10 Unusual Courses You Didn’t Know Existed

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10 Unusual Courses You Didn’t Know Existed

As a student, choosing the perfect subject is one of the most daunting tasks. You need to ensure you’re not being dominated by your indecision or you might end up choosing something that cannot help you in future. All you need to do is find out more about a course that can prove beneficial for your career. But sometimes students don’t realize the importance of standing apart from the crowd. You can choose well-known courses that offer high-paying job opportunities. But the thing with these courses is that they are super competitive. Choosing an unusual course is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Here’s a list of some lesser-known 10 Unusual Courses that you didn’t know existed especially UG and PG courses


10 Unusual Courses You Didn’t Know Existed

Here are some unusual courses that can help you boost your career financially and eventually increase your knowledge in a specific domain:

1. Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies 

This is a master’s program offered by Uppsala University, the 98th-ranked university in the world as per QS-ranking. If you pursue this specific course, you will be able to develop your career as an analyst or researcher in the public or private sector. The duration of this course is 2 years. During this time, you will get to know more about the reasons for war, peacebuilding opportunities, international conflict solutions, and other critical issues. 

Sweden has a robust reputation in this specific area of study and universities such as Malmo University and Umea University also offer identical courses to the students. 

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2. Master’s or Bachelor’s in Ecotechnology 

Pursuing an eco-technology course at Mid Sweden University would allow you to work in one of the best and fastest-growing sectors in the world: green business. You can learn the insights of ecotechnology in terms of entrepreneurship and the social, neutral, and engineering sciences. As this course is super unique as well as less competitive, you can develop a strong career in green business, countering different types of environmental challenges

The bachelor’s degree program for ecotechnology is of three years whereas a more advanced program like a master’s is of two years. 

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3. Master’s or Bachelor’s in Game Design 

There are countless Swedish universities with mind-blowing programs in gaming. In addition, some of the universities also have tie-ups with industry-leading players. If you want to know more about game design, the three-year course from Uppsala University will help you know the basics of different game design elements, 3D modelling, computer graphics, and character drawing. In your final year, you can develop and design your own game by implementing your learning and knowledge. 

But if you’re planning to go for master’s programs, the University of Skovde will help you develop more serious games. 

4. Master’s Degree in Communication of Development 

This is also a one-year course that can be completed by Malmo University. Sociology, anthropology, and psychology are some of the most common subjects that will be covered during this time. You can also learn about media communication methods as well as technologies to address the inequality of global change. When you graduate from your course, you can work as a consultant and communication officer with CSOs and NGOs, the World Bank or the UN. 

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5. Master’s Degree in Open E-Government 

A two-year master’s program at Stockholm University in the field of ICT will help you follow a leading role in the digitalization of the government. From innovation and service design to security in democracy and e-government, this program will prepare you with a multidisciplinary foundation. As this program is conducted on an online platform, you will be able to take classes from any corner of the world. 

6. Master’s Degree in Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning 

If you’re someone who is attracted by outdoor life, a master’s degree in outdoor studies would undoubtedly prove the best option for you. This degree can be completed at Linkoping University where the professors and faculty members would help you boost your overall knowledge. As your primary focus will be on experiential learning in terms of culture, nature, and society, you will get to learn about various aspects of outdoor studies and how they can contribute to sustainable development. 

7. Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering 

This two-year degree course in Automotive engineering will primarily be focused on three different areas: vehicle dynamics, powertrain, and safety. When you pursue this course, you will go through training, you will get to deal with the things that are directly related to the priorities of the industry such as environmental challenges, road safety, and global warming. You will also study in the home city of Volvo, where you can develop a strong career. 

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8. Master’s Degree in Spacecraft Design 

This two-year program will teach you the best processes for designing a spacecraft, including the complicated technical systems that need to work even in space. This course is offered by Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. 

9. Master’s Program in Energy for Smart Cities 

This master’s program is held by four European universities and will help you with the engineering and technical knowledge that you require. You will also get to know more about the management skills and development of green cities. 

10. Master’s Program in Water Resources Engineering 

To reduce the overall child mortality rates in the world, enhance food supply, and tackle water security, this two-year master’s program at Lund University would help you go through the challenges of wastewater treatment and modelling of hydrological processes. 

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What is the most interesting degree?

Some of the most interesting degrees are apiology, egyptology, astrobiology, and many more.

What is the most rare course in the world?

Viticulture and Oenology, Horology, Air Transport with Helicopter Training, Ethical Hacking, AI and ML, Brewing and Distilling, and Ethnobotany are some of the rare courses in the world.

Which course is rare after 12th science?

Food Technology courses are the rare courses after 12th science.

We hope that this blog gave a detailed insight into the 10 unusual courses you didn’t know existed. Finally, tune into Leverage Edu to discover more destinations to study abroad. Thank you for reading

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