A Complete Payscale Report for a Software Engineer Salary in Canada

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Software Engineer Salary in Canada

In Canada, there were about 57,000 software engineers and designers who were employed and received a lot of benefits. In Canada’s software business, positions like developer and cloud systems engineer are well compensated. The main and most important reasons to choose Canada for working as a software engineer are that the salary that is paid out for IT professionals is high compared to other professions. Due to the demand for highly skilled IT professionals, we can offer a variety of job opportunities in different cities with a good salary. You may find out the most recent software engineer salaries in Canada by reading this blog.

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Scope of Software Engineer in Canada

Scope of Software Engineer in Canada

Software engineers are in high demand in Canada’s provinces because Canadian firms need skilled tech workers. One of the 29 target jobs under the esteemed BC PNP Tech Pilot is a software engineer. When compared to other fields, this one pays the highest. In Canada, the average annual income for software engineers is approximately $88,561. Software developers with experience can get up to C$ 163,466 a year.

The employment outlook for software developers has improved by 21%. Eight provinces have the highest concentration of software engineering job vacancies. Software developers in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta make the most money. A software developer makes, on average, 92,313.6 CAD per year. Software engineers can immigrate to Canada in 10 different ways.

Location Wise Software Engineer Salary in Canada

Here is the list of Highest-Paying Cities and provinces for software engineers in Canada: 

LocationAverage Payscale 
Quebec150,173 CAD
Ontario150,102 CAD
Nova Scotia150,000 CAD
Prince Edward Island149,126 CAD
British Columbia148,992 CAD
New Brunswick147,146 CAD
Alberta131,846 CAD
Manitoba124,728 CAD
Calgary81,784  CAD
Toronto90,650 CAD
Vancouver96,673 CAD
Waterloo90,236 CAD
Ottawa87,744  CAD
Mississauga81,881 CAD
Montréal 81,091 CAD
Markham84,633 CAD
Edmonton75,717 CAD

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Similar Job Options with Salaries in Canada 

Here is a list of some similar top jobs in the field of information technology in Canada, along with their salaries. 

Job Positions Average Payscale 
.NET Developer149,354 CAD
Software Engineer82,000 CAD
Senior Software Engineer132,638 CAD
Software Development Engineer126,597 CAD
Java Developer123,245 CAD
Back end developer 94,240 CAD
Software Developer104,814 CAD
Business Analyst 79,433 CAD
Application Developer 74,047 CAD
Scope of Software Engineer in Canada

Software Engineer Salary in Canada Based on Experience 

The salary of a software engineer in Canada might differ based on the level of experience. Here we have mentioned the average salary of a software engineer with an experience level 

Level of Experience Average Salary 
Less than 1 year of experience67,402 CAD
Between 1-4 years of Experience77,018 CAD
Between 5-9 years of Experience89,639 CAD
10-19 years of experience96,871 CAD
More than 20 years of experience163,466 CAD

Top Companies offer Software Engineer Jobs

The top companies listed that are offering job opportunities for software engineers in Canada with a good salary 

Companies Name Average Payscale 
Amazon148,010 CAD
Google145,862 CAD
IBM98,904 CAD
Microsoft124,546 CAD
Cisco Systems109,523 CAD
Electronic Arts112,201 CAD
Shopify129,418 CAD
MDA85,803 CAD
RBC95,391 CAD
Ciena100,755 CAD
Tata Consultancy Services77,790 CAD
Amazon94,714 CAD
SAP100,175 CAD
Arista Networks140,706 CAD
Scotiabank100,000 CAD


How much is a software engineer paid in Canada?

The average salary for a Software Engineer is $108,340 per year in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a Software Engineer in Canada is $11,616, with a range from $5,047 – $26,732.

Is Canada a good place for software engineers?

Canada, with its booming tech industry, immigration-friendly policies, high quality of life, and commitment to diversity, is undoubtedly an excellent option for software engineers seeking new opportunities

What is the highest-paid software company in Canada?

Top Companies for Software Engineers in Canada

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