A Complete Breakdown of Ethical Hacker Salary in UK 2024 

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Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

Ethical hackers play an important role in our digital age to ensure online safety. Ethical hackers, also known as white hats, are the good guys in the cybersecurity world. They utilize their hacking skills and knowledge for positive purposes, helping organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in their systems before malicious hackers can exploit them. This exciting field offers a blend of technical expertise and problem-solving skills, with a high demand for skilled professionals. If you have a passion for cybersecurity and enjoy a challenge, ethical hacking could be a great career path for you! Here you can check out the complete breakdown of Ethical Hacker Salary in UK. 

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What is the Average Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary for an ethical hacker is 64,300 GBP. The pay is 5,358 GBP per month on average. This can vary from the lowest average income of 2,466 GBP per month and the lowest average salary of 29,600 GBP per year to the highest average salary of 98,900 GBP per year and the highest average salary of 8,241 GBP per month. 

The UK’s national average income for an ethical hacker is 53,260  GBP, according to Glassdoor. However, the average income, according to IT Tech Jobs, is 60,000 GBP. Numerous variables, such as your degree of experience, education, industry, employer, location, and possession of any applicable certificates, will affect your pay.

Experience Wise Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

The most crucial element in deciding pay is experience level. Naturally, the pay increases with the number of years of experience. Here is what we discovered when we disaggregated the pay for Ethical Hackers based on their level of experience.

Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

Education Level Wise  Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

The average income difference between professionals with varying degrees of schooling who work as ethical hackers is shown below.

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma48,600 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree65,500 GBP 
Master’s Degree97,400 GBP

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Industries Wise Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

The top UK-based companies that provide ethical hackers with competitive pay are highlighted below. 

Industry Average Salary Per Year 
Deloitte92,000 GBP -108,000 GBP
PwC24,000 GBP -28,000 GBP
The British Army32,000 GBP-37,000 GBP
Anonymous92,000 GBP – 108,000 GBP
Thorley Taverns43,000 GBP-56,000 GBP
Jacob63,,000 GBP -76,000 GBP
Urmul46,000 GBP -54,000 GBP
Uber37,000 GBP -43,000 GBP
Dcodetech30,000 GBP -35,000 GBP
Hacker, Nelson & Co.30,000 GBP -35,000 GBP
Coventry University46,000 GBP -54,000 GBP
Expedia Group101,000 GBP -119,000 GBP
Vodafone70,000 GBP-81,000 GBP
Cyber Security Agency25,000 GBP -29,000 GBP
Preston94,000 GBP – 125,000 GBP

Cities Wise Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

Here are just a few of the UK regions where there is a great need for cybersecurity professionals and high salaries for such professionals:

Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

Job Role Wise Ethical Hacker Salary in UK

The list of some of the most challenging cyber security positions in the UK, together with the highest cyber security income in the country, is as follows:

Job Role Average Salary Per Year 
IT Security Specialist58,970 GBP
Application Security Engineer86,669 GBP
Senior Information Security Analyst55,415 GBP
Software Architect80,334 GBP
Security Operations Engineer70,000 GBP
Information Security Analyst46,600  GBP
IT Security Analyst49,900  GBP
Information Security Officer50,400  GBP
Cyber Security Engineer 57,600 GBP
Security Architect79,600  GBP
Network Engineer57,300 GBP
Chief Information Security Officer 128,471 GBP
Application Security 31,000 GBP

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Q1: How much do ethical hackers make in the UK?

In a short amount of time, experience and certifications can increase your pay as an ethical hacker. The UK’s national average income for an ethical hacker is 53,260  GBP, according to Glassdoor. However, the average income, according to IT Tech Jobs, is 60,000 GBP. 

Q2: What is an ethical hacker UK?

Ethical hacking is the practice of testing a computer system, a network or an application to find security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by criminal hackers. For several years, the number of vacancies for ethical hackers has been far higher than the number of qualified candidates to fill them.

Q3: How much does cyber risk pay the UK?

In the UK, the average salary for cyber security professionals is 54,994 GBP annually, or 28.20  GBP per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is 38,905 GBP, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is 75,688 GBP.

Q4: What is the highest paid job in cyber security UK?

The highest-paying roles were in cloud security and governance, risk, and compliance, with incomes of up to 230,000  GBP annually, according to the research, which polled over 2,300 cyber security specialists.

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