Discover Part Time Jobs in Indonesia as an International Student

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Part time jobs in Indonesia have become very popular due to its monthly minimum wage and its cost of living. The monthly wage depends on an employee’s location but usually, it ranges from DR 1,765,000 (USD 127) to IDR 4,416,186 (USD 317). Also, the cost of living is much lower as compared to other countries. The working hours in Indonesia are 40 hours a week on average. The employees are also allowed to take a break of 30 minutes after 4 consecutive working hours. Follow the below article to learn more about part-time jobs in Indonesia.

Average Part time working Hours 40 hours a week
Part time income monthly DR 1,765,000 (USD 127) to IDR 4,416,186 (USD 317)

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Advantages of Part-Time Jobs for Students in Indonesia

No matter which subjects the students are studying or what goals they are targeting in the future, a part-time job is always a great option for students in Indonesia. Listed below are some of the benefits of part-time or weekend job has to offer:

  • Source of Extra Income –  First and the foremost reason why Indonesian students seek out part time jobs is to help themselves with extra income for textbooks or to spend some extra income. 
  • Network Building – Part time jobs in Indonesia give an excellent opportunity to start networking with different people from different industries which increases job opportunities in the future.
  • Flexible Schedule – As most part time jobs require about 20-40 hours of work per week. This is quite feasible for the students as they can earn extra money and also learn skills at the same time without overburdening themselves.
  • Reduce Student Loan Amount – Most of the foreign students take loans to study abroad. Therefore, part-time jobs are a good option to earn extra income and repay the loan amount.

Where to Look for Part-Time Student Jobs in Indonesia

Check below the most popular ways to find part-time jobs as a student in Indonesia:

  • GrabJobs.co – This website allows you to chat instantly with employers and automatically set reminders for interviews so that the students never miss an opportunity. 
  • LinkedIn Indonesia – LinkedIn Indonesia allows you to access a variety of job listings for various industries and makes it easy for you to select the part time job as per your choice.
  • Referrals – Students can also approach their friends or family members who are working in a part-time job in Indonesia, and ask for referrals in their company.

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Types of Part Time Jobs in Indonesia

There are many part time jobs in Indonesia for students. Check some of them listed below:

Job TitleAverage Salary Range (USD)
Accounting & Finance Manager1,413 – 2,331
Sales Manager2,331 – 3,887
Marketing Manager2,331 – 3,887
Software Developer1,060 – 2,826
UI/UX Manager2,331 – 3,887
Product Manager4,239 – 4,945
Data Analyst777 – 1,907

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs in Indonesia for Students

Now, check out some of the best part-time jobs for students in Indonesia. From part-time retail jobs to part-time work-from-home jobs, the below list contains 5 great part time job opportunities:

Call Center Sales Associate – These associates help businesses promote products and close sales over the phone. Some of these jobs require you to work from the office, whereas others are part-time jobs. 

Average SalaryRp56.542 per hour 
Companies HiringMitracomm Ekasarana Excellent Stars 

Call Center Customer Service Representative- This part time job is similar to call centre sales agents, and call centre customer service representatives. They need to answer phone calls and help businesses answer client’s questions, address their complaints, and facilitate returns and exchanges. 

Average SalaryRp74.553 per hour 
Companies HiringMitracomm Ekasarana Excellent Stars 

Tutors – They work with other students (either same-age students or younger) to share knowledge and help them sharpen their skills and improve their performance in a particular subject. Some tutors travel back and forth to different schools or meet students in public places, but others work from home and communicate through video chat. 

Average SalaryRp69.449 per hour
Companies HiringTeacher onn Preply Browse Tutor Jobs in Indonesia on GrabJobs  

Retail Salesperson – These salespeople work in different retail stores and sell a variety of products, from clothing to home goods. Retail sales is a good part-time job for students who enjoy interacting with people and want to learn more about the retail industry. 

Average SalaryRp55.884 per hour
Companies HiringMOSAB Distribution Browse Retail Salesperson Jobs in Indonesia on GrabJobs  

Food Service Worker – These workers are employed by all kinds of restaurants. They help in the preparation, distribution, and cleanup and ensure that all visitors have a good experience. 

Average SalaryRp34.189 per hour 
Companies HiringMyToast Coffee Flash Coffee

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Is it easy to get a part time job in Indonesia?

No, it is not easy for foreigners to legally work in Indonesia. The Indonesian government has certain guidelines on what is permitted and how many people can be hired, and all firms, including multinational companies, must adhere to these strict guidelines.

What are the working hours in Indonesia?

The students are allowed to work 40 hours per week on an average basis. In case of 6 days working 7 hours per week and 8 hours per week in case of 5 days working.

What is the minimum age to work in Indonesia?

The minimum age for part time jobs in Indonesia is 15 years. This is valid in case of regular employment. 

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