Part-Time Jobs in Toronto: How to Find, Best Jobs, Salary

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Part-Time Jobs in Toronto

Are you planning to study in Toronto? We know Canadian universities give excellent ROIs, but what could be better if you start covering your return on investment right after starting your studies? Part-time jobs in Toronto can help you achieve this target and sometimes even make an excellent career before graduating or post-graduating. Even if you are living in Toronto as a dependent you can do these part-time jobs around or at your home, online. Let’s see what all does this exciting venture has to offer. 


Why Work Part Time in Toronto?

Working part-time in Toronto can be beneficial for many reasons. It can help a student or dependent cover their financial expenses. Even if a student is well off, working will help them maintain a lifestyle in the country. On top of that, immersing in the culture that the country creates for all its residents is easy while working.   

It helps in understanding the city and its ways in a better way. Students can build networks, and familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations as well as the working conditions and procedures better within this time. Moreover, a good job title would be an add-on to the resume. Even if the job is not related to the career path, one can prove their self-sustenance through it. 

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List of 10 Best Part-Time Jobs in Toronto

Here is a list of the best part-time jobs in Toronto. Best here corresponds to jobs that are easily available, offer better pay, have flexible timings, are student-friendly, are available in the market, do not require extensive experience or skilled expertise and do not have strict working rules for overseas students. Here is the list of 10 such jobs with average salaries.

JobsAverage Salary
Cashier$32K to $33K
Data Entry Operator$15 to $32 per hour
Kitchen Helper$15 to $20 per hour
Clerk $15 to $20 per hour
Receptionist$32K to $41K 
Cafes$31K to $34K
Store Associate$32K to $34K
Dog Walker $20 per hour
Call Representative$17 per hour
Tutor$20 to $25 per hour

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Eligibility Requirements to Work Part-Time in Toronto

The eligibility requirements to work part-time in Toronto are the same as those applied in Canada. Here are the regulations for full-time and part-time students in Toronto. 

  1. If you are a full-time student in Toronto, you must be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution to be eligible for a job. 
  2. You must be in a post-secondary academic, vocational, or professional training program at the institute. 
  3. The program must be at least 06 months long and should lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate. 
  4. You must have a Social Insurance Number and lastly, 
  5. Your course must have started before starting the job. 

If you are a part-time student, you must ensure the following to work off campus; 

  1. All the requirements mentioned above should be met apart from being a full-time student. 
  2. The reason for you to study part-time instead of full-time is either of the following; 
  • You are in the last semester of your program and therefore you don’t need to attend full course classes.
  • OR you were a full-time student until your last semester anywhere in Canada.  

Students must also note that if they are on authorized leave from their studies, such as changing institutions and not studying, they cannot work off-campus until their program resumes. 

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Top Companies and Recruiters Offering Part-Time Work

It is essential to have a good idea about what companies are offering part-time work in Toronto. Though a lot of local businesses, cafes, firms, and individuals offer part-time work, here are some top companies you can aim at for an exceptional experience. 

  1. Universities in Toronto
  2. Mc Donalds
  3. Royal Bank of Canada
  4. Bell 
  5. Amazon
  6. University Health Network
  7. KPMG
  8. Deloitte
  9. CIBC
  10. EY

Despite all this information at hand, it might get a little troublesome to look for part-time jobs in Toronto considering how to decide where to apply. Hence, we have a list of recruiting companies in Toronto that help candidates land at their dream jobs. 

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Job Bank
  4. Indeed
  5. Randstad
  6. Event Brite
  7. The Hip Haus
  8. Meet Up 
  9. RealCareers
  10. Media Job Search

Tips to Look for Part-Time Jobs in Toronto 

Here are some ways that will make applying for jobs in Toronto easy for you. Students can improve their chances of getting hired with these facilities. 

  1. Make your resume the Canadian way; Look for resume samples for people in Canada and design your resume accordingly. Include only the relevant information on your resume. 
  2. Tailor a job-based resume. Your resume should speak about your interests and skills based on the requirements of your job. Making an effective resume helps a lot in finding jobs. 
  3. SEO optimises your online presence. Especially on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook where recruiters in Toronto majorly send links to.
  4. Remember to follow up. Once the contact with the employer has been made, take the initiative of asking about the status of your application and the subsequent steps.
  5. Research well. You should protect yourself from scammers and also be aware of the job requirements of the employers as well as the work laws associated with the country.  

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Is it easy to find a part-time job in Toronto?

Toronto is a major city in Canada with a lot of job opportunities. It is not difficult to find a part-time job if you have the right qualifications and work experience and fulfil all the conditions of working part-time in Toronto. 

What are the allowed working hours for students in Toronto?

The working hours allowed for students in Toronto are 20 hours per week when the classes are going on. However, students can work full-time during official breaks and vacations.  

Can any student work part-time in Toronto?

No, only students enrolled in DLIs in full-time courses of at least 06 months in duration can work part-time in Toronto. There are certain conditions for part-time students to enrol in any part-time jobs. 

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