Work as a Student with These Part Time Jobs in Demark

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Work as a Student with These Part Time Jobs in Demark

Denmark is a wonderful area to hunt for part-time work because of its robust job market and low unemployment rate. Part-time jobs in Denmark are as common as the stories of Vikings in the country. Therefore international students can find a variety of job and business options in Denmark together with a comfortable lifestyle.


It is common for students to have job letters even before they graduate due to their experience and connections through part-time jobs. Retail, hospitality, and customer service are common fields for part-time employment. However, it can be challenging to navigate Denmark’s employment laws and the Danish job market if you aren’t well-informed. In this blog, we’ll give you advice on how to look for and apply for part-time jobs in Denmark.

Total working hour less than 37 hours per week 
Average wage per  Hour DKK 100 per hour
Monthly Part time income 750 euros per month

Benefits of Part-time Jobs in Denmark 

There are many advantages for overseas students working part-time jobs in Denmark, including networking chances for future employment: 

Work as a Student with These Part Time Jobs in Demark
  • You can earn in the process. Helps you get out of bounds from your budget.
  • Get experience. Successfully working while you study portrays you as a self-reliant and responsible candidate.
  • Learn multitasking. There is no need to explain how that is important.
  • Make connections that can benefit your personal as well as professional growth.
  • Become a part of the Danish culture.

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List of Part time Jobs in Denmark

There are multiple positions vacant for international students in Denmark. Here is the list of part time jobs in Denmark for International students: 

Part time Jobs Positions Average Wages
Bartender DKK 115.63 per hour 
Sales Assistant DKK 166.00 per hour 
Cleaner DKK 106.73 per hour 
Barista / WaiterDKK 112.96 per hour 
Part Time CourierDKK 124 -DKK 135 per hour 
Administrative Assistant DKK 140 -DKK 150 per hour 
Teacher DKK 24T -DKK 26T per month 

There are a variety of part-time job opportunities available for international students in Denmark. 

  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Restaurants or Hotels
  • Language teaching jobs
  • Sales and Customer Service jobs 
  • Office and Administrative jobs.

Consider your expertise before applying for a part time job.

  • International students might find a range of part-time employment possibilities in Denmark. Students with good communication skills may find employment in the hospitality and tourism industry, such as in restaurants or hotels.
  • For those who are proficient in another language, teaching positions in language schools or as tutors may be a good fit. Along with office and administrative roles, sales and customer service positions are also in demand. 
  • As an international student in Denmark, working a part-time job can be a terrific opportunity to earn extra money, support your studies, and get experience. 

Watch the video below to learn in detail about the part-time and full-time job salaries in Denmark

Credit: @AmanyadavvlogsDK

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Requirements for Working Part Time Jobs in Denmark 

Here are the prerequisites for overseas students seeking part-time employment in Denmark; 

  • As an international student, you will require a work visa and authorization in order to work in Denmark. 
  • Students must be 18 plus years of age and have valid documents. 
  • After obtaining employment, you must also register with the Danish tax authorities and get familiar with your employment contract and rights.

Tips for Applying for Part-time Jobs in Denmark 

There are a few considerations while looking for part-time jobs in Denmark as an international student. Here are a few advice:

Work as a Student with These Part Time Jobs in Demark
  • Adapt your resume and cover letter to the particular position and business: Make sure to draw attention to your relevant experiences and talents that fit the needs of the position. To demonstrate your interest and fit, research the organization and make an effort to comprehend its values and mission.
  • Getting ready for interviews: It’s possible that Danish job interviews will differ from those in your own country, so prepare for them by researching and practising the standard questions. Arrive punctually and in business attire. In order to improve your language skills and get ready for cultural differences, you can also ask Danish friends or mentors for assistance.
  • Overcome language difficulties: by enrolling in language classes or practicing with Danish friends or classmates if your knowledge of the language is rudimentary. In your resume and cover letter, be honest about your language proficiency while highlighting your aptitude for learning and flexibility.
  • After submitting your application: follow up with the employer to show your interest in the position and find out how it is doing. This can show your professionalism and excitement.

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Top Job Portals

Here is a list of top job portals to look for part time work in Denmark.

  • jobindex
  • stepstone
  • graduateland
  • randstad
  • it-jobbank
  • adecco
  • erasmusintern.org
  • studenterguiden
  • statum


In Denmark, is it simple to find a part-time job?

In Denmark, working a part-time job while attending school is fairly typical. Even some students work jobs that are related to their academics. You will have the option to work while you are a resident here as an international student, and after you have finished your education, you can look for full-time employment.

How much does a Danish worker make in an hour?

The average hourly minimum wage for all industries covered by collective bargaining agreements is DKK 110. Some private industries, like construction and the hospitality sector, are also covered by collective bargaining agreements. The majority of salaried workers are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

How much does it cost for Indian students to live in Denmark?

The costs of living in Denmark include housing, books and supplies, food, groceries, transportation, and other ancillary costs. Depending on your style of living, the average monthly cost of living in Denmark might range from 1,500 EUR to 2,000 EUR.

What jobs are in high demand in Denmark?

Jobs in the fields of finance, engineering, management, teaching, healthcare and medicine, architecture, law, biochemistry and IT are in high demand in Denmark.

This was all about part-time jobs in Denmark. Follow our Jobs Abroad page for more information on careers, international part-time and full-time jobs and internships. 

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