How Much Do You Earn After Becoming a Nurse in Ireland? Salary Update 2024 

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Nurse Salary in Ireland

Nurse Salary in Ireland: Nursing is one of the most demanding professions in Ireland. If you are working as a nurse in Ireland, you can avail of a variety of benefits, such as good compensation and long-term stability in your job. In Ireland, nurses work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centers. This blog examines Irish nursing salaries. This also emphasizes the typical after-tax take-home salary. To know more about nursing salaries in Ireland, read this complete article.

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What is the Average Nurse Salary in Ireland for 2024

A Nurse working in Ireland will typically earn around 31,400 EUR per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 17,100 EUR to the highest average salary of 48,300 EUR.

According to research by Glassdoor, the annual average salary of a nurse in Ireland is around 31,400 EUR, and the monthly average salary is 2,616 EUR. On the other hand, the annual lowest salary is 17,100 EUR, the lowest salary is 1,425 EUR, and the highest annual salary is 48,300 EUR. The monthly highest salary is 4,025 EUR.

Annual Average Salary 31,400 EUR
Monthly  Average Salary   2,616 EUR
Annual Lowest Salary 17,100 EUR
Monthly Lowest Salary 1,425 EUR
Annual Highest Salary 48,300 EUR
Monthly Highest Salary 4,025 EUR

Salary Source: Glassdoor and Indeed 

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Nurse Salary in Ireland By Experience Level 

Displayed below is the average salary of a nurse in Ireland, which is based on the level of experience: 

Nurse Salary in Ireland

Nurse Salary in Ireland By Education Level 

Displayed below is the average salary variance between different education levels of professionals working as nurses.

Education Level Average Salary per year 
Bachelor’s Degree22,800 EUR
Master’s Degree 36,800 EUR

Nurse Salary in Ireland By Different Organizations 

Here we display below the well-known organisation that pays well for nurse professions in Ireland: 

OrganizationAverage Salary per year
LetsGetChecked40,000 EUR8
Your World Recruitment36,000 EUR
Tallaght University Hospital31,500 EUR
St Vincent’s University Hospital36,000 EUR
St Vincent’s Private Hospital39,829 EUR
Health Service Executive40,000 EUR
St. James’s Hospital37,000 EUR
Health Service Executive47,500 EUR
Beaumont Hospital (Ireland)40,000 EUR
Beacon Hospital46,000 EUR
Children’s Health Ireland44,000 EUR
Hermitage Medical Clinic36,000 EUR
Health Service Executive37,991 EUR
Osborne Recruitment41,069 EUR

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Nurse Salary in Ireland By Different Cities 

Displayed below is the average salary variance between different cities in Ireland for professionals working as nurses.

Nurse Salary in Ireland

Nurse Salary in Ireland By Different Positions 

Nurses typically earn a four-year degree in nursing and must be licensed to practice. The following list of the highest-paying nursing jobs is compiled with their salary range: 

Job Positions Average Salary per year 
Dialysis RN38,750 EUR
Registered Nurse (RN40,000 EUR
RN Case Manager45,149 EUR
Caregiver21,100 EUR
Case Manager44,500 EUR 
Certified Medical Assistant21,300 EUR 
Clinical Scientist79,600 EUR
Clinician72,700 EUR
Company Nurse23,700 EUR

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How much is the salary increase for nurses in Ireland?

One of the most awaited details of this update is the raise in the annual salary. Effective from the 1st of October 2023, nursing professionals can look forward to an increase of 1.5% or 750 EUR, depending on whichever is greater.

What is the starting salary for a nurse in Ireland?

After tax, it will be around 28,036 EUR per year or 2,766 EUR per month. For a 37.5-hour working week, a nurse at the bottom of the ladder would be getting around 17.07 EUR per hour after tax. The above is the first point of the scale in the salary of nurses in Ireland.

What is the highest-paid nursing job in Ireland?

A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is one of the highest-paid nursing specialities. Registered nurses need additional certification in order to pursue this career path.

Does Ireland pay nurses better than the UK?

The starting rate of pay for a nurse in the UK is 24,907 EUR (approx. 28,400 EUR), in comparison to the starting salary for a nurse in Ireland which is 31,109 EUR. A newly qualified nurse will start on the band 5 pay scale in the UK, however, this is not how the nursing pay scale works in Ireland.

This was all about nurse salaries in Ireland for 2024. For more information about salary blogs, follow the jobs abroad page on Leverage Edu

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