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Uppsala University

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History, Affiliations and Rankings 

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University was initiated by Archbishop Jakob Ulvsson of Uppsala in Sweden. It was Scandinavia's first university, with only a few professors and perhaps 50 students. By the end of the 16th century, the Protestant clergy had established a firm grip on religious teaching. In 1593, the Church council in Uppsala voted to restore the university's rights, and on March 15, 1595, the new charter was signed. For 5 centuries, the institution has provided high-quality education in a variety of subjects. The University is accredited by the Coimbra Group, the European University Association, and the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, Uppsala University is ranked #124, and as per Times Higher Education Rankings, it is placed at #131. Furthermore, the U.S. News Best Global Universities rankings 2022 places the university at #113 globally. 

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

Uppsala University offers teaching in law, humanities, science and technology, languages, social sciences, educational science, and theology from its many campus buildings in Uppsala and a campus in Visby, Gotland. Blasenhus provides Pedagogy, Educational Studies, Didactics, and Psychological instruction and research. The Blasenhus Library, the Uppsala Child and Baby Lab, and the Experimental Classroom are all located there. Ekonmikum provides courses such as history, informatics and media, economics, statistics. The English Park Campus houses the Karin Boye Library, Hugo Valentin Centre, and the Humanities Centre. Gamla Torget Campus provides education in politics, law and conflict research and housing. The Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC) is one of Europe's largest life sciences centres, with programmes in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Biology, and Dietetics. Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC) provides education in evolutionary processes and biology, as well as research facilities in Physiology, Environmental Toxicity, and Developmental Biology. The Museum of Evolution, which includes zoology, palaeontology, and botany, is also located there. Uppsala University provides 144 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, as well as 1,922 self-contained courses in different fields of study. 

Accomplishments and Alumni 

Uppsala University was the first Nordic university that has immensely grown to become an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation. The University along with the Uppsala University Hospital constitutes over 3000 nurses, physicians and other medical staff conduct world-leading research and discover treatments for serious diseases. Uppsala University has a global alumni network of over 28,000+ alumni who live and work in 142 countries worldwide. There are 15 Nobel Laureates among the University's graduates, with eight of them receiving their awards for discoveries made during their stay at Uppsala University. Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, and Olof Rudbeck the Elder are just a few of Uppsala University's notable scientists

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The institution has approximately 50 academic departments and over 40,000 students as well as 5,000 lecturers and researchers. It collaborates with over 400 universities all around the world to provide exceptional student exchange programmes. By forming agreements with a variety of good employers, the college also provides students with excellent career prospects and employment chances in the companies such as Nordea, Uppsala University Hospital, Microsoft, Academic Work and Captiva.

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