Top Part Time Medical Assistant Jobs Abroad 

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part time medical assistant jobs

Working Part time in the medical field is advantageous as it adds value to your career and also helps you learn in real time. This is a great way to enhance your knowledge while studying medical courses. Most professions in the medical industry, such as medical assistants, pay students a competitive salary, which helps them manage their lives too. In this article, we will help you and guide you on why Part time medical assistant jobs are important and how much they pay you!


Who is the Medical Assistant?

Healthcare workers known as medical assistants support physicians in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. They might measure your height and weight, take your vital signs, and then lead you to the examination room. Medical assistants will enquire about your symptoms and health issues, and then provide your doctor with that information.

Benefits of Doing PartTime Medical Assistant Jobs Abroad 

There are several benefits of doing Part time medical assistant jobs abroad. Here are a few of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Medical assistant jobs abroad open the door to big opportunities. After gaining experience from working part-time, you will be able to learn about real-world medical tools and techniques.
  • Not only experience Working as a part-time medical assistant will help you earn a competitive salary so that you can cover your living expenses.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 23% growth for medical assistants until 2028; due to this, there is a high demand for medical assistants abroad.
  • Working as a part-time medical assistant abroad will also open doors for full-time job opportunities for you in the future.

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Roles and Responsibility of Medical Assistant 

A medical assistant’s duties at a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, or other facility might range from administrative work to supporting patients and physicians.

  • Obtaining and keeping confidential patient vitals, medical histories, test results, and other data for medical records.
  • Arranging for the daily administrative tasks, such as scheduling, patient check-in and check-out, and the upkeep of patient medical records.
  • Helping practitioners with medical operations and other patient care, as well as setting up treatment rooms for clinical evaluations.
  • Providing patients and their families with compassionate support, care, and help.ensuring adherence to all health care laws, such as OSHA and HIPAA.

Top Countries for Part Time Medical Assistant Jobs

There are several countries that provide a variety of part time medical assistant jobs. Here are a few of the top countries mentioned for you:

List of Part Time Medical Assistant Jobs in Australia 

Here is a list of Part time medical assistant jobs in Australia. 

Job Position Average Pay Location 
Clinical Assistant$25 – $30 per hourDubbo, Dubbo & Central NSW
Clinical Assistant$25 – $35 per hourTaringa, Brisbane QLD
Medical Receptionist$25 – $35 per hourTaringa, Brisbane QLD
Personal Assistant to Surgeon$40 per hourRyde, Sydney NSW
Medical Laboratory Assistant – Genetics$30.15 – $31.31 per hourRandwick, Sydney NSW
Pathology Collector/Data Entry Assistant$28 – $35 per hourGoulburn, Southern Highlands & Tablelands NSW

List of  Part Time Medical Assistant Jobs United Kingdom 

Here is a list of part time medical assistant jobs in the United Kingdom.

Job Positions Average Pay Location 
Research Panelist – Data Entry Clerk£25 – £55 per hourLondon
Assistant Personal Care£75 – £95 per dayNorth West London
Health and Welfare Assistant£12 – £17 per hourLondon
Healthcare Assistant £22 – £25 per hourHornsey
Medical Personal Assistant £20 – £25 per hourLondon 

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List of  Part Time Medical Assistant Jobs Canada

Here is a list of part time medical assistant jobs in Canada 

Job Positions Average Pay Location 
Medical Assistant $16-$20 per hour Toronto 
Medical Officer Assistant $25-$30 per hour Squamish 
Clerical Assistant- Receptionist $23.06-$30.00 per hour Saskatoon 
Clinical Coordinator $22-$25 per hour North Vancouver 
Medical Clerk $19.76-422.91 per hour Winnipeg MB 

List of  Part Time Medical Assistant Jobs USA

Here is a list of part time medical assistant jobs in USA: 

Job Positions Average Pay Location 
Clinical Medical Assistant $20.13-$33.20 per hour Poland 
OPD Assistant $19.53- $29.26 per hour Delano, CA 
Pediatric Assistant $22.00- $25.00 per hour Choctaw 
Clinical Medical Receptionist $18.00-$22.00 per hour Menalo, Park 
Medical Caretaker$15.00-$20.00 per hour Chicago 

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Rules for PartTime Medical Assistant Jobs Abroad

Before applying for part time medical assistant jobs abroad, you need to follow the following working rules and regulations:

  • You must have a valid study and work visa and passport for the same country in which you are going to apply for part-time jobs.
  • As a student, you must be enrolled at a Designated University.
  • You are eligible to work as per the country’s working hour policy.
  • You are required to provide a certificate of English language proficiency.


How much do medical assistants make abroad?

The average salary of a medical assistant abroad is $16-$23 per hour.

Is a medical assistant in demand in Canada?

There will be a growing need for qualified medical assistants as the population ages and healthcare needs rise. To fill this role and ensure the smooth running of medical institutions, the Canadian healthcare system is seeking suitable candidates.

What are the top places for medical assistants to work?

Outpatient clinics.
Private practices
Long-term care facilities
Telehealth settings

What is the highest medical assistant hourly wage?

The average hourly wage in California for a medical assistant is $17.79 as of October 24, 2023. While salaries on ZipRecruiter can reach as high as $26.18 and as low as $12.22, most medical assistant salaries in California now fall between the 25th and 75th percentiles, at $16.97 and $21.20, respectively.

This was all the information about part time medical assistant jobs in Abroad. For more information on part-time jobs, follow Leverage Edu.

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