Complete Guide About English Teacher Salary In South Korea

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english teacher salary in south korea

One of the most preferred destinations abroad for teaching, especially English is South Korea. The education sector of South Korea not only provides salary but a lot of benefits making the teaching market very attractive. A lot of English teaching aspirants from across the globe come to the country considering the teaching scope and vibrant culture of the country. This blog provides you with all the information you need to know about the English teacher’s salary in South Korea. 


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Average English Teacher Salary In South Korea

Job as an English teacher is very promising in South Korea. Apart from a fixed annual salary, the teachers are provided with various other benefits. The average annual salary of an English teacher is around 34,919,600 KRW.

Average annual salary34,919,600  KRW
Lowest monthly salary18,121,700 KRW
Highest monthly salary53,398,300 KRW
Average monthly salary2,909,966 KRW
Lowest monthly salary1,510,141 KRW 
Highest monthly salary4,449,858 KRW

English Teacher Salary In South Korea Based On Experience  

The salary in any profession be it teacher or others always differs based on experience level. High experience in teaching will give you a high amount considering your expertise in the field. A teacher with just 2 years of experience can earn around 34% more than a teacher with no experience.

english teacher salary in south korea

English Teacher Salary In South Korea Based On Education Level  

Along with experience,  the education level plays a very crucial role in determining the pay of a teacher. A master’s degree can fetch you an income of approx 25% more than a bachelor’s degree, similarly, a Ph.D. can gain you 60% of more income. 

english teacher salary in south korea

English Teacher Salaray In South Korea Compared To Other Similar Professions

Profession Salary 
Academic Specialist 44,998,2005 KRW
Academic Manager58,798,900 KRW
Academic Librarian34,788,800 KRW
Academic Coach48,961,500 KRW
Academic Assistant38,158,300 KRW
Academic Advisor52,201,800 KRW
Art Teacher35,398,900 KRW
Assistant School Principal51,119,900 KRW
Assistant Teacher33,961,700 KRW
Biology Teacher40,559,300 KRW
Business Teacher40,439,700 KRW

English Teacher Salary In South Korea Compared Based On Cities

City Salary 
Deague 37,318,700 KRW
Busan 40,799,600 KRW
Daejeon 37,561,000 KRW
Goyang 35,521,000 KRW
Incheon 41,040,700 KRW
Seoul 40,559,300 KRW
Ulsan 35,398,900 KRW 
Suweon 37,911,200 KRW
Gwangju 37,800,500 KRW

English Teacher Salary In South Korea Based On Gender

Despite the gender neutrality taking place in all sectors, there are still a lot of jobs retaining some of the differences like the pay in teaching jobs in South Korea. In South Korea, male teachers are most likely to earn 8% more salary than female teachers.

  • On average a male teacher’s salary is 39,241,100 KRW.
  • On average a female teacher’s salary is 36,358,600 KRW.

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English Teacher Salary In South Korea Based On Sector

Different sectors provide different types of salaries in the teaching profession. Following is the comparison based on sector.

Teaching sectorSalary 
Public school teaching1.5 – 3 million won 
Private school teaching1.9 – 2.4 million won 
University teaching2.3 – 5 million won 
International schools1.8 – 2.8 million won
Private Tutoring 1 – 2 million won

Benefits Apart From Salary For English Teacher In South Korea

There are a lot more benefits provided by the employer to the teachers like:

  • On average, a pay raise for an English teacher every 12 months can be around 8%. 
  • Free housing or housing allowance 
  • Airfare for round trips is provided by many institutes
  • Relaxation on healthcare provided in most institutes
  • A pension scheme is also one of the benefits that most employers provide.
  • A bonus of 0-4% is reported by employees.

Considering a lot of expenses being reduced, the savings of an English teacher gain a bigger scope.


Is the English Teacher’s Salary in South Korea sufficient enough to survive in South Korea?

Yes, the salary of an English teacher is very sufficient in South Korea to live a fulfilled life in your duration there along with traveling, eating out, etc.

Can savings be made on this salary?

Yes, teachers in South Korea can save a good share of income even after living a sufficient life.

What is one major benefit of being a Teacher in South Korea?

Free housing and enormous opportunities to grow.

This was all the major information one would want to know about English teacher’s Salary  in South Korea. To know more about other professions or for more such information kindly follow Jobs Abroad and for information in Study Abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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