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Jobs in Norway

Hey, does Norway in itself hold great opportunities for careers? Yes, you heard it right you can explore many exciting opportunities here along with its beautiful mountainous scenery. Norway is a country with the best work-life balance. It strictly takes care of its workforce needs like paid leaves, flexible working hours, and work from home. All this is because Norway has rules that their company will offer 5 weeks of paid vacation and paid parental leave for both parents. Jobs in Norway can give a handful of opportunities like no other country.


Norway’s working culture gives value to spending time with family and friends. Norway is a beautiful country having mountains wherever you see providing you with outdoor activities too like hiking, skiing and many more. In all, you can say that jobs in Norway are exciting and have opportunities for the best career growth.

Jobs in Norway

Benefits of doing jobs in Norway 

Employees who are looking forward to going to Norway and getting opportunities in their hands can explore the benefits as mentioned below-

  • As per the Norway Holidays Act, employees get 25 working days off annually, four weeks, and a day off, since Saturdays are classified as working days. Employees are granted vacation benefits also.
  • Female employees were granted nine weeks of paid maternity leave, starting three weeks before delivery and lasting until weeks postpartum.
  • Fathers are granted two weeks of unpaid paternity leave following a partner’s delivery.
  • Both parents are granted 48 weeks of paid parental leave with benefits paid out by NVA, the Norwegian Labour, and Welfare Administration.
  • In Norway, employers are expected to put 14% of their employees’ gross pay into a mandatory social security fund which covers retirement pension, sick pay, disability pension, unemployment benefits, occupation injury benefits and some other provisions.
  • Norway has not had a mandatory minimum wage for decades similar to Scandinavian neighbors. Wages can only be negotiated by employees at the time of employment agreement.
  • Normal working hours in Norway are limited to nine hours per day and 40 hours weekly. When required to work overtime, extra hours must not exceed.
  • Employees can either receive time off or at least a 40% premium for overtime work.
  • Employees in Norway get insurance which covers universal disability insurance, Unemployment benefits, and health insurance.

List of high-in-demand jobs in Norway 

Norway is a place where the working environment is good due to the working benefits granted by the government laws as we have learned above. Anyone who is aspiring to get a job in Norway must look for jobs which are high in demand. Here is the list of jobs in Norway which are high in demand with salary packages :

Biotechnology Jobs680,779 to 1,193,078
Civil Engineering Jobs561,000 
Mechanical Engineering599,756 to 1,o61,978
IT jobs700,000 to 900,000
Legal jobs828,371 to 1500122
Chefs511,601 to 896,590
Teaching jobs505,0000  to  597,000

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Jobs in Norway

Job Portals To Search For The Jobs in Norway 

You can also find jobs in Norway by searching for vacancies in newspapers, applying on the organisation’s website or by asking your friend who resides in Norway to refer you.To find jobs anyone can refer to these amazing job portals given below-

  • Webcruiter.com
  • indeed.com
  • jobbnorge.com
  • recman.com
  • nav.com

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Residence Permit For Jobs In Norway

A residence permit in order to work or to take up residence for more than 90 days is required for citizens of India, Bhutan and  Nepal.

For the nations of other countries –

  • Nations of EU/EEA countries do not need a residence permit to stay or work in Norway. However, all nationals of EU/EEA countries who want to work in Norway or to stay for longer than three months must register with the police.
  • The residence permit is required for nationals of non-EU/EEA countries who want to work in Norway or to stay longer than 90 days.
  • A Norway residence permit application is granted by the Director of Immigration (UDI).

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Language Requirements 

In Norway, many people speak English very well as their secondary language. There are many companies that use English as their working language. Many people there who are educated speak English fluently, however many jobs require workers to be fluent in Norwegian. Learning the Norwegian language can be an advantage for those who have the dream of working there.


What job is easy to get in Norway?

Nursing is the job which is the highest in demand in Norway and it pays around 211,00 NOK to 729,000 NOK. After nursing jobs pharmacists, HVAC engineers, and railway engineers are professions which are high in demand in Norway. Without any hesitation, anyone can apply for these jobs. Although people who are having relevant degrees in the above mentioned field and have zero knowledge of Norwegian, Norway can be a good place to kick start your career.

What jobs are highest paid in Norway?

The top highest-paid jobs in Norway are as follows:
Surgeons/Doctors  earn from 10,50,000 NOK to 3,620,000 NOK
Judges earn from 880,000 NOK to 3,040,000 NOK
Lawyers earn from 712,000 NOK to 2,460,000 NOK

What is high income in Norway?

Income between 800,000 NOK to 1.5 million NOK or higher might be considered within the range of upper middle class or wealthy in Norway.

This was all about Jobs In Norway that we have explored. If you want to know about jobs in other countries you can follow Leverage Edu and official page jobs abroad.

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