Flexible and High-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Ukraine

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Flexible and High-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second-largest European country, just after Russia. It has a rich history and diverse culture. It is also famous for its medical hub; that’s why it has become a popular study destination for international students. Over 500,00 medical tourists and students visit the country every year because the cost of medical education in Ukraine is significantly lower than in any other developing country. With all these facilities, Ukraine provides job opportunities. For those who want to reduce their extra expenses and rotate their lifestyle in a better way, they can opt for part time jobs in Ukraine. This contains information on how a part-time job in Ukraine has benefits for international students, including rules and regulations and many more.

Total Part time Working Hour 20 per hour week 
Average Part time wagesUAH 40.46
Average Monthly Income UAH 6,700.00

Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Ukraine

Part-time employment is one of the best options available to students, as it provides a lot of experience and financial support. Here are a few benefits of working part-time jobs in Ukraine:

Flexible and High-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Ukraine
  • Many colleges and universities provide internships to students as part of their programs. Thus, students can also earn money through internships and continue with their studies.
  • Working part-time jobs in Ukraine helps students build up their resumes and learn the culture of the corporate working environment.
  • Working part-time in Ukraine helps build networks. This will work as a good recommendation for students and help you find your regular day jobs in Ukraine.

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Rule and Regulation for Working Part Time Jobs in Ukraine 

Before you apply for part-time work, it is important to know the rules and regulations for the same country and other work policies. Here are some main rules that you need to consider before applying for part time work in Ukraine:

  • There are many better part-time job opportunities for those students who enrol in graduate full-time programs or research programs, and for those students who enrol in any certification course of a few months duration, opportunities are limited.
  • In Ukraine, international students are legally allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during their academic year.
  • In Ukraine, part-time employees are likewise governed by the general rule of the labour code. These rights include the freedom of association, the right to a safe and healthy workplace, and the right to equal or comparable work.
  • In Ukraine, part-time workers are entitled to paid sick leave, just like full-time employees.

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List of Part Time jobs with their salary 

There are a variety of part-time employment available in Ukraine. International students can easily find work inside the universities and outside the universities. Here we have mentioned a few job options for international students.

Job Positions Average Income 
Health Coordinator $18.00- $25.00 per hour 
Customer Support Associate $24.00 per hour 
Aquatic Supervisor $19.00-$21.00 per hour 
Language Interpreter $16.50 per hour 
Caretaker $16.00-$17.50 per hour 
Education Program Assistant $20.00 per hour 
Economic Empowerment Coordinator $18.00-$21.00 per hour 
Gym Staff $17.00 per hour 
Life Skills Trainer $19.00-$21.00 per hour 
Wellness Specialist $18.00-$20.00 per hour 
Client Support Coordinator $20.00-$22.00 per hour 
Counsellor (Case Manager) $33.25-$39.00 per hour 
Resettlement Specialist $20.00-$23.00 per hour 

Other Part Time jobs in Ukraine

Here is a list of some other part-time job options in Ukraine that students can explore:

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Eligibility Requirements 

Take a look at the straightforward eligibility requirements for yourself:

  • Students must be at least 17 years old.
  • Students must have a valid visa and passport to study in Ukraine.
  • Students must apply for full-time research or a graduate course to do part-time jobs.
  • The legal part-time working hour in Ukraine is 20 hours per week for international students.
  • The requirements of the job depend on the job type, but if you know more, there are a lot of job opportunities for bilingual interpreters.

How Can Students Find Part Time Jobs in Ukraine

There are many ways to find a job in Ukraine. If you are studying abroad, it’s better to connect with a lot of people. It helps to know about the culture of the country, and good connections can also recommend you for good positions.

  • The part-time job concept is always welcomed by universities as it is beneficial for students. These kinds of activities help students enrich their knowledge and contribute towards the improvement of their overall personalities. Students can search for part-time employment opportunities on their college premises.
  • Students can also discuss their jobs with connections or peers who are already working in Ukraine. Also, senior students and college groups will help with finding part-time jobs in Ukraine.
  • Students can find part-time work opportunities around campus through local newspaper advertisements, classifieds, or social media.

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Can a foreigner like me find employment in Ukraine?

Foreign nationals who are legally residing in Ukraine have the same rights as Ukrainians, according to the Ukrainian Constitution. As a result, they are allowed to work, and the Labor Code governs how they can work. Foreigners may work for both legitimate businesses and independent contractors in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, what professions are in high demand?

Due to the continual need for professionals, certain of these vocations are always in demand. These include cooks, doctors, technicians, heavy truck drivers, plumbers, nurses, welders, electricians, and nurses.

What is Ukraine’s minimum salary?

As for Ukraine, the minimum wage in our country has been set at 6,700 hryvnias since January 1, 2023, which is equal to about 168 euros

Which job has highest salary in Ukraine?

IT developers, dentists, aviation officers, and media buyers earn the most in Ukraine. The salary of an IT developer in Ukraine is  $5,600 per month.

This is all the information about Part Time jobs in Ukraine, for more information about Part Time follow our page on Leverage Edu.

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