Flexible Part-Time Jobs Opportunities for Students in Sweden

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Part-Time Jobs in Sweden

International students can work part-time in Sweden while pursuing their studies in Sweden. If you are planning to study in Sweden you must have noticed the overwhelming cost of living in the country. Though the tuition fees of study programs are reasonable, the high standards of living might lighten your pocket. In this case, apart from scholarships in Sweden, students can ease a bit of their burden with part-time jobs in Sweden. Surely, they won’t be able to cover the entire cost of living in Sweden but can ease the expenditure. 


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Why Work Part-Time in Sweden?

If you are thinking that earning is the only reason why you should start working in Sweden, then you are absolutely wrong! Sweden is home to companies like IKEA, Oatly & Spotify and harbours many unicorn organisations as well. This is why students often choose to start their careers early and gain experience that gives them an edge over others. Here are some additional benefits. 

  • Earn in Swedish Krona. The salaries for the Swedish companies are high and they pay you in international currency which is better for your international profile. 
  • Ease your expenses. If you are on a budget but wish to enjoy the Swedish culture and life as well, some extra earnings can help you with that. 
  • Learn a new language. You will have to learn Swedish to work in Sweden as most of the official work is conducted in the language. Learning it beforehand will also help you to apply for work during your post-study work visa. 
  • Build networks. While working you meet new people and develop a better understanding of the work culture in Sweden. It also helps you find your jobs later and familiarise yourself with rules and regulations. 
  • Work experience. By the time you complete your studies, you will not only have theoretical knowledge but also some practical experience which will be beneficial for your future endeavours. 
  • Socialise and immerse in the culture. Knowing people and their lifestyle in Sweden is better when you spend more time with them while being a normal part of their lives. This will also help you stay happy. 

List of Part-Time Jobs in Sweden

You can choose to intern in your field-related work or just do any kind of part-time work in Sweden. Here is a list of some part-time jobs that you can find in Sweden.

JobsAverage Pay 
Web Development SEK 250 to SEK 300 per hour
Customer service SEK 130 to 150 per hour
Lab Technician SEK 220 per hour
CashierSEK 130 
Receptionist SEK 134
Marketing and CommunicationsSEK 180 to SEK 200
Data Analyst SEK 250 to SEK 300
IT Professional SEK 150 to SEK 170

Average Pay

The average pay for a part-time job in Sweden for students is somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 SEK per month. The pay depends on the type of job and also on the number of hours dedicated to the work by a student. 

Conditions for Part-Time Jobs in Sweden

You will be surprised to learn the conditions of working in Sweden. The country is so open, accepting and lenient for its residents that it is one of the best places to live and study. Here are some important things you need to know to apply for part-time jobs in Sweden. 

  • You need to have a residence permit or student visa to be able to work part-time in Sweden.
  • Many jobs are also conditional on knowing Swedish. 
  • There is no limit on the number of working hours allowed. 
  • Students must, however, spend at least 40 hours per week on their studies. 
  • There is a 20-30% tax deduction on the earnings every month. 

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Required Documents

There are no specific documents mentioned as the student might not have previous work experience. Nevertheless, being prepared with basic documents for finding part-time work abroad is no harm. Here is a checklist of some documents. 

  • Indian Passport (for Indians)
  • Student Visa
  • Admission Letter
  • Proof of work experience (if any) 
  • Student accommodation details 
  • Personal details and passport-size photos
  • Previous academic transcripts
  • In some cases, a NOC/ NOL might be required from the university.

Tips to Find Jobs in Sweden

Finding work in a foreign country is no piece of cake, it is always better to be prepared for what is to come. Here are awesome tips to improve your chances of getting a part-time job in Sweden. 

  • Learn the Swedish language as most of the work opportunities will be available in the language. Learn before you leave to study abroad
  • Create a resume with the help of local peers and build as many networks as possible. Be a part of student and placement communities. 
  • Start looking for work early. Recruitment in some companies takes place a year in advance. 
  • Be active on social media, especially on LinkedIn. Keep your profile up to date and highlight your skills there. 

To apply for part-time work and internships in Sweden, one must avail of some popular ways to do so. Be a part of the University Career Centre, look for ads and University notice boards, browse online job portals or apply through job search agencies. Here are some popular websites and organisations to find part-time jobs in Sweden.

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • European Law Student Association (ELSA)
  • International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA)

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How much can we earn from a part-time job in Sweden?

One can earn nearly 8,000 to 10,000 SEK per month from a part-time job in Sweden. Students will also have to pay a 20-30% tax deduction on their earnings every month. 

Can I work part-time in Sweden?

Yes, you can work part time in Sweden if you have a resident permit which allows you to live and work in Sweden. 

How many hours can students work part time jobs in Sweden?

There is no restriction on the number of hours to work part-time work in Sweden. However, one has to dedicate at least 40 hours per week to studies. 

This is all the information about how to get part-time jobs in Sweden for international students, if you want to read blogs on part-time jobs follow Leverage Edu. 

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