9 Best Part-Time Jobs in Germany: Salary & Recruiters

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Just as the study abroad trend is breaking records, working while studying abroad is creating new ones! Nearly two-thirds of the students in Germany are pursuing part-time jobs during their studies. In fact, part-time work is considered an essential part of the study abroad experience. If you are planning to study abroad in Germany then you will see for yourself how working while studying can enhance your personality and experience. Therefore, it is better to consider the best part-time jobs in Germany beforehand, rather than hustling for various options after moving abroad. 

Country Germany
Most Employed Job SectorsAcademic, Admin, Sales, Research, Staff
Average Pay12 EUR to 19 EUR /hour
Permissible Working Hours 20 hours/week
Minimum Wage9.82 EUR /hour

For all rules and regulations related to part time jobs in Germany refer to our Detailed Guide for Part Time Jobs in Germany

Why Do International Students Consider Part-Time Jobs in Germany?

Germany is the most affordable, popular study-abroad destination in the European Union. The public universities of Germany and the affordability of education in the country are no secrets to international students. So why do they still consider working part-time rather than focussing on their studies? Here are some reasons why, 

Why work Part Time Jobs in Germany?
  1. It is a no-brainer but it assists you in covering your living costs in Germany
  2. It provides experience and exposure to the student. 
  3. Skilling up the knowledge and education comes in complementary. 
  4. You can prove to the authorities that you can self-sustain yourself which can help you with visas after studies. 
  5. Having a work record and building connections. Good connections with employers look positive on the resume. 

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There can be various part-time jobs in Germany. Subsequently, they have different work descriptions, salaries and companies offering positions under that role. Here is a description of some of the most popular part-time jobs in Germany.


Tutoring students after college hours is feasible for university students. It helps them engage with the natives and also acquire cultural influence and insights about the locals. It is not only academics, one can choose any skill they advance in to teach and other students will roll in. 

Companies Personal connections, Recruiting websites
Expected Payscale  12 EUR to  15 EUR /hour

Courier Delivery

Based on the company that hired you, a courier delivery person has to deliver different items to the customers. These can be groceries, medicine or many other things. Further, these jobs can be easily found on recruiting websites. 

Companies Pharmacies, Grocery stores, Supermarkets
Expected Payscale  09 EUR to  12 EUR /hour

Waiter or Waitress

You will have to work as a support staff at restaurants, cafes or bars would be the key role and responsibilities. You will have to deal with the customers in the area giving you exposure to interact with the local crowd. 

Companies Restaurants, Bars and Cafes
Expected Payscale  07 EUR to  10 EUR /hour

Student Assistant

You will be required to work with the teaching staff at your university campus. You will help them design coursework, administer work, manage the library or help through the research papers. This is one of the most popular jobs in Germany.

Companies Universities and Institutions
Expected Payscale  10 EUR to  17 EUR /hour

Shopping Assistant

Help the customers find what they are looking for at stores and earn money! It involves a bit of administrative work as well though. You will be required to maintain store records and inventory. 

Companies Supermarkets, Malls, Shopping Stores
Expected Payscale  09 EUR to 11 EUR /hour

Office Assistant

Taking phone calls related to the office and responding to official emails. It also involves attending the office visitors during the office hours. To work as an office assistant you will need strong communication skills and working knowledge of equipment like fax, printers and photocopy machines etc.

Companies Corporate offices and start-ups
Expected Payscale  12 EUR /hour


Part Time Jobs in Germany

This job is only suitable for those who are good with children. Enjoy your time with children taking care of their basic needs. the job sites are mostly their homes and you can also do your own office work if the kids are older. The working hours for this job are extremely flexible.

Companies Personal approach
Expected Payscale  10 EUR to  15 EUR /hour

Call Centre

Part Time Jobs in Germany

These jobs usually involve calling customers. If you are looking for customer care jobs then you will need good communications skills. The job role is usually associated with selling or servicing of products and addressing their grievances.

Companies Corporates, Calling Centres
Expected Payscale  15 EUR /hour

Field Interviewer

Part Time Jobs in Germany

The job role involves conducting surveys and field interviews for various businesses to aid their research. It is also one of the best-paid jobs, especially for international students. It mostly involves collecting customer feedback and requires communication skills and knowledge of the German language.

Companies Product-based companies and Service sector
Expected Payscale  18 EUR to 20 EUR /hour

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Other Part-Time Jobs Options for International Students 

Is this it? No, there are many jobs that you can choose from. Some of them are listed below but you can browse the recruiting options and surprise yourselves with many more interesting Part-time jobs in Germany. 

  • Babysitting
  • Customer care
  • Delivery driver
  • Caterer
  • Office Assistant
  • Field interviewer
  • Cashier
  • Translator
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Part-Time Job Options in Germany

If you are aware of part-time work abroad, you would know that you can work on campus as well as off-campus while studying abroad. Here are the jobs under these categories in Germany. 

On Campus

  • Tutorial Assistant
  • Literature researcher
  • Library supervisor

Off-campus jobs

  • Tutoring (Students in teacher training)
  • Trade Fairs
  • Babysitter
  • Waiter or Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Cashier
  • Courier service
  • Data entry
  • Media (Journalism students)


How much can we earn as a part-time student in Germany?

The minimum wage for a part-time worker in Germany is 9.82 EUR /hour. On average, a student can earn nearly 12 EUR to 19 EUR /hour by working part-time in Germany. 

What are the best part-time jobs in Germany?

The best part-time jobs in Germany are offered in the fields of Academic, Admin, Sales, Research and Staff. Students can find such jobs both on campus and off campus. 

Is it possible to work 2 part-time jobs in Germany?

Yes, if the employers agree to this and the working hours fall within the limit of 20 hours a week, one can work 2 part-time jobs in Germany. 

This was all about Part-time jobs in Germany, if you are also looking to know more about Study Abroad, follow Leverage edu.  

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