How to Find Part Time Jobs in Boston for Students?

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Part Time Jobs in Boston: Do you know that Marvel’s upcoming movie, ‘Madame Web’ will be shot in Boston? Is Boston also your dream study abroad destination? Who can tell if you happen to run into a Hollywood movie star while studying at Harvard University, Boston University or MIT? Be it a student or a professional we all have our heroes, either from the world of entertainment or otherwise but in order to be that hero you need to start making yourself exceptional. Studying at world-class universities is awesome, but those who always think ahead of what more they can do, achieve greatness. Part time work is one such thing. It opens your horizons, gives you unparalleled experience and upskills you in the world of competition. Therefore, while studying if you also want to go for part time jobs in Boston, here is your guide.  

Average working hours 20 hours per week 
Average wages per hour  15 USD to 20 USD per hour 

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Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Boston 

Let’s not build a castle in the air and discuss how you are actually going to benefit from part time jobs in Boston. Here are a few reasons to start with; 

  • You can earn a bit to support your expenses. 
  • It will be easier for you to settle in a new country or city. 
  • You can easily build networks through part-time work. Remember how Spiderman got an internship offer at Oscorp through his friend?
  • Learn to balance your time and tasks. 
  • Gain experience and skills development through work. 
  • Having a work record in a country is always beneficial to land more permanent positions in the future.  
  • Learn about the local culture and make more buddies. 

Conditions for Part Time Work in Boston

Part time jobs in Boston are available during business hours and also on night shifts or weekends. The pay more or less remains the same but the flexibility of working options allows students to manage their time. 

  • Students must be enrolled in a university as well as a degree program in Boston. 
  • If they have come to Boston only for work during their breaks they will have to give details of their university and course wherever they are enrolled. 
  • They must possess a student visa or other short-term work visa in case they are citizens of some other country. 
  • The working hours should not exceed 20 hours a week. 
  • Students must have a part-time job that pays them the minimum standard wage and they should be able to sustain themselves in Boston during this time. 
  • The work or internship should not hamper their studies or affect their grades. 
  • They must contact the employer themselves for work and all communications regarding leaves, termination work etc will be between the employer and the students. 

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List of Part Time Jobs in Boston

Part time jobs in Boston include long-term part-time jobs as well as full-time summer work. They are usually separated on the basis of category and pay around USD 20 per hour. One can also choose between paid internships, on-campus part-time work or off-campus opportunities. Here are some of the popular part-time jobs for students in Boston. 

Part time job/ InternshipAverage pay 
Concierge16 USD to 19 USD /Hour
Political Affairs internship Paid
Journalist Internship Paid
Campus Ambassador12 USD to 18 USD/Hour
Barista18 USD to 22 USD/Hour
Research Study Assistant20 USD to 25 USD/hour
Catering Assistant16 USDto 22 USD / Hour
Sales Assistant17 USD to 19 USD/ Hour
Tutor14 USD to 16 USD / Hour

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Top Companies & Recruiters Offering Part-Time Jobs

Here are some top companies offering part time jobs in Boston for students. 

  • Bain and Company 
  • Goodwin
  • Berkshire Partners
  • Ropes & Gray 
  • Fish & Richardson
  • Oracle
  • PwC
  • Accenture
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

You must be thinking about how to apply for these companies. Top Recruiters to find work in Boston are mentioned below. 

  • Hire Minds
  • Shift Staffing
  • Eliassen Group
  • Boston Jobs
  • Beacon Hill Staffing Group 

Tips to Find Work in Boston

If you are working off campus, be it an internship or part-time job you will need to contact the employer on your own. Therefore, one must be prepared with the best ways to secure a job. Here are some tips to follow; 

  • You can contact the Career Services Office. This office in universities helps in finding work opportunities.
  • Additionally, student unions can be another good option. They have information on upcoming vacancies and their application procedures.
  • You can also contact university departments for temporary jobs at your university. They often have on-campus opportunities.
  • Another important factor is to approach through good networking. Stay connected with your seniors to seek help and direction. As graduating students are often asked to find their replacement they can propose to you.
  • You can look out for online platforms as well. Staying updated with your university’s website and online communities will help you with this. 

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How much do part-time jobs pay in Boston?

One can earn an average of 20 USD per hour in Boston through part-time work. The amount will depend on the type of work and experience as well. 

Is it easy to get a job in Boston?

There are various ways to find jobs in Boston, so if you are dedicated, it will be easy for you to search through a pool of jobs through ways we mentioned earlier and secure a perfect part-time job for you. 

Can students work part-time in Boston?

Yes, students are allowed to work part-time in Boston. They can find flexible jobs as per their choice such as, they can find jobs in business hours, night shifts, weekend jobs or summer jobs as per their choice. 

Is Boston good for students?

Yes, Boston has some of the best colleges and universities like Harvard campuses, Boston University, MIT and many more. It offers a flexible lifestyle for the students and plenty of work opportunities to help support their studies.

If you follow these tips and guidelines, finding part time jobs in Boston might as well seem like a piece of cake. If you are also looking to know more about working abroad, follow Leverage edu.  

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