Student Life in Sweden: Everything You Need to Know

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Student Life In Sweden

Sweden, a sustainability leader with a stellar student satisfaction rate, isn’t just about clean air and eco-friendly living. Discover how factors like safety, employment opportunities, and a diverse student community contribute to a uniquely rewarding study abroad experience in this blog.

Why Study In Sweden?

Here are a few reasons that make Sweden an optimal place for international students to pursue their studies.

Source: Commonwealth Fund

Unconventional, High-Quality Education 

Swedish universities offer an open climate with a significant emphasis on group work, which makes studying in Sweden different from studying in other countries. The Swedish educational system places a greater emphasis on your academic interests than on achieving a grade. Swedish institutions want to prepare you for a bright future; the job market favours ambitious, innovative, and insightful team players, thus these qualities are instilled in their pupils. Degree programs in Sweden allow students to combine study and practical work so that when they graduate and enter the job market, they will have first-hand experience in their subject.

Encouraging Innovation

Sweden is one of the most modern countries in the world, and it is the birthplace of many successful businesses. The computer mouse, Bluetooth, the pacemaker, the ball bearing, the dialysis machine, and internet apps like Spotify and Skype are just a few of the successful technologies that have emerged from research at Swedish institutions and industries. These contemporary inventions are based on Sweden’s long tradition of academic and research prowess. Sweden is home to the Nobel Prize and a number of prestigious universities that date back to the 15th century. Sweden’s intrinsic creativity has made it a strong nation in the fields of design, fashion, and music. It is one of the world’s most important music exporters.

Everything about the Sweden Student Visa

Cost of Living in Sweden for Indian Students

An important aspect for students to consider is the cost of living in Sweden. With a flight ticket costing around (INR 3,00,000) and a visa to study in Sweden, you can travel to Sweden from India. It is preferable to fly to an airport closer to your university, which for most students is Stockholm Arlanda Airport, or even Copenhagen Airport, which, despite being in a separate nation, is quite close to Sweden’s major cities and is easily accessible.

Make sure you have these documents with you when you arrive at the Immigration:

  • Your passport
  • Letter of acceptance at a Swedish university
  • Proof of financial capability, as well as the receipt for the first instalment of tuition fees
  • Residence permit

Plan to be in Sweden at least 2-3 weeks before your program begins, depending on your program start date. If your course starts in August, for example, you should arrive as early as July. This is recommended to allow enough time to become acquainted with Swedish culture and to obtain any further documentation, such as a Swedish ID card.

Did you know? Sweden is an economic powerhouse and has twice the population of Norway.

Cost of Transportation in Sweden 

Sweden is a very environmentally friendly country, thus most people are encouraged to use bicycles and public transportation. The following are the various ways to go about and the associated transportation costs. Transportation costs can be managed to help you create a budget-friendly stay. enhance your student life in Sweden.

  • Bicycles – Bicycle lanes can be found almost wherever, and they are particularly popular among university students. Renting a bike costs between SEK 200 and 350(1,686 & 2,951 INR) per day, whereas buying a used bike costs between SEK 1,000 and 6,000(8,433 & 50,603 INR).
  • Trains – In most parts of Sweden, both short-distance and long-distance trains operate. You can receive a last-minute offer if you book a ticket at least 24 hours in advance, with a ticket costing as little as SEK 166(1,400 INR). If you produce your Student ID when purchasing a long-distance train ticket, you will receive a 15-20% discount.
  • Metro – Stockholm’s metro system, also known as Tunnelbana (T-Bana), operates across the city, with a single-journey ticket costing SEK 38(320 INR). A 24-hours travelcard (for SEK 105)(885 INR), 72-hours travelcard (for SEK 210)(1,771 INR), or 7-days travelcard (for SEK 280)(2,361 INR) are also available, which allow you to trip as much as you wish within the defined length and ticket price.
  • Bus – Sweden has a large number of pleasant buses, both short- and long-distance. A typical bus ticket is SEK 36 (303 INR) and must be purchased before boarding.
  • Ferry – Ferries run between cities in Sweden, albeit they are not used by students daily. Tickets will cost between SEK 220 (1,855 INR) and SEK 290 (2,445 INR).
  • Taxi – Taxis in Sweden are not regulated, so prices differ from one company to the next. The price, normally SEK 290-390 (2,445 – 3,289 INR), will be placed on the rear door glass.
  • Car rental – You can rent a car for SEK 83-335 (700-2,825 INR) per day if you want to drive. While you are in Sweden, your home country driver’s license will be valid for one year from the date you register with the Swedish Tax Agency. After a year, you must obtain a Swedish driver’s license.
  • Domestic flights – This is, once again, a highly expensive means of transportation, but if you need to go between two cities in a short amount of time, this is the way to go.

Did you know? Forests encompass more than half of Sweden.

Tuition Fees of Top Swedish Universities 

An important aspect to consider while elaborating on student life in Sweden is the cost of living. International students are accommodated at most of Sweden’s leading universities, and the rent varies depending on the type of room and amenities. The following is a list of the average price range:

UniversityAccommodation Cost (per month)
Lund UniversitySEK 2,300-7,700(19,397 – 64,940 INR)
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySEK 4,200-7,500(35,422 – 63,253 INR)
Uppsala UniversitySEK 3,800-6,300(32,048 -53,133 INR)
Chalmers University of TechnologySEK 4,000-6,300(33,735- 53,133 INR)
Stockholm Universityapprox. SEK 4,170(35,169 INR)

Sports & Outdoor Activities for Student Life in Sweden 

  • In Sweden, fitness and outdoor activities are both popular pastimes. Your university will certainly include a sports and fitness centre, as well as intramural football, handball, hockey, or bandy teams. With approximately 100,000 lakes and miles of coastline, you’ll never be far from water in Sweden, where you may go boating and participate in other watersports.
  • Sweden boasts 29 national parks and plenty of green areas in and around cities for shorter excursions if you enjoy hiking. If you live in Sweden, you’ll be able to take advantage of “allemansrätten,” a regulation that permits you to trek and camp anywhere in the country as long as you follow a few conditions, such as cleaning up after yourself and not camping within sight of residences.
  • Going out on the weekend is popular in Sweden, so expect big queues outside some of the more popular businesses. Some nightclubs in Sweden impose an admission fee, which typically ranges from 50 to 150 SEK (421-1265 INR).

A Swedish invention: The Swedes invented nicotine replacement gum!

Accommodations for Student Life in Sweden 

Student housing is not guaranteed in Swedish universities, as it is in some other countries. Even so, most universities provide lodging for non-EU/EEA students. If not on campus, the university is likely to have relationships with off-campus lodging options. Keep in mind, however, that locating student housing in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and other large cities is more difficult than finding it in smaller towns.

In Sweden, on-campus housing is normally assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you do not apply as soon as your admission is confirmed, you may miss out. Living on campus in Sweden is less expensive than living off-campus because you can acquire rooms for less money and don’t have to spend as much money commuting to college.

Student Accommodation in Swedish Universities

In Sweden, corridor rooms are the most frequent sort of on-campus lodging. Individual rooms are assigned along a hallway, but students must share other amenities such as the kitchen, common area, and sometimes a public restroom. Student flats, which house a smaller number of students, are another possibility. While corridor rooms have 10-15 people sharing common facilities, flats may only have four people sharing common facilities, with students still having single rooms. Expect to discover the following items in your single room: 

  • Single bed
  • Mattress
  • Desk
  • Chair

You’ll need to bring or make arrangements for all additional furniture and essentials, but don’t bring too many because the room is limited.

Did you know? A Swedish drink outsells Coca-Cola!

Swedish Culture: Everything an International Student Needs to Know 

  • When you arrive in Sweden, you’ll notice that the country’s culture is based on a few core beliefs. The Swedish Way encompasses freedom, equality, and sustainability. While people striking up discussions with you on the street may be unusual, you’ll find that Swedes are quietly passionate about working together to make the world a better place.
  • Openness and cooperation are valued in Swedish colleges and companies, and judging people as more valuable than others is frowned upon. Although it may surprise you to address your professor or supervisor by their first name and see them dressed more casually than you thought, you’ll quickly adapt to Swedish dynamics’ egalitarian nature.
  • You have the freedom to be who you want to be and how you want to be in Sweden. You also have the freedom to voice your views, fight for your rights, and have a positive impact on society.
  • People in Sweden continue to strive and work for reforms, as well as to ensure their freedom and rights are maintained. This is an important part of what makes Sweden one of the most progressive countries in the world.

Vacations in Sweden

Sweden, like the rest of Europe, takes its holidays seriously, with plenty of time off from school and work to spend with family and friends. Christmas and Midsummer are Sweden’s two most important holidays. This can help you plan your vacations back home!

Thus, we hope that this blog has provided you with some crucial points that will undoubtedly benefit your student life in Sweden. Already fantasizing about beginning your academics in the country? Contact our experts at Leverage Edu for help and secure admission at the top-tier university in Sweden.

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