Latest Updates On Dietician Salary in Canada 2024

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dietician salary in canada

Dieticians play a vital role in Canada’s healthcare system, helping individuals achieve optimal health through personalized nutrition plans. A dietitian is an expert in food and nutrition who advises people on what to eat to be healthy. Dietitians sometimes work with people who have medical conditions and those who want to improve their overall health. In this guide, you’ll learn about the various credentials and education that help you understand the basics of income. Here, you’ll also discover the salary expectations and employment outlook in Canada for dieticians. 


Here are the Average Salary in Canada & Top Job Opportunities in 2024

Average Dietitian Salary in Canada

The field of dietetics in Canada offers a promising salary range. On average, dietitians can expect to earn a comfortable annual salary of 241,000 CAD, translating to a monthly average of 20,083 CAD. However, experience plays a significant role. Entry-level positions might start as low as 111,700 CAD annually (9,308 CAD monthly), while highly experienced and specialised dietitians can command top salaries of 383,600 CAD per year (31,966 CAD monthly).

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Dietician Salary in Canada Based on Experience Level 

According to research, we have added the salary range of a dietician to help you understand the increasing payscale based on your years of working experience in Australia: 

dietician salary in canada

Dietician Salary in Canada Based on Education Level 

According to research, we have added the salary range of ddieticians in Canada based on the level of their education and degree: 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree142,300 CAD
Master’s Degree225,500 CAD
PhD377,200 CAD

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Dietician Salary in Canada Based on Organisation 

According to research, we have added the salary range of dieticians in different organizations in Canada: 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
Golden Life Management58,000 CAD
Alberta Health Services42,500 CAD
Vancouver Coastal Health56,000 CAD
Compass Group USA40,000 CAD
Nova Scotia Health Authority68,900 CAD
Horizon Health Network38,000 CAD
Saskatchewan Health Authority68,9000 CAD
Covenant Health Canada79,600 CAD
Alberta Health Services67,000 CAD
Fraser Health78,000 CAD
CAMH57,000 CAD
Retirement Concepts89,000 CAD
University of British Columbia82,500 CAD
Government of Canada99,000 CAD
University Health Network69,200 CAD
Provincial Health Services Authority74,300 CAD
The Salvation Army83,245 CAD

Dietician Salary in Canada Based on Cities 

According to research, we have added the salary range of dietitians in Canada by the highest paying cities: 

dietician salary in canada

Dietician Salary in Canada Based on Job Role

According to research, we have added the salary range of dietitians in Canada based on the different types of positions that are similar to dietician: 

Job RoleAverage Salary Per Year 
Clinical Dietitian38,000 CAD
Nutrition Consultant44,164 CAD
Nutritionist40,000 CAD
Health Coach39,500 CAD
Nutrition Services51,916 CAD
Dietary Technician42,000 CAD
Clinical Nurse93,512  CAD
Community Health Nurse82,159 CAD
Registered Health Nurse81,808 CAD
Psychiatric Registered Nurse81,715 CAD
Psychiatric Nurse81,715 CAD
Clinical Consultant Dietitian42,843 CAD
WIC Nutritionist42,843 CAD
Dietician42,843 CAD
Clinical Dietitian71,630 CAD

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Q1: How much is a dietitian paid in Canada?

The average dietetican income in Canada is 73,638 CAD; you may filter by location to discover earnings in your area. The 98 salaries that anonymous Dietitian employees posted to Glassdoor are the basis for the salary estimations.

Q2: Is a dietician a good career in Canada?

In all 11 of Canada’s provinces and territories, there is a great demand for dietitians and nutritionists.

Q3: Can a dietitian from India work in Canada?

Thus, nutritionists and dietitians will have plenty of employment options in Canada. Dietitians and nutritionists in Canada enjoy good perks and reasonable wages due to the significant demand for professional personnel in this field.

Q4: What is the highest-paid dietitian?

Here is a list of some of the best High Paying Dietitian Jobs in Canada 
Registered Dietician
Registered Clinical Dietitian
Outpatient Dietitian
Research Dietitian
Clinical Dietitian
Renal Dietitian
Administrative Dietitian
Community Dietitian

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