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teaching jobs in dubai

Dubai is a very attractive country for foreign students as well as workers. The country provides you with a unique culture, fascinating history, hospitality, and one-of-a-kind experience. A job in teaching in Dubai can be very beneficial if you are looking to explore the profession as well as the country. A good factor is that Dubai welcomes international teachers wholeheartedly alongside providing an abundance of opportunities. Know all about teaching in Dubai through the following blog.

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Reasons To Do Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Teaching in Dubai can be one of the most fantastic and rewarding experiences one could have in their career. The country can provide you with a vibrant culture and lovely people to immerse yourself in plenty of lively and interesting activities. You will have a lot of time in hand to make memories, travel, and explore international experiences along with your carer.

Following are some of the major reasons why you should choose to be a teacher in Dubai:

  • The country provides you with plenty of opportunities in the profession along with a good scope of growth, good pay, and plenty of time in hand to grow in all aspects
  • There are several main attractions that one might want to explore. The country is full of tourist destinations and you might never run out of options to visit in your free time
  • The education system in Dubai is world-class with a large and empowered private education system. The government of UEA has a vision to change the country into a knowledge-based and innovative society. This is leading to the demand for world-class teachers from across the world
  • The country has ease of language as the dominant language is English due to 80% of the population being of multinational and multiethnic background
  • The salary in UAE is tax-free increasing your disposable income
  • Apart from salary, in a teaching job, you get a housing allowance, insurance of health, annual flights home, etc 

Qualifications Required For Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Generally to teach in primary, elementary, secondary, or high school the following qualifications are required:

  • You should have a degree in the subject you want to teach
  • You are required to have teacher training like PGCE, PDGE, Master of Education, US teacher certification, and registration as a teacher 
  • You should be a fully licensed teacher in your country before applying for Dubai
  • Should not have any previous criminal record

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Process To  Get A Teaching Job In Dubai

Following is the process to get a teaching job in Dubai:

  • Search for the appropriate job, select the jobs that fit your eligibility
  • You can apply for teaching jobs online in Dubai with your CV
  • If you are applying through some agency the process might be easier, but if you choose to apply yourself directly, you will need to make a dozen applications due to the high competition in the industry
  • If your CV is selected, the school will contact you for the interview. The interview can be of two rounds and it will be online
  • If the interview is successful, you will need to provide the school with an experience letter, degree, qualification certifications, and no criminal record proof
  • you will receive an offer letter once you have cleared the interview and background check which you need to sign and return
  • Post this you will receive a contact to sign
  • After you have received the offer letter and contract, you can apply for the visa with the following documents as proof of your employment in the country
  • Once the visa is granted the employer will provide you with the tickets to the country and start the job

Make sure your CV has the following information:

teaching jobs in dubai

The Teaching Jobs In Dubai That Are In High Demand

The following are the subjects or courses that require teachers in Dubai and are in high demand:

  • Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering teachers are in shortage with levels of teaching as A level, advanced Placement, IB diploma, etc
  • Physics, Chemistry, and information technology teachers are in higher demand compared to biology and middle school teachers
  • There is also a need for Elementary and English teachers, but the competition in these departments is fierce as the application number is also high
  • The early years teacher is required in the later year as there is a shortage at that particular time
  • Music, drama, and female PE teachers are also in high demand as the number of openings is higher than the number of applications
  • Apart from these, teachers for niche subjects are also required in schools in Dubai, like Food Technology, History, Religious education, home economics, etc. These roles have comparatively fewer openings but the requirement for fine teachers is still high.

Salary In Teaching Jobs In Dubai

The salary of a teacher is not fixed in Dubai, it depends on the school, curriculum, experience, and education. The typical salary for the teachers qualified from the UK, US, NZ, CA, and Aus is given below:

teaching jobs in dubai

In addition to the salary, there is a policy of gratuity payment at the end of service or renewal of the contract. This is the pay given to you when you leave your job or when you renew your previous contract. It is a pay of less than one month. For Dubai, the gratuity is the pay of 23 days made to you in addition to your last salary before leaving the job or before the renewal of the contract.


Is there any age limit for teaching jobs in Dubai?

Yes, most of the schools prefer teachers with the age of 55 or below. As visa sponsorship for employers becomes very difficult after the age of 60 of the employee.

What is the contact duration for teaching jobs in Dubai?

The maximum number of schools offer a 2-year contract. A few schools as for 1 or 3 years of contract. Irrespective of the duration, the contract is always renewable.

Is it worth to be a teacher in Dubai?

The job of a teacher in Dubai is one of the most rewarding career options one can have. The job comes with a pool of opportunities for career and personal development. Apart from this, the job provides you with good pay with additional benefits, and plenty of extra time to explore the country and get involved in personal activities. 

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