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Why do people choose to study abroad? To enhance their chances of getting a better job, pursue their dream career, settle in their favourite countries, to gain exposure or all of these. Surprisingly, working part-time can help them with all these plans they have for themselves. If your study abroad destination is Australia, and your dream university is in or near Melbourne, then here is the key to your Lalaland. Part-time jobs in Melbourne will help you mix better in the local environment and at the same time prepare you for your adventures ahead. Let’s see how. 


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Why Work Part Time in Melbourne?

Working part-time in Melbourne will earn you a good amount of money, for sure! However, that is not it, you can achieve much more while pursuing your education at universities in Melbourne. Working on campus will help you spend more time among the students and teachers and you can learn a lot from the university staff. 

You can do on-campus part-time work, internships apprenticeships etc. to study and hone your skills at the same time. Finding part-time jobs in Australian cities is not an uphill battle, therefore you can also choose to work off-campus to engage in the vast pool of diversity and culture. Parti-time jobs in Melbourne will thus provide you with experience, connections, skills and adaptability. 

List of 10 Best Part-Time Jobs in Melbourne

There is a vast variety to choose from if you decide to work part-time in Melbourne. You can either choose from popular fields like retail, hospitality and customer service or go for internships and apprenticeships specific to your career goals. 

Universities provide a plethora of apprenticeships and internships in Melbourne. Top gamers like Swisberne Institute of Technology, RMIT, and Monash University have their websites filled with such offers that an international student can also avail of. 

Here is a list of the top 10 part-time jobs in Melbourne with salaries for the students to consider. 

JobsAverage Salary
Pick Packer29 USD to 32 USD /Hr
Supermarket Assistant24 USD to 30 USD /Hr
Receptionist45K USD to 59K USD /Month
Office Coordinator60K USD to 80K USD /Month
Delivery driver13 USD to 15 /Hr
Personal Tutor13 USD to 20 USD /Hr
Book Keeper30 USD to 40 USD/Hr
Data entry 15 USD to 22 USD/Hr
Coffee waiter 20 USD to 30 USD/Hr
Elderly care worker 32 USD to 38 USD/Hr 

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Apprenticeships Internships

Internships are offered as part-time work in specific fields. The internships provided by the university are paid and particular to the course in which a student is enrolled. Internships can also be found off-campus in various industries and work fields. 

Apprenticeships are training-oriented programs offered by universities in which every student learns while working. The best part is that these are paid programs and are offered for varied durations ranging from a few months to a few years. To apply for an apprenticeship, a student must follow an easy process, 

  1. Find a course that offers an apprenticeship.
  2. Check the entry requirements.
  3. Find an employer that offers apprenticeships. 
  4. Complete the training agreement. 

Eligibility Requirements to Work Part-Time in Melbourne

You are eligible to work part-time as a student in Melbourne if you have a Subclass 500, student visa. According to recent developments, since July 2023 students are allowed to work 48 hours per fortnight on a student visa. There is no working hours limit during vacations. 

Also if you have been living in Melbourne for more than 6 months you will be considered a resident for taxation purposes. Therefore, one needs to register for a Tax File Number or TFN after arriving in Australia. Moreover, one must be a full-time student in Melbourne to be eligible for any part-time jobs. 

Top Companies and Recruiters Offering Part-Time Work

Here are some of the top companies or organisations in Melbourne that offer part-time work. 

  • Australian Universities
  • Mercedes
  • Quacquarelli Symonds 
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Oracle 
  • IBM

Though it is best for the students to get associated with university placement cells and international student communities to get jobs, they can also find jobs on their own. This can be through connections or recruiting websites. The top recruiting websites in Melbourne to look for part-time work are mentioned below; 

  • PeopleScout Australia
  • Indeed Australia
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Gumtree
  • SEEK
  • Adzuna
  • Workforce Australia

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How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Melbourne

There are many ways of finding part-time jobs in Australia. Most of them have been mentioned so far. Here we will discuss the step-wise flow of finding part-time work in Melbourne. 

  • To find a part-time job, one must have first been enrolled in a full-time course at a university. So, you get admission first. 
  • The next step is to move to Melbourne and start your course at the university. 
  • Join international student communities, the university placement cell and student help groups.
  • Then make a resume with the help of your peers from these organisations that is workable in the Australian context. 
  • Ask your connections and in your group to forward your resume and sit for interviews wherever necessary. 
  • In case you are also willing to apply online, look for job posting websites and create an exceptional resume on the website.
  • Apply for jobs and wait to be accepted. Then begin your work and enjoy your life as an international student in Melbourne. 


Is it hard to find part-time work in Melbourne?

Not quite, if you have the right qualifications and eligibility, and the job descriptions fit your profile then not at all. You will, however, have to make a confident resume and cover letter before applying. 

How much do part-time employees earn in Melbourne?

Part-time employees in Melbourne earn anywhere between 18 USD to 22 USD an hour on average. This is specific to the job applied, skills and experience of the candidate.

Are there any part-time jobs for students in Melbourne?

Yes, there are part-time jobs available for students in Melbourne. You can either choose from popular fields like retail, hospitality and customer service or go for internships and apprenticeships specific to your career goals. 

This was all about Part-time jobs in Melbourne, if you are also looking to know more about Australia or study abroad details, follow Leverage edu.  

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