Descriptive Structure Of Accountant Salary In USA

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accountant salary in usa

USA provides accountants with a world-class market of opportunities, career paths, and good ROI. The career of an accountant is highly respected and comes with a well-built developmental pathway. The position is always in demand and has clear-cut competition with several highly skilled accountants coming from across the world. When considering a career pathway as an accountant, salary details are also to be considered. Know complete details about the accountant salary in USA through this blog.


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Average Accountant Salary In USA

The average salary that an accountant makes in an annum in the USA is typically 65,900 USD. The average salary for a month along with the highest and lowest factors are given in the table below: 

Average salary per annum65,900 USD
Highest salary per annum103,600 USD
Lowest salary per annum32,200 USD
Average salary per month5,491 USD
Highest salary per month8,633 USD
Lowest salary per month 2,683 USD

Effect Of Experience Level on Average Accountant Salary In USA

The level of experience determines the level of knowledge and skills an employees have. Therefore, experience affects the salary drastically. This is one of the most important parameters to decide upon the salary when a person is hired in any company. For the job role of an accountant around 2 years of experience can gain you a salary package 32% higher.

accountant salary in usa

Average Accountant Salary In USA Compared To Similar Professions

To understand the Average Accountant salary in USA and get a better comparison, let us compare the Accountant’s salary to other similar professions in the same industry with the help of the table given below:

Profession Salary 
Accounting head137,100 USD
Accounting manager 142,100 USD
Accounting officer49,800 USD
Assistant auditor68,200 USD
Assistant accounting manager124,500 USD
Business analyst115,600 USD
Bookkeeper 44,500 USD
Budget manager142,300 USD
Business support analyst80,200 USD
Cashflow analyst 99,100 USD
Chartered accountant90,900 USD
Chief accountant97,600 USD

Average Accountant Salary In USA Based On Gender

For several years, a lot of efforts have been continuously being made to remove the gender difference at the workplace to be completely removed from society. Certain aspects like average pay, etc still show some amount of difference for men and women in the same role. In the job of an accountant, females are paid approximately 4% less than men in the USA.

The average salary based on gender is:

Gender Salary 
Male 68,900 USD
Female 66,000 USD

Effect Of Education Level on Average Accountant Salary In USA

Like experience level, education level is one of the major parameters to decide what salary you will earn. Higher education displays a higher level of work clarity and skill exhibition. The level of education is directly proportional to the salary range you are offered. An accountant with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn 36% more salary compared to an employee with diploma level qualification, and a similar goes for master’s degree-holding employees. 

Education levelSalary 
High school50,500 USD
Diploma or certificate57,800 USD
Bachelor’s degree74,900 USD
Master’s degree94,800 USD

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City Based Comparison Of Average Accountant Salary In USA

A country can have differences in salary for the same position in different cities. To know more about the accountant salary in USA, let’s see the average salary paid in certain different cities.

accountant salary in usa

Sector Based Comparison Of Average Accountant Salary In USA

The difference in the sector also makes a difference in average pay. The government or public sector is likely to provide its employees with higher salaries compared to the private sector. Public sector employees have been observed to be earning 6% of higher salary compared to the employees in the private sector. 

The following is the average salary for both the sectors:

Sector Salary 
Private sector93,100 USD
Public sector98,800 USD


What is the incentive percentage on Accountants’ salaries in the USA?

Incentives are the pay raises offered by the employer to the employees on a yearly or half-yearly basis. The average incentive an accountant can expect in the USA is 9% every 12 months. The pay raise can differ from the average as it is performance-based.

Is the job of an Accountant a good bonus-based job?

The job of an accountant in the USA is not a high bonus-based job as the bonus received is only reported by 56% of the total employees working in the industry. The range of bonuses that is offered to them lies between 3% to 6%.

Is it worth being an accountant in USA?

Being an accountant in the USA in matters of growth opportunity, diverse market, growth pathway, and average pay is very worth. The profession also provides you with a sense of acknowledgement and worthiness in society.

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