Part-Time Jobs in Italy: 5 Tips for a Successful Job Hunt

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Part Time Jobs In Italy

It’s common for international students to select Italy as their study-abroad location. It provides higher quality education, more affordable living expenses, and lower tuition than certain Western nations. The nation not only has a rich cultural past, but it also has a welcoming environment for foreign students. You have the chance to work and study with the majority of international students if you choose to live in Italy.

Part Time Working Hour 20 hours per week 
Average wages per hour €7 per hour 
Average Monthly Earning €350 per month 
Highest-paying Part time jobs English Language Teaching  
English Tutoring Average Wages€30 per hour 
part time jobs in italy

Benefits of doing Part time jobs in Italy 

Working part-time employment as an international student has a number of advantages, some of which are described below: 

  • The benefit of part-time employment for international students in Italy is obvious: a consistent income. The majority of students frequently underestimate the cost of living in Italy, including expenses for utilities, transportation, and food. 
  • Students who work part-time for any organization have the chance to meet new individuals and learn about people from other backgrounds. Beyond landing a job right out of college, there are many more advantages to networking and interacting with the appropriate people.
  • For college students in Milan, Italy, internships or part-time work can greatly enhance your resume. Employers now place a high importance on choosing candidates who have a fundamental understanding of workplace morals and regulations. 

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Rules and Regulations for Part time jobs in Italy 

Understanding the guidelines for working part-time jobs in Italy is crucial. 

  • You are only permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week while on vacation. 
  • Italian legislation permits non-European students who have a valid residency status to work up to 20 hours per week.
  • Usually, the minimum hourly pay is 7 euros. As a result, you might make up to 140 euros per week and 560 euros per month.
  • You can work as a home tutor if you are a native English speaker. The hourly wage is usually 30 euros.
  • Paid internships are quite uncommon in Italy; instead, the majority of businesses employ interns and pay them between 500 and 1000 Euros.

List of Part time jobs in Italy 

Here is a list of a few part time jobs options in Italy that international students can explore and manage your expenses  

Part Time Job Options Average Wages
Cashier €7 – €10 hourly
Package Handler €674 – €732 per month
Administrative Assistant €7 hourly 
Sales Advisor €1,100 per month 
Part-time Officer €9 hourly
Customer Services €780 – €873 per month
White Collar Worker €666 – €719 per month
Delivery Boy €619 – €614 per month
Sales Clerk €43 – €47 per month
Receptionist  €13 – €14 hourly
Student Collaborator €13 – €15 hourly
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Other Part time options in Italy 

There are some other part time jobs in Italy, that student can explore related to their qualification and previous experience: 

  • Administrative Assistant, Leadership, Management & Coordination
  • Communication Student in Validation & Automation Technology
  • Associate Solution Consultant
  • Information Security Professional
  • Quality Engineer Trainee
  • Sales Assistant
  • Accountants
  • Administrative Support Trainee
  • IT Administrators

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High-Demanding Job Fields 

In contrast to other top European nations, Italy faces a skills gap in a few occupations. There are however some professions and skill sets that are bursting with graduates. These include the industries of manufacturing, tourism, and construction. The following are some of the skill shortage sectors in Italy: 

  • Marketing, Creative and design professionals 
  • Health Professionals  
  • STEM related occupations 
  • ICT professionals 
  • Teaching professionals

The vocations listed above are ideal for international students to consider as part of their alternatives for part-time employment because they are well-liked, in high demand, and compensated. 

How to find Jobs in Italy 

There are a lot of job options in Italy. We have mentioned a few tips that are helpful in finding part-time jobs in Italy:

  • If you speak a little Italian, you may work at bars, and restaurants, or distribute pamphlets and newspapers. Again, though, that depends on the area in which you will live.
  • All service jobs are acceptable, including those at fast food joints, grocers, warehouses, etc.
  • Students in STEM professions can work part-time employment in Italy where they can not only show off their skills but also obtain practical experience that will help them in the future.
  • Master and PhD students can apply for positions as research assistants and teaching assistants.
  • Students may be able to supplement their income through online gigs or occupations in the digital sphere such as social media marketing, web design, digital marketing, graphic design, and eBook writing.

Sources To Find Part Time Jobs In Italy

Here are some sources that can help you find part-time jobs in Italy:


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Do foreign students find employment in Italy?

International students must acquire a work permit in order to legally work in Italy. Before requesting a work permit, you must have a valid residency permit (permesso di soggiorno). This permission is typically given for a specific employment and employer.

Is it simple for students to find employment in Italy?

Is it difficult to find employment in Italy? If you have highly sought-after abilities and a solid knowledge of both Italian and English, getting a job in Italy won’t be tough. For instance, you won’t have any trouble obtaining work in Italy if you have marketing experience.

How much is an hourly wage in Italy?

Although it varies slightly across the various sectors, the typical hourly wage covered by these agreements is roughly 7 euros. The lowest monthly wage across all industries has been found to be €874.65 for agricultural labourers.

This was all about Part Time jobs in Italy, if you want to know more about other countries as well follow Leverage Edu for detailed information. 

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