The Complete Breakdown of Database Administrator Salary in US 2024 

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Database Administrator Salary in US

Database administration is one of the exciting fields that provide various job opportunities with strong earning potential. But do you know how much you know in the United States working as a Data Administrator? This guide will help you to understand the actual earning potential for Database Administrators (DBAs) in the United States. Also, we have shed light on different factors that can influence your salary range. So, whether you are an entry-level DBA or an Experienced. You can gain valuable insight into your future earning power. 


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What is the Average Database Administrator Salary in US in 2024 

In the field of database administration, salaries can vary depending on experience and other factors.  On average, Database Administrators in the United States bring home an annual salary of USD 19,860, translating to a monthly salary of USD 1,655.  However, the range can be significant, with some entry-level DBAs starting around USD 8,100 annually (USD 675 monthly) and experienced professionals reaching as high as USD 31,080 annually (USD 2,590 monthly).

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Database Administrator Salary By Experience in US

A database administrator’s compensation increases with experience. The US database administrator pay is shown here, adjusted by experience level. 

Database Administrator Salary in US

Database Administrator Salary By Education in US

The salary can vary depending on the level of education. We have added the database administrator salary in US based on the level of education. 

Education Average Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma14,840 USD
Bachelor’s Degree19,860 USD
Master’s Degree30,700 USD

Database Administrator Salary By Organisation in US

In the US, there are numerous companies that offer competitive pay. The US database administrator pay, broken down by organization, is included here. 

Organization Average Salary Per Year 
Tata Consultancy Services1,06,409 USD
Wipro97,067 USD 
Fujitsu1,06,892 USD 
CGI1,03,913 USD 
Cyber think1,06,998 USD 
Compunnel1,10,459 USD 
Oracle1,55,753 USD 
Sree Infotech97,063 USD 
Patni Computer Systems1,10,261 USD 
IBM1,09,304  USD 
Tech Mahindra1,05,096 USD 
Infolob Solutions98,453 USD 
Hitachi Vantara1,18,696 USD 
Sterling 51,04,307 USD 
Appridat93,697 USD 
Sunmerge Systems94,705 USD 
System Soft Technologies1,07,049 USD 
Tech Mahindra99,710 USD 
Cisco Systems1,42,331 USD 

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Database Administrator Salary By Cities in US

A database administrator’s pay is also influenced by their location; those who work in major cities usually make more money than those who work in smaller communities. The database administrator salary in US based on the top cities is added here. 

Database Administrator Salary in US

Database Administrator Salary By Positions in US

The average salary range for professionals in technology connected to database administration is shown below. 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Database Administrator 76,351 USD 
Senior Database Administrator110,996  USD 
Senior Database Administrator110,996 USD 
Junior Database Administrator70,137 USD 
Data Engineer130,453 USD 
Software Engineer128,882 USD 
Systems Engineer115,239 USD 
IT Manager112,834 USD 
Network Engineer108,217 USD 
System Administrator91,878 USD 
Systems Analyst90,037 USD 
Systems Administrator87,459 USD 
IT Analyst82,697 USD 
CNA34,563 USD 

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Q1: Which DBA has the highest salary?

The top 5 highest paying jobs who know DBA with reported salaries are:
Associate director – ₹46.0lakhs per year.
Senior manager – ₹34.0lakhs per year.
Technical solutions consultant – ₹30.0lakhs per year.
Senior oracle dba – ₹21.0lakhs per year.
Postgresql dba – ₹20.0lakhs per year.

Q2: How much does an admin job pay in the USA?

In the United States, an administrator’s annual total compensation is predicted to be 72,268 USD with an average salary of 65,903 USD. These figures, referred to as the median, represent the midpoint of the ranges from our special Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages collected from our users.

Q3: Is database administrator an IT job?

The majority of database administrators have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another information-related field. The usual prerequisite for database administrators (DBAs) and architects is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline.

This was all about the Database Administrator Salary in the US in 2024. For more such articles follow Leverage Edu and our official page Jobs Abroad. 

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