A Detailed Analysis of Teacher’s Salary in Australia: Highest Paid & Starting Salaries

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Teacher Salary in Australia

Teachers Salary in Australia: Surprised? Jobs in STEM fields and highly technical skills have been promoted abroad for a long time. However, some simpler jobs and jobs requiring soft skills are also quite welcoming in Australia. One such job is that of a teacher. Teachers are required everywhere and at every stage in life. However, if you are moving to a country like Australia to get a job in the field of education then it is imperative to analyse a teacher’s salary in Australia before you apply. 

Scope of a Teacher’s Job in Australia

There are around 515,000 registered teachers in Australia. Around 81% of these teachers are deployed in schools. If you think about which schools would hire you, let us make it clear that there are around 10,000 schools in the country to get jobs. 

The job roles also offer the right promotions and career opportunities with the right amount of experience. Most importantly there are lots of benefits and perks of being a teacher in Australia. Moreover, there are different levels of teachers in Australia and the pay is also specific to it. 

As a teacher, you can work in either Public schools, Independent (private) schools and Catholic schools. The retention rate of school teachers in Australia is also quite high. 

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Average Teachers Salary in Australia

The average salary of a teacher in Australia is $70.13 per hour. You can also work as a teacher part-time or on an hourly basis as a tutor. Some temporary teachers also get paid on an hourly basis. 

If you are looking for a more permanent position that pays monthly then your salary will be around $6,641 per month. As of December 2023, this amount is around INR 553,397. Also, your yearly salary will be around $93,795. 

As of December 2023, this amount is around INR 7,815,900. These values are, however, highly dependent on the level of experience you have, your own qualifications and your skills as a teacher. 

Top Companies Hiring For Teacher’s Role

These organisations apart from direct hiring in schools and universities either hire teachers for schools and colleges or for developing curriculums and coaching etc. The roles can be diverse, but these organisations are considered the best to work with as a teacher in Australia. 

Company Salary
NSW Government$113,881 per year
AFE NSW$99,670 per year
Department of Education$97,798 per year
Holmesglen Institute$95,441 per year
Brisbane Catholic Education$94,446 per year
Department for Education, South Australia$90,499 per year
Victoria University$87,740 per year
Central Queensland University$67,788 per year
Bendigo Kangan Institute$81,828 per year
GoodStart Early Learning$59,680per year

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Teacher’s Salary in Australia: Top Paying Cities

Here are the cities in which you can make the maximum profit as a teacher. Make sure to follow the right guidelines for getting the opportunity. 

City Average Annual Salary 
Sydney $92,523 
Gold Coast $89,438 
Melbourne $89,292 
St Albans $87,616
Adelaide $87,554 
Ballarat $87,387 

Teacher’s Salary in Australia as per Position

For different levels in the system of education, the salaries paid to a teacher are different. For a fair comparison, the following list will cover teacher’s salaries in Australia as per the position they hold. 

Position Average Annual Salary

Teacher’s Salary in Australia as per Level 

There are different levels of educators in Australia. The freshly qualified teachers start at Level 2.1. Salaries as per different levels of pay are listed below. 

Level Average Annual Salary
Senior Teacher$117,854
Level 3.1 Classroom Teacher$122,308
Level 3.2 Classroom Teacher$125,850

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Can I Work Overseas Candidates Work as Teachers in Australia?

Yes, definitely. Overseas candidates can also work as teachers in Australia. However, there are certain requirements for the same. Here we have mentioned the conditions that are required to be fulfilled. 

  • You must be eligible for the right visa option to work as a teacher in Australia. 
  • Next, you must also fulfil the minimum English proficiency requirements for the job. 
  • Lastly, you will also need to sit for the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) skills assessment. 


How much are teachers paid in Australia?

The average salary of a teacher in Australia is $70.13 per hour. If you are looking for a more permanent position that pays monthly then your salary will be around $6,641 per month. 

Are primary teachers paid well in Australia?

Yes, the salary of a primary teacher in Australia is around $93,207 per year on average. 

Which city pays the highest salary for a teacher in Australia?

The city of Townsville pays the highest salary for teachers in Australia. The average salary for a teacher is $93,724. 

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