Detailed Guide To Amazon Driver Salary In Canada In 2024

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Amazon Driver Salary In Canada

A lot of college students studying in Canada look for several part-time job options to earn extra money to meet their financial requirements. There are several options available in Canada for part-time and the job of an Amazon driver is one of the job options that is most preferred professions. The profession is not only open opportunities for just part-timers but also the full-time employees. This blog is going to give you a deep insight into the Amazon driver salary in Canada and help you analyse and choose the right career for yourself.


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Average Amazon Driver Salary In Canada

The job of an average delivery driver in Canada is a highly preferred career among part-time and full-time workers. The job is moderately rewarding compared to the workload in the field. The average salary that an Amazon delivery driver can earn in a year is 32,900 CAD.

  • The average highest salary that can be expected is 52,600 CAD
  • The average lowest salary that can be expected is 15,400 CAD

Let’s consider the monthly average factors and find out the monthly salary of an Amazon driver:

Average monthly salary2,741 CAD
Average highest monthly salary4,383 CAD
Average lowest monthly salary1,283 CAD

As the pay in this profession is considered based on hourly work, you can also expect to earn a varied salary from the mentioned averages as several other factors will come into consideration.

Amazon Driver Salary In Canada Based on Experience Level

The driving experience over the year will definitely come under consideration while the salary of a delivery driver is calculated. The years of experience have much effect on the productivity of the person and improves the efficiency at the work. The more experienced the employee is, it will have a positive effect on the salary. For example, if an employee is experienced for 2 to 5 years in the job of driving, he can expect to earn 38% of a higher salary. Look at the following to understand the role of experience better. 

Amazon Driver Salary In Canada

Amazon Driver Salary In Canada Based on Education Level

The education level can also be a very important factor in the salary determination of an Amazon driver as education serves the purpose of knowledge and etiquette. Drivers with high levels of education earn a very good salary. In this field of work, the diploma holder can earn a whopping 51% of the extra salary compared to a high school qualification holder. 

Educational Qualification Average Salary 
High school23,000 CAD
Diploma 31,400 CAD
Bachelor’s degree 49,400 CAD

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Amazon Driver Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The salary differs for the employees in certain professions in different working sectors. The public sector usually pays the employees better. In Canada the average difference is 6%, the public sector has an average income of 6% more compared to the other sectors. Following is the average salary in both sectors:

Sector Average Salary
Private sector 123,000 CAD
Public sector 115,600 CAD

Amazon Driver Salary In Canada Compared In Different Cities

If the analysis has to be made clearly, each city individually can be seen and the average salary can be analysed. This will help you know about the best-paying cities as there is a slight difference in the salary of all cities of the same country. The following image gives several well-paying cities and the average salary for comparison:

Amazon Driver Salary In Canada

Amazon Driver Salary In Canada Compared With Similar Professions

The analysis and the comparison of the average salary of a considered profession to similar professions help determine if the profession is fairly paid and worth the work. The following table gives the names of certain professions and the average salary paid in them to make  a thorough comparison:

Profession Average Salary 
Car driver 38,700 CAD
Delivery Specialist 44,300 CAD
Courier coordinator 54,500 CAD
Limousine driver 45,100 CAD
Taxi driver 36,800 CAD
Transport officer 37,300 CAD
Transport and shipping supervisor 54,100 CAD
Third officer 35,000 CAD
Goods receiving expediter 36,700 CAD

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Are there opportunities in Canada for Amazon drivers?

There are plenty of job opportunities for the job of Amazon drivers in Canada. The job is very comfortable and does not even require you to have any hardcore skills. You just need to have professional experience in driving and some soft skills.

Is the job of an Amazon driver helpful for part-timers?

Yes, the job of an Amazon driver is a very good option for part-timers as the job provides the flexibility and comfortability of the working hours. The wages are also decided on an hourly basis which makes it even more suitable.

Is the average pay raise good in the profession of an Amazon driver in Canada?

The average pay raise is not very high in the industry, it is around 6% every year. However, you can expect a pay raise based on your performance which can be different from the average. 

These were all the details about Amazon driver salary in Canada. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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