What is the Teacher Salary in Canada in 2024?

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Teacher Salary in Canada

Teachers play a vital role in shaping young minds, and their dedication deserves proper compensation. Canada values its educators, and teacher salaries reflect that! The income potential would probably catch your attention if you have a strong teaching passion and are thinking about pursuing a career in Canada. Teachers’ salaries can vary depending on several factors, so let’s explore what influences how much a teacher earns.  We have included the most recent information on teacher salaries in Canada here. 

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Average Teacher Salary in Canada  

The average salary for a teacher employed in Canada is 107,300 CAD. You can make approximately 8,941 CAD with average yearly pay and average monthly compensation; this can vary from the lowest yearly salary of 52,800 CAD to the lowest monthly salary of about 4,400 CAD. In Canada, the highest monthly pay is 13,625 CAD, and the highest yearly salary is approximately 163,500 CAD.

Experience Wise Teacher Salary in Canada 

Based on years of experience, we have examined the average income for high school teachers to help you understand how the average changes after a certain amount of time on the job.

Teacher Salary in Canada

Education-Wise Teacher Salary in Canada

In order to determine whether having more education would result in higher compensation, we looked at the average salary for high school teachers in Canada based on the employees’ educational attainment.

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree73,700 CAD
Master’s Degree107,700 CAD
PhD153,700 CAD

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Companies Wise Teacher Salary in Canada

Examine the top educational companies that are looking for qualified teachers and experts just like you, as well as the attractive average yearly salary they are offering. Investigate your professional alternatives and add a contribution to the Canadian educational system.

Company Name Average Salary Per Year 
Toronto District School Board79,209 CAD
Calgary Board of Education80,000 CAD
Peel District School Board82,000 CAD
York Region District School Board80,000 CAD
Edmonton Public Schools76,000 CAD
Wetaskiwin Regional Public School Division53,242 CAD
Grande Yellowhead Public School72,000 CAD
Vancouver School Board70,000 CAD
Toronto Catholic District School Board95,000 CAD
Golden Hills School Division92,000 CAD
Horizon School Division72,951 CAD
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board80,000 CAD
Surrey School District72,020 CAD
Rocky View Schools80,000 CAD
Canadian Rockies Public Schools64,768 CAD
Westwind School Division73,898 CAD
Durham District School Board71,000 CAD

City Wise Teacher Salary in Canada

Which Canadian cities have the most demand for teachers? We’ve compiled a list of the top Canadian cities where foreign teachers can find employment to make your search easier.

Teacher Salary in Canada

Top Positions Wise Teacher Salary in Canada

Canada is a highly promising place for instructors due to its plentiful career prospects. There are plenty of alternatives available in Canada to fit your interests and credentials if you’re thinking about becoming a teacher.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
English Teacher 52,684 CAD
Instructor65,843 CAD
High School Teacher68,951 CAD
Principal99,689 CAD
Administrator46,265 CAD
Primary Teacher67,176 CAD
French Teacher50,700 CAD
English Teacher48,750 CAD
Language Teacher51,738 CAD

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How much are teachers paid in Canada?

In Canada, the average compensation for a teacher is 48,750 CAD per year or 25 CAD per hour. While most experienced workers make up to 81,840 CAD annually, entry-level positions start at 37,050 CAD.

What is the salary of a university teacher in Canada?

In Canada, the average pay for a college teacher is 60,450 CAD per year or 31 CAD per hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is 44,241 CAD annually, while the average salary for experienced professionals is 83,242 CAD.

Do teachers get paid better in Canada?

In Canada, the average yearly income for a teacher is 68,980 CAD. In Canada, an additional cash salary for a teacher ranges from 803 CAD to 12,729 CAD, with an average of 3,197 CAD. The 5585 salaries that Canadian teachers anonymously submitted to Glassdoor are the basis for the salary estimations.

Is Canada a good place for teachers?

For both Canadian citizens and foreign immigrants, teaching is a highly sought-after career option. Among the best in the world is the educational system. Canada has some of the highest teacher salaries in the world.

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