Earn Your Side Income with These Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Norway

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Part Time Jobs in Norway

Norway is one of the most well-known nations. It is renowned for having a low unemployment rate and a high standard of living. The nation is a pleasant place to live and provides IT professionals and engineers with lucrative job prospects. Norwegian might be simple for you to learn if you are a native English speaker. Norwegian is regarded as one of the simplest languages to learn because it is a Germanic language. 


When studying in Norway, many International students work part-time jobs. It is a practical method to improve your budget with one additional language: Norwegian. High-demand professions including engineering, medicine, nursing, and information technology assist students in exploring a range of work prospects with high starting salaries after they complete their studies in Norway. Read this complete article to learn more about highest-paying part-time jobs in Norway 

Total Part-time Working Hours 20 Hour Per Week 
Average Income for Part-time Upto NOK 250 per hour 
Average Monthly Income NOK 7,793 per month.

Why Part-time Jobs in Norway 

There are several reasons to work part-time in Norway. Here we have mentioned a few of them:

  • Now Norway has become one of the most preferable countries for students because most of the universities provide courses on a low budget with a high standard of education. Along with their studies, students can opt for part-time jobs according to their choice.
  • There are several employment areas, like education, IT, or engineering, that provide high salaries for international students. Some common IT or engineering jobs in Norway in demand include developer, programmer, and project manager roles. The average yearly salary you can expect is $715,000 or $90,000.
  • Due to the skills shortage, there is a high demand for skilled people in Norway. Working part-time in a good environment helps students learn and grow. While learning, you can manage all your extra expenses with the help of part-time income.

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List of Top 10 highest paying Part Time jobs in Norway 

Several job options help you to earn good wages in Norway. Here is the list of highest-paying part-time jobs in Norway 

Job profile Nature of JobAverage Income 
CashierPart-Time/ Temporary NOK 196 Per Hour
Sales AssociatePart-Time/ Temporary NOK 164 Per Hour 
Package HandlerPart-Time/ Permanent NOK 43,665 per year 
Book SellerPart-Time/ Temporary NOK 185 Per Hour 
TeacherPart-Time/ Temporary NOK 205 Per Hour 
Part-time InstructorPart-Time/ PermanentNOK 25,000 Per year 
Retail AssistantPart-Time/ Temporary NOK 175 Per Hour 
Part-Time StylistPart-Time/ Temporary NOK 160 Per Hour 
Administrative  Support Part-Time/ Temporary NOK 230 Per Hour 

Companies Provide Part-time Jobs in Norway 

Here is the list of some companies that provide students with paying part-time jobs in Norway: 

  • Scotch & Soda
  • BI Norwegian Business School
  • Vivikes
  • Reitangruppen
  • Biltema
  • Meny
  • Smoothie Xchange
  • H&M
  • Norli
  • Sonae
  • Kreab
  • Tromsø kommune
  • Multiconsult
  • Peppes Pizza
  • Rema 1000

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Conditions for Working Part-time jobs in Norway 

Before submitting a part-time employment application in Norway. In order to obtain the highest-paying part-time employment in Norway, it is crucial to be aware of the working circumstances and risks.

  • International Students must work 20 hours a week for a part-time job.
  • You are permitted to work full-time over the holidays.
  • In addition to enrolling full-time, there are limitations on how much students can work.
  • It is permitted for students with study permits to work part-time. The ability to work in Norway is not covered by a student residency permit.

Steps to Apply for Jobs in Norway

Here are some steps to apply for part-time jobs in Norway. Keep all your documents handy to make your process easy and quick.

  • In Norway, applying for a job is not too difficult. Simply check the VISA criteria for the position you’re looking for. 
  • Make changes to your resume to make it more palatable to Norwegians (short, to-the-point resume that emphasizes language and communication abilities; be as honest as you can).
  • Make sure you have the necessary credentials, like CV/ Resume, Academic Transcripts, Proof of education, Passport, and visa. 
  • Students from the EU/EEA don’t require a work permit; after registering with the police, they can start working in Norway.
  • Students from outside the EU/EEA are allowed to walk 20 hours per week during their first year of education.
  • Students must make sufficient academic progress to renew their employment permits.

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How much is a per-hour job in Norway?

A regular Norwegian worker works around 1,700 hours every year, meaning that the average hourly income is 323,5 NOK per hour ($33 USD). Most Norwegians have job contracts that give them a fixed income per month, but unskilled labourers often have a fixed income per hour.

Can I work in Norway for longer than 20 hours while on a student visa?

Those who are not citizens of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. You automatically have authorization to work part-time if you are given a study permit.

What is the Lowest salary for a part-time in Norway 

The lowest salary for a Part Time in Norway is NOK 7,793 per month.

This was all about the highest-paying part-time jobs in Norway. If you want to read more such informative blogs follow the Leverage Edu page. 

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