Career Guide to Become a Bank Manager 

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Interested in pursuing a career in banking? Have you the ability to manage the clients? Do you have the ability to supervise others? Then the career of a bank manager is the right job for you. Even if you are not confident about this job role at present, no worries you can upskill yourself, and earn various certification courses. In this article, the bank manager aspirants will get a complete idea about the roles and responsibilities, required skills, and career opportunities available for a bank manager.

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Who is a Bank Manager?

Individuals who are responsible for a particular bank branch. They direct their employees and manage the daily operational tasks. They are also responsible for hiring new employees, analyzing performance rates of employees, and they have to also attract customers and communicate with the clients.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Bank Manager 

Check below the roles and responsibilities of a bank manager:

  • Candidates on a daily basis will have to communicate and make plans about marketing, business, and sales.
  • They will have to monitor sales targets and budgets and prepare figures and reports.
  • They will have to assess the risk of lending.
  • The bank manager should have the ability to motivate the staff to meet the targets.
  • As a manager, they should be able to find out the needs of individual and business customers.
  • The manager is also responsible for ensuring that the staff is following the rules and regulations properly.
  • The manager is also responsible for dealing with customer complaints.

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Education Qualifications to Become a Bank Manager

In order to become a bank manager the candidates will have to pursue the following educational qualifications:

Educational Level Degree
Undergraduate BCom, BSc in Accounting, BCom in Banking and Finance, BBA in Banking and Finance, BBA in Finance. BBA in Accounting, Banking, and Finance.
Postgraduate MBA in Finance, MSc in International Banking, Master of Banking and Finance Law, MBA in Banking and Finance, MCom in Banking, MSc in Banking and Finance 

How to Become a Bank Manager?

In order to get jobs as Bank Managers the candidates can follow the below-given points:

  • By doing a course from a college: Candidates can do the courses related to banking from a reputed college
  • By doing an apprenticeship: Individuals can work as apprentices in a bank and advance to management positions. Check some of the common apprenticeships such as chartered manager degree apprenticeship, financial services administrator advanced apprenticeship, senior financial services customer adviser advanced apprenticeship, financial services professional higher apprenticeship

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Skills Required for a Bank Manager

Check below the skills required to become a bank manager:

  • In order to get a job Abroad, Candidates must possess excellent English language skills
  • They must possess business management skills
  • Candidates should have strong customer service skills
  • The candidates should be able to sell products and services
  • The candidate should have leadership skills
  • Candidates should have knowledge of accounting and economics 
  • They should have a strong ambition to succeed
  • The candidates should have good knowledge of computer

Salary of a Bank Manager in Abroad

The salary of a bank manager abroad ranges from $125,580 to $189,481 with an average base salary of $150,614. The total cash component will include the base income, and annual incentives, which can vary anywhere from $145,208 to $234,831 with an average total cash component of $192,359.

Countries  Average Salary 
UK £50,135 per year
US $78,029 per year
Australia $130000
Canada $91121 per year
NewZealand NZ$82253 
Germany $94549 per year
Europe $94549 per year

Types of Bank Managers

Depending on their skills and qualifications, the types of bank managers can be divided into the following types:

  • Branch Manager: A branch manager is a person who oversees all the operations of a branch or financial institution. All the day-to-day functioning of a branch is handled by them.
  • Mortgage Broker: All the mortgage lenders and borrowers are brought together by the Mortgage Broker. he works as a manager or broker between two parties and manages all the mortgage functions.
  • Financial Advisor: The financial advisor’s role in a bank is to analyze the financial situation and look for the best opportunities and investment ways to increase capital and profit. A Financial Advisor does not manage finances but works as a guide to finance managers.
  • Investment Banking Manager: An Investment Banking Manager performs financial analysis, makes buy and sell recommendations of stocks, and does portfolio allocation of bonds and stocks. the basic role is to raise funds.
  • Service Manager: A service manager is a person who handles the management of hiring, training, and performance in a bank or other organization. 
  • Financial Planner/Manager: A financial planner or manager is a person who manages all the finance-related matters of a bank. this is the person responsible for all the final decisions on financial matters. 
  • Loan Advisor: A loan advisor in a bank is a person who briefs the clients about all the alternative lending options along with bringing to their notice the risks, consequences, and benefits of all the solutions.
  • Wealth Manager: Providing ongoing guidance to clients on their current financial situation, managing the finances, and developing investment strategies are the roles of a wealth manager. 
  • Loan Counsellor: The role of a Loan counselor is to analyse the financial status of the applicant by evaluating their credits and assets to decide if the loan should be granted or not. 

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Top Banks Offering Jobs of Bank Manager Abroad

So, Candidates will have to first decide what kind of bank they want to work for a public or private bank. Check some of the top banking institutions given below-

  • Barclays
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Citigroup
  • HSBC
  • Bank of China
  • Deutsche Bank
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bank of America
  • HDFC Bank
  • Goldman Sachs, and


What is the qualification for a bank manager?

To become bank managers the aspirants will have to qualify for Graduation, Post graduation, or Management in the required field after passing the 12th standard.

What is the highest position offered in the banking Industry?

The highest position offered in the banking industry is that of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Is it possible to become a bank manager directly?

If the candidate has completed his/her master’s in Accounting, Banking, Finance, or Business Administration, then they are eligible to apply for the position of bank manager Position.

Is the job of a bank manager rewarding?

The job of a bank manager is highly satisfactory, full of thrill, and comes with good pay. Despite the highs and lows of the profession, the stability and earnings it offers are worth the struggle.

This is all the information about bank managers for national & international students. If you want to read more blogs on jobs abroad stay tuned with us on Leverage Edu.

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