Everything To Know About Part Time Jobs In Philippines For International Students in 2024

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part time jobs in philippines

The Philippines provides international students with a very excellent Education sector by parenting a good number of top-ranked universities, attracting the smartest of minds to the country. The country serves its students with not just education but other developmental opportunities like a very demanding and growing working sector to polish their skills while at the same time making a good amount of money by working part in the free and unutilized hours of the day. Read this blog to learn about part time jobs in Philippines.


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part time jobs in philippines

Benefits Of Working Part Time Jobs In Philippines 

  • The first and foremost reason for students to work part-time in Philippines is the financial benefits. Using a job, you as a student can self-support your education and if the motive is not education funding, you can use the earned money in other pursuits like travelling, having a good lifestyle, exploring the city, investing, or maybe saving for any personal reason.
  • The second reason for working part-time is to develop skills or implement theoretical knowledge into practical work and rectify the flaws to correct them at this level to prepare yourself for the post-education full-time work life. 
  • Working part-time as a student can help you develop a good network, have a clear picture of your career needs, get a hang of working, and give you professional experience at an early stage of your career.
  • Part-time jobs can also help you gain good experience on paper making your resume more attractive to your employers and landing you the best opportunity in your field of expertise.
part time jobs in philippines

Types of Time Jobs In Philippines

There are a huge number of job options available in the Philippines for students working part-time. Students can flexibly choose the job of their choice and work as per their wish, some of the jobs are:

Working at Marketing and Retail jobs

The marketing field has a good number of openings especially for college students these days, younger people are well aware of the needs of the target market of their generation and can help create the product outlook appealingly. Each business needs smart minds to give their brand the exposure of the youth mindset and make strategies of attraction accordingly. You need to be good at communication, marketplace research, adaptive, creative, and intellectual to be a fit for this department.

Apart from marketing the retail jobs are boutique, e-commerce, departmental, and other local jobs. These can be pursued if your goal is just getting some extra cash out of free hours of your day. The skills might depend on the type of retail job you pick, like having good communication if chosen reception jobs, having good knowledge of designing and stitching if working in a boutique, having patience if working in a departmental store, etc.

Average Pay 10,000 -12,000 PHP per month

Jobs at restaurant

Several students working in the field of hospitality management and hotel management might go for several food servicing jobs like restaurant host, intern at restaurant management, barista, etc. Skills required to go into food service are to have basic knowledge of hotel management, knowledge about the rules and regulations of a food service provider, adaptivity, and creativity. 

The Philippines has a good number of restaurants, cafes, and bars hiring students on a part-time basis so finding a job in the field should not be difficult with the help of locals.

Average Pay 11,000 -14,000 PHP per month

Jobs provided on campus

The best part about part time student jobs in Philippines is the availability of jobs on campus. The university provides students with a lot of openings in the university itself that help students find a good job with the least searching effort and a home job environment comfortability. Students can join on campus in the roles of teaching assistant, campus ambassador, library associate, campus tour guide, and tutor. Jobs require subject-related basic knowledge and can be found through the university help desk.

Average Pay 12,000 -18,000 PHP per month

Freelancing Jobs 

Freelancing is one of the most popular part-time job options among young students. It allows you to work on your skill basis. You can choose any type of freelancing, talking about the on-job roles, the opportunities can be jobs like a private tutor, babysitter,  petsitter, rideshare driver, etc. These jobs are skill-flexible and work hours flexible.

Average Pay 6,000 -12,000 PHP per month

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part time jobs in philippines

Types Of Online Part Time Jobs In Philippines 

Online part-time jobs in Philippines get the upper hand over work-from-office jobs because of the flexibility of work, no commuting needs, no dressing needs, work-life balance, and environmental benefits. There are many part-time online job options available in Philippians to choose from, they are:

Video Editor

Video editing is a very good part job for creative-minded people. You will be required to edit wedding videos, educational videos, entertainment, ads, YouTube, Facebook videos, etc depending on the company. The skills you need are creativity, editing knowledge, research on trends, knowledge of tools like Adobe Primer, and an artistic sight.

Average Pay 10,000 -20,000 PHP per month

Virtual Recruiter 

A lot of companies hire virtual recruiters for their companies that are assigned with the responsibilities of Hiring, Shortlisting, Interviewing, aligning, and posting job ads for the company. You can join as a virtual recruiter in a company if you know human resources, are proficient in English, and have problem-solving skills. 

Average Pay 10,000 – 20,000 PHP per month

Online Tutor

If teaching your pursuit becoming an online tutor must be the top choice for you. All you need is good teaching skills, patience, curriculum knowledge, and the strong subject that you want to teach. You can find teaching opportunities locally or you can register on freelance websites and teaching platforms so students can contact you themselves. 

Average Pay 10,000 -18,000 PHP per month

Social Media Manager

If you have a good knowledge of social media algorithms, trends, and requirements and are good at creating content you can apply for the role of social media manager at companies. All the companies these days are hiring social media managers as online presence has become a very important aspect in the corporate world these days.

Average Pay 5,000 -20,000 PHP per month

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are provided by several companies to manage and keep their data organized by segregating the data into sheets and files with the help of employees. This is a simple job and requires a good typing speed of a minimum of 40 words per hour and knowledge of Microsoft suits.

Average Pay 5,000 -12,000 PHP per month

Telecalling Jobs

If you are a student with a specialization in sales or have good knowledge of selling, convincing skills, proficiency in English, and a will to earn good money, you can join as a telesales or telemarketing employee in a reputed company.

Average Pay 15,000 -30,000 PHP per month

Online Surveys

The online survey is not exactly a fixed job but a source of making easy money. There are a lot of companies conducting surveys on various services or products. You can register yourself online on a survey conducting website and complete the assigned survey which requires you an hour a day and no particular skill.

Average Pay Approximately 300 PHP per survey

Requirements To Get A Part Time Jobs In Philippines 

  • The major requirement is that the work should not affect the core goal of the student which is studies.
  • A student can work on a student visa but will have to get permission from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, and the work should only be part-time or remote basis.
  • The attendance of the university should not be compromised.
  • Should have a maintained health and work-life balance.
  • The working hours a week should not go beyond 30 – 35 hours.

Average Salary Pay For Part Time Jobs In Philippines 

Salary is one of the most important factors when deciding on a job. The average pay in the Philippines lies around 12,000 to 22,000 for part-time jobs which is quite sufficient to manage life in the Philippines.

Average Working Hours For Part Time Jobs In Philippines

The average working hours for part time jobs in Philippines are not fixed or rigid but they should not exceed 30- 35 hours a week.

part time jobs in philippines

How to Search for Part time Jobs in Philippines 

Finding a part-time job can be tough if the source of the search is not correct and at the same time it can be very easy using a reliable source, there are several sources to look at while searching for a job, like:

  • Getting knowledge of job openings and getting referred by friends already working.
  • Looking for a job through several online job search portals.
  • Using the university placement cell to get information about companies hiring and internal openings for students.
  • Apply through the official websites of the company, if you wish to work for a particular company.
  • Looking for jobs through the help of locals of the area as the locals are well aware of what local places are looking for employees.

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Job Search Portals To Search Online Part Time Jobs In Philippines

  • Virtualstafffinder.com
  • Onlinejobs.com
  • Outsourced.com
  • Outsourcely.com
  • UpWork.com
  • Virtualcoworker.com 
  • Homejobs.com

Job Search Portals To Search Offline Part Time Jobs In Philippines

  • Kalibrr.com
  • Indeed.com
  • Mynimo.com
  • Jobstreet.com
  • Naukri.com 


Can somebody work on student visas in the Philippines?

Yes, anyone on a student visa is allowed to work in the Philippines only additional permission is needed from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

Are online part time jobs in Philippines available easily?

Yes, the availability of online part-time jobs is easy and so is the work structure.

Is the Philippines a good place to work part-time?

A lot of students work part-time in Philippines as it provides a very good opportunity for exposure and skill development through jobs.

What is the average cost of living in the Philippines?

The average cost of living in the Philippines is 25,000 – 30,000 PHP.

This was all about the part time jobs in Philippines. The students moving to various countries for studies may have a lot of such doubts, to get clarification on various jobs-related information follow Jobs Abroad, and to know about Study Abroad, kindly follow Leverage Edu.

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