximately 6–10 other people.

Q3. How many hours a day may a part-time worker in London work?

Ans. There is no set amount of hours that defines someone as full- or part-time, but most full-time employees put in at least 35 hours per week. Part-time employees should be treated equally for wages (including sick leave, maternity, paternity, and adoption leave and wages)

Q4. What is the best part-time job in UK?

Here are the best part time jobs in the United Kingdom
Maths Tutor: £42,506
Private Chef: £42,842
Part-Time Electrician: £43,537
Private Chauffeur: £43,572
Extra: £47,609
Part-Time Software Developer: £47,728
Life Coach: £47,879

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