How To Get Part Time Jobs in Montreal?

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Montreal is a city in Canada, that offers a wide variety of part time jobs for individuals seeking income supplement, flexible working hours, or other employment opportunities while studying. Both students and working professionals looking forward to balancing their work and studies and earning extra income can look forward to applying for part-time jobs in Montreal. Students can look for Various part time work opportunities in Montreal on various job portals, and request referrals to their friends and family. Aspirants must go through the below article to get complete information about how to get part time jobs in Montreal.

Overview of Part Time Jobs in Montreal

If you are planning to study in Canada and are looking for part time jobs then you choose to study in the city of Montreal. There are many top universities in which you can choose to study. Part-time job opportunities are not only to support your studies and cost of living but also to gain comprehensive experience in the respective field for your career in the future. Candidates are allowed to work only 20 hours per week to manage their time between studies and work.

Part time work hours for students 20 hours a week
Average compensation for part-time work $40580 per year

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Why Part Time Jobs in Montreal?

Check below some of the points why an individual should choose Montreal for studies and part time jobs:

  • Montreal is comparatively less expensive than other cities in Canada. Therefore, the candidates will be able to manage the expenses of their colleges and others easily.
  • Network building is the most important aspect of part time work in Montreal as it will help the students to learn different skills from different people and these employers will help them in getting better work opportunities later.
  • Part time jobs in Montreal will help the students to add more and more skills to their resume and also gain work experience in different fields.
  • There are ample job opportunities for students in Montreal, students can get part time jobs in universities, hotels & restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Let’s explore the popular job markets in Montreal with their average pay:

Sectors Average Pay 
Universities $28.50  an hour
Courier Service $16.65 an hour
Babysitter or Nanny $20 – $26 an hour
Hotels & Restaurants $18 an hour
Mechanics $54600 per year

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Top 5 Part Time Jobs

Let us check the most preferred part-time job options in Montreal by the individuals:

Type of Jobs Salary
Teacher $67567 per year
Construction Crew $19.83 per hour
Visual FX artist/ animator $51604 per year
Registered Nurse $80122 per year
Server/Bartender $11 per hour + tips

Conditions for Part Time Jobs

In order to get part-time jobs in Montreal, the candidates should satisfy the following conditions:

  • Students must have a valid passport and visa
  • Proof of enrollment in any institution at Montreal
  • The enrolled course should have started before starting to work
  • The duration of the course enrolled should be at least 6 months

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What are full time work hours in Montreal?

The regular working hours of most of the employees is 40 hours. Most employees have the right to a paid vacation once a year.

Do you need help finding work in Montreal?

The unemployment rate is quite low in Canada, and Montreal is the catalyst of employment growth. The candidate needs to be patient in his search and should be able to find a suitable job within 6 months max.

How much do student jobs pay in Montreal? 

The average hourly pay for part time student jobs in Montreal is $16.47 in an hour.

This is all the information about how to get part-time Jobs in Montreal for national & international students. If you want to read more blogs on jobs abroad stay tuned with us on Leverage Edu.

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